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I need so much help!

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My baby is 11 weeks old. When I am home she nurses on demand, often every 2 hours for 40 minutes at a time. When I am at work I pump. After a 12 hour shift I have only pumped a TOTAL of 7 oz. : (     I am taking Fenugreek (2 capsules every 8 hours) and drinking as much water as possible. Any advice for boosting supply? I co sleep and baby wear. I have a lot of anxiety and was prescribed Lexapro. I am scared to take it, though, for fear of the effects on the baby. Any advice on the Lexapro?  My OB said it was safe but I still don't like the idea of taking it while nursing. I have anxiety and mild depression. Thanks!!!

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Can you comment about how often, long, and where you pump at work, and what type of pump you have?

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To boost my supply I take 3 fenugreek 3x a day.  I would try increasing it a bit and see if that helps at all.  Yeah, how often are you pumping? More details please!


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eat three heaping bowls of oatmeal every day. morning noon and night. watch your supply increase!


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I pump about every 5 hours at work. I pump in a quiet room with a rented hospital grade Medela (sp?). I don't pump at all at home, I nurse her very frequently.

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Is there any way you could pump more often at work? I know it's tough to get away but it would probably help your supply.

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Yeah, you need to pump more frequently.  When I was working and pumping, I pumped every 3 hours for 20 minutes.

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Definitely pump more.....at least every 3 hours
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