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Originally Posted by laurac5 View Post


At first I was craving salad and greens and such, but now I've taken to less healthy foods... french fries, potato chips, BACON.  I really can't think of anything else I want more than bacon right now.


About a month ago, my friend was getting married and we all went out for a bridesmaid's luncheon/brunch and oh, my, the bacon at that restaurant was incredible.   My plate was piled high with it, and it was so dark and crisp and thick, and there was SO MUCH of it, that two bridesmaids across the table got bacon envy and ordered a side of bacon to split between them.  Right now, what I want more than anything else in the world is to go to that restaurant and order two sides of bacon and a ginger ale.  eat.gif  lol, the waiters would think I was crazy.  Unfortunately, it's a half hour away and rather pricey.  But oh! I could write a song about that bacon.  It was that good.


What are the rest of you craving?

I'm in Camp Bacon all the time.  And take heart - bacon is actually good for you if it's coming from a reliable, organic source!  People are so afraid of fats, but they are good for you, and WON'T MAKE YOU FAT!  My background is in nutrition and as a chiropractor, I now speak on nutrition regularly...I eat foods that are designed to be eaten - meats, vegetables, fruits, and fats - and I'll tell, you bacon is awesome!  Not only a protein source but a good source of fat!  Because it's fattier, I suggest the organic versions as herbicides, pesticides, and vaccine additives hang out in the fat of animal sources so if you're going organic, you're good!  :)  For more details, you can check out the benefits of a Paleo diet but in the meantime, take heart knowing bacon is good for you!  (Mind you, the grains not so much....)


As for my own cravings, I'm not craving much due to nausea.  But I find that acidic foods feel better going down - vinegar, vinegarettes, grapefruit juice, etc.  


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Originally Posted by abouttobe5 View Post
And take heart - bacon is actually good for you if it's coming from a reliable, organic source!  

Yeah, I don't limit it for health reasons; mostly because... it's SO EXPENSIVE and I do try to get the nitrate-free stuff.  But ... phew.  $7 for less than a pound is not sustainable in my house. lol

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Ahhh, gotcha.  Most peeps I know are more concerned with the fat content....wow, $7 for bacon!  We have the most amazing nitrate/hormone/additive free bacon (not really organic but as close as I can get locally) that is $5.  Our family goes through one a week....guilty!  :)  I love it.  Mmmmm, bacon wrapped asparagus.  Bacon wrapped scallops.  I could eat bacon wrapped bacon and be a happy woman.  :)

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I find it really interesting that a lot of us are craving "junk food".  What do you think that could be about?


This thread has made my mouth water....even the bacon talk, and I'm a VEGETARIAN!!!

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I just ate an enormous bowl of strawberries....

I don't think anything has tasted that good in weeks!


Cold fresh fruit tastes awesome to me right now.



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I can't say its a craving, but I have been loving the Odwalla or Naked Juice smoothies every morning (the green ones - the blueberry one made me want to hurl for some reason). It makes me feel so good, and takes away any sense of nausea I had before I drank it.  That will usually last at least an hour or so, which makes me VERY happy. :) 


I've been wanting to eat more sandwiches lately, but I'm not sure why.  Oh, and spicy foods.  I had buffalo wings last night and OMGGG they were good. 

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I can't get enough soy milk! I have been buying the "light" vanilla flavor in an effort to watch my calories. I am also addicted to iced soy chai's. I have a spinach smoothy with the new soy fruit smoothy drink every morning and drink 1-2 glasses of soy milk a day. Also, I have been eating alot of hard broiled eggs. I couldn't even smell eggs with DS. I guess it could be worse. 


Other than that, I can't eat any fish or seafood.  I don't like any warm or hot food either, only cold stuff like salads and cheese and lettuce sandwiches. Weird... I know. 


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I'm craving spicy foods, too, though not significantly. Mostly I'm craving salty foods and cheese. Our house is mostly dairy-free, so the cheese thing has been frustrating. Luckily we still had a few string cheese things from when MIL was here and bought them for DD (who has a dairy protein sensitivity). As for the salty foods, I'm mostly craving, um... ramen noodles. blush.gif  I actually bought a family pack of the 'healthier' ramen noodles the last time I was at the Korean store. It's no health food, but it's a great deal better than your average ramen noodles (the fresh ramen in the refrigerated section would be even better for me, but it's about twice as expensive, and I'm so afraid I'm going to cave and buy the bad stuff at the store that I got the big pack of this instead).

I could seriously eat macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles every day. Mmmmm....  Eggs, too, or any kind of protein, really. And kimchi, which is weird. I usually only eat small amounts of kimchi if I must, but I've actually requested it a few times since being pregnant. Last night even went back for seconds.

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I find it really interesting that a lot of us are craving "junk food".  What do you think that could be about?


This thread has made my mouth water....even the bacon talk, and I'm a VEGETARIAN!!!


I had a friend who was vegetarian for years, until she got pregnant with her first. She used to hate meat, but for some reason during pregnancy she just *had* to have it. I don't know, I think that our bodies generally know best. I think God gave us a pretty good indicator of what is we need. Also, the craving for salty and sour foods could be related to how they prevent the growth of bacteria, right? Maybe our bodies naturally want foods that are more less likely to make our babies sick?

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I am not having as many food aversions as in previous pregnancies, but I have noticed some things just taste different, and because of that I can't stomach them.  For example, I had a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day and I *swear* it tasted like house paint.  It tasted EXACTLY like I had just licked a paint brush full of paint. I had been eating that same peanut butter and jelly for a while, so I know it wasn't that we got a bad jar or anything... I've just got funky tastebuds now. :P


I am definitely having cravings earlier than any of my other pregnancies. I've been eating anything I can get my hands on that has buffalo sauce on it.  So weird.  I'm sitting here right now with a jar of Claussen pickles and have completely talked myself into eating the whole jar.  ("It's cheaper than fast food, and not as bad for you!"  Yes I am ignoring the sodium content :P )  I am also craving Grey Poupon Dijon mustard.  I mean having DREAMS about it and waking up ready to make a sandwich JUST for the purpose of having mustard.  


This is one weird baby.

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Uh, today all I can think about is Kraft Mac n Cheese (I know, totally bad and gross, but I want it!) and a Whopper.  I haven't eaten beef for over 15 years, but I saw a picture of a Whopper today and it sounds so goooood.  Still wanting fast food fish :)  I just bought a box of the mac n cheese.  I don't know if I will make it, but it is here if I need it ;)

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It's been fun to read what everyone is craving or can't stand to be around. This is my first pregnancy to experience this...maybe it has to do with the general bleh feeling I've been having too. So strange! Beef and salty snacks sound so good to me right now. I had a steak for dinner last night and made myself a cheeseburger for lunch today. I can't wait till we head down to CA next week so I can get my fill of In n Out double doubles...I've been dreaming about those! So thankful that all that Easter candy out there has no appeal to me. Usually I'm a sucker for jelly beans and Cadbury eggs.
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raspberry green tea with honey is a new one for me.  It just tastes SO refreshing and has just a hint of flavor, which is a nice change up from my water.  I've also been drinking lemonade with some fresh blackberry blended in.  Yummm. :)


Poema304 - I have had no interest in sweets either... weird!

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Originally Posted by Hijynx View Post

It's been less cravings and more clinging to anything that sounds yummy and I can keep down :P  This weekend I felt much less nauseous - funny how work makes it so much worse right?


Rather than crackers in the morning, I've been relying on Cream of Wheat. Smoothies are always good. Fries always are fine unfortunately :P Oh and after a case of ginger ale, getting the more expensive four pack of GuS (grown up soda) ginger ale is HEAVEN! less sugar and a little more ginger.


Now I want pancakes for dinner :P

Thanks for reminding me about Cream of Wheat. I used to eat a big bowl every visit with my midwife.



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craving bready stuff, which means I have to bake it myself since I'm Gluten-free. I always eat pretty carb-heavy in the first trimester. I always have taste-aversions to most of my protein sources. 

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also a bacon cheeseburger. but Gluten-free means I can't cause no buns greensad.gif 

I had been vegetarian for ten years when I got pregnant with my second, and I started really craving meant. I ended up weaning myself back on to meat. 

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I can't stop thinking about bananas today! Yum.. smear some peanut butter on it!  I already had one banana in my smoothy today, but I am thinking about breaking down and going to the store again (I just went a few house ago) and buying more bananas! 

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funny - I never much care about bananas. but I also had them regularly in the past weeks. they didn't sound sooo yummy to me, more like something I could tolerate.

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Well, my craving for fast food fish subsided, now it sounds disgusting to me.  A friend suggested Annie's boxed mac n cheese as a healthy alternative to Kraft and boy am I grateful!  I get the whole wheat shell with cheddar cheese kind and it is soooo good (so much better than Kraft) and soothing to my tummy.  I also ate a ton of black beans this week.  I make this dish where I saute onions, carrots and garlic if I am not lazy (I was this week) then add chopped red cabbage and black beans, salt and apple cider vinegar.  I put it on rice (or not) and then top with plain yogurt...YUMMO!  And last night I made pasta with clam sauce using fresh steamed clams.  Oh my!  I could have eaten all 50 clams myself.  I am pretty sure we are going to have clams every Friday yummy.gif  Also, I am loving chicken soup made with bone broth.  I love it with kale and with out without the addition of the chicken.


I cannot eat broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussel sprouts.  They are staples here because of food allergies and are usually some of my favorites, but now...YUCK!  Same with asparagus, which is such bad timing because this is the only time of year that it is affordable greensad.gif

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All I want to eat is avocado roll sushi (don't worry, I don't eat fishy sushi anyway). Also those hashbrown patties from Trader Joe's.

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I just want bread and pasta pretty much...I actually had a bit of a fantasy today about going to the store where they have hot fresh french bread at 4pm and buying a loaf and just eating the whole thing with butter lol. I did not indulge but I can't stop thinking about it so no promises :P


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