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Emily's homebirth

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I awoke on Monday the 12th with bloody show and cramping. Despite my vomiting daughter and ill husband I was hopeful and excited.DD and DH were both quite ill however and then even the midwife proclaimed she was sick. So nothing changed on the 13th either. I am sure I annoyed my dear friends which they didn't seem to mind much.

suddenly I recieved a kick at 1130pm march 13th that moved things along. perhaps she did kick, perhaps it was just my water breaking but suddenly I was soaked and sure I wasn't peeing myself!

I proceeded to time contractions that were instantly 3-4 min apart. They were painful enough that I called the midwife. I busied myself with preperations for our homebirth to come. I let Justin sleep because in my crazy mind this might NOT be real! LOL

The midwife came at 1249pm and she busied herself with her own preperations. She left me to do what I wanted and made sure I had drinks and a back rub during most contractions. They were frequent so that must have been hard.

Before I knew it the pain increased along with frequency. The midwife and her assistant were starting to pay more attention to me. They began asking me if I wanted Justin. I still maintained this might not happen! Once I got up to pee I came back to stand at the table unable to walk through contractions. They decided that they would over ride me and woke Justin. Justin came down to get his report and kept marveling that he had NO idea I was having the baby.

We moved to the birth pool and things moved quickly. At first the water was a relief but then the urge to push became so much I tried to get out of that pool! I was suddenly going from "Oh, Oh, Oh's to GROWLING and seriously trying to claw my way out of that pool! That is when I realized it was the urge to push! I had NEVER been checked not during pregnancy, labor or even to tell me to push! Yet I knew! I pushed on the next contraction and out was her head. I could feel it with my hands and for a moment only I knew she was coming! I told the midwife "You know the babies head is out." She said she didn't! She then told me to deliver the shoulders and on the next contraction I did.

Everything becomes blurry there because it was fast. I had to get up because the cord was short so that we could bring her out of the water. We sat in the pool trying to clamp her short cord because no one could get a look at who she was! As soon as we could I looked and Justin proclaimed that "Its Emily!" At 2:59am march 14th Emily Sue was born at home.

Everything was cleaned up, we were tucked in and Emily nursed off to sleep easily.





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Precious!  I can't remember if you knew you were having a girl?  How big was she?

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Nope she was a surprise:)

9lbs 21in:)

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What a darling!  Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations - she is beautiful!

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Thank you:)

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wow, our girls were born just a few hours apart :)  - my baby girl finally emerged on march 14th a little after 7 am.

pretty different birth experience though....here's my story:



she's beautiful btw...and lots of dark soft hair like my daughter too :)

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Here she is 3mos later:)

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Congrats radiogal:) I commented on yours:) I hope you know my first was a little dicey too!

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