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My milk dried up about a month ago, I'm 26 weeks and starting to see colostrum "plugs" on my nipples.  I noticed today that my right nipple just seems smaller and less rounded/full than my left.


With both children, I have had mastitis and it has almost always started in my right breast. I have also "injured" my right nipple (DD grabbed it once and I had to ice it down--very painful and it seems to be the nipple that has been bitten and stretched several times by my toddlers). I found out after having DS that I have fibrocystic breasts and it is more in my right breast. Connection?


Is it common for mamas whose breasts are "taking a break" during the 3rd trimester to experience the nipple difference and slower colostrum in one breast? Anyone else?


Has anyone else found a link to fibrocystic breasts and recurring mastitis (esp. early postpartum mastitis--right when milk comes in) and found a good prevention?


I have been able to use strong doses of vitamin C and probiotics to head of the start of what could be mastitis (red streaks, soreness). But the worst was at 2 days PP with my 2nd (DS) and that required aggressive natural treatment.


I don't want to go through this again! I started taking evening primrose oil again at the OK of my midwife and I'm taking Vit. C and probiotics + echinacea just for good general immunity during the flu season, but I'm wondering if there is something else I can do?


*I have never ever had a supply issue and EBF both children with for the first 13 months each and BF each past 3 years of age. Thank God, I'm so fortunate in that aspect.*