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Bleeding and Cramping

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Last night I started cramping and oddly I was hanging out with my midwife. She suggested I drink more water which I had been drowning in but conceded that was probably the case. After I got home I went to the bathroom and wiped, there was blood. I started taking crampbark, false unicorn and wild yam to calm things down to no avail. I've been cramping and spotting all night, now I am actively bleeding and passing small clots. 


I am so incredibly sad. I have been praying and reaching out to family and friends on Facebook. This baby was unexpected and I was really excited to be pregnant despite my partners hesitations. I feel like if I lose this baby then I will not be able to have another with him. It frustrates me and all I can do is pray that this baby is ok but I've felt kind of detached from the baby from the start. I feel like I couldn't get excited because of my husbands reaction and because I had surgery in the early weeks along with a lot of oxycodone when I didn't know I was pregnant I feel guilty that I wasn't able to take better care of my body to support this little life. And that its just my fault. 


I've been so busy lately trying to work multiple jobs to support the changes happening in my family, there has been so much stress about money, our future and so many other unknowns that I have shared with you all on other threads. To add the possibiility of losing this baby when before I had never even considered it. I had such amazing pregnancies and births and even as a midwife watching and coaching women through this same thing is just incredibly different going through this yourself. I am heartbroken but still holding out hope. My husband has been amazing last night and today. Our church has basically set up a meal schedule to help me get through this and a good friend came to get our girls so hubby could take care of me. I feel incredibly supported and yet so alone. This is so hard. 

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Hi Iana703,


I don't know if you have read my Don't let this happen to you thread but please be very careful if you are diagnosed with a miscarriage. I was diagnosed with one and it turned out that I was losing only one of the twins. I didn't know there were twins (neither did my doc) and was treated with a medication that is likely to cause birth defects in the remaining baby. The pregnancy and birth loss board has a lot of wonderful resources and women to talk to. I am so sorry you are going through this!!! Please keep us updated.

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You are in my thoughts. I am so glad you have such wonderful support to help you through this, it sounds like you have a very strong community who care so much for you. Blessings to you.

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I'm so very sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts. hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry mama.  Definately hold on to hope and my thoughts are with you.

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Hope you are feeling better.  Please do not blame.  I miscarried a few months ago before conceiving again.  Have faith in the universe.  The heartbeat will be back when it is ready.

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I am so sorry Iana. I hope that you are not having a miscarriage after all. I understand how you feel, as I had nearly the same experience and situation with my husband and midwifery school and clients and car situation with our last baby.  Please be gentle with yourself. Maybe this experience will change how your husband feels about adding another child to your family.


Also, this is purely selfish on my part, but I was looking forward to having another student midwife to be expecting with.


You and your family are in my thoughts.

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My miscarriage is confirmed via ultrasound. I am in shock really, it doesn't seem real. Thank you for the sympathies.


I am so sorry for whats going on with you Pattimomma, how terrifying to think that your other baby could have been harmed, that is a heavy decision to make. I had my ultrasound done at home and it was hooked up to our large screen, so I was able to see everything and I have studied ultrasound imaging for a while. I knew the second that the wand hit my belly that there was no embryo there. My uterus was the appropriate size of my gestation but it was full of the contents of conception if I am being technical. But I am not going to take any Cytotec nor do I plan to have a D&C, things are working themselves out in a normal fashion given the situation so far so I am taking comfort in that.


And Thyme mama, it definitely would have been nice to be pregnant with someone in the field :) I hope your pregnancies are all amazing, I will probably lurk from time to time especially after the little ones begin to come. 

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Iana- I am so very sorry. hug2.gif

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Nooo! Oh, Iana I am so sad for you.

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Oh, so sorry.  Hugs.

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So sorry, Iana :( hug2.gif

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