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I will spend the time talking to/playing with my other children, who will not doubt want to be around the baby, and just generally being lazy. Since I will spend the next two years having no alone time and doing nothing for myself I will completely take advantage of the opportunity to lie in bed and watch movies and play games lol. I can't say it will be totally fun the whole time, I know it will get boring the last couple of days but the move to the living room and getting up more will be plenty for me. With my spd and 2-3 months of bleeding after birth I have to force myself to slow down or risk making things a lot worse. I have never had a baby sleep that much at a time either though, mine have all been 20 min nappers o.O 

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I have to say that at the pace I keep here at home I am sooo looking forward to nesting with baby when he comes. I know that will be our special time and after that life will get crazy again.


In addition, this pregnancy has been even more stressfull on so many levels that it will be important for me to just "be" for a while.


And, what to do? One of the things on my long list of 'to-do's' is to order lots of library books near my due-date and pick up some 2nd hand magazines at the library, too. I think I'll be doing Alot of reading. :)



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