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Room-Darkening for Newborn?

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Is this recommended?


We have golden silky drapes in our bedroom with a sun-panel (just off-white cotton). Of course, when the sun rises, it casts a lovely golden light into our bedroom. This has never been a problem for me.


I'm thinking about the lying-in and the overall newborn stage, when I will be napping more with baby #3....wondering if it would be nice to have a darker room (not completely dark, b/c we have little envelope windows on one side of the room that are frosted).


From what I remember, it is good for baby from the beginning to get used to the cycle of day/night so some recommend natural light is a positive thing.


Any thoughts on this?



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Yes, I would let baby get used to day and night....at least after a month old. Maybe it doesn't matter so much in the first month because they just sleep and sleep and sleep! 

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I agree, for the first 3 months, DS didn't seem to notice or care about light in the house. He'd fall asleep right on me in the living room in the middle of the day.  Now that he's older, I do appreciate that we have heavier curtains for nap time, since I notice that it helps him sleep a little longer if it's darker in the room.

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This is interesting...


When DS was born back in november I was under the impression that the best way to get newborns into day/night cycle is to keep them in well lit rooms during the day and dark rooms at night. So I always kept the blinds open when he napped during the day and around 7 or 8pm we kept all the lights in the house low/dim or we just kept him in our dark bedroom. Even night nursings I only used a really dim light (and after a while I didn't need a light at all). I was pretty strict about it and we never had a day/night confusion problem. So, I know every baby is different, but in my experience that method worked like a charm. We may have other sleep issues, but my LO certainly understands that dark=night=sleeping.

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