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nak so trying to be concise--  We made homemade bamboo inserts. Washed them once, then tested against another bamboo insert we have. They soaked up the same amount of water in about the same amount of time, so we proceeded and made a bunch. 


Except now... they're all leaking. They've been washed about 4 times, so not fully prepped, but most of the way there. When they leak, we've noticed that when we pull them out of the diaper, the front half is soaked, but the back half is dry--- it's like the bamboo is not soaking the moisture up the length of the fabric. 


Any tips? Any way to fix these? I realize they should have been fully prepped first, but if it initially soaked up enough, I'm not sure why it's not anymore... seems weird. 


Help! Tell me I didn't just make 2 dozen useless inserts.