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Currently reading/listening to:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
- John Gottman - liking this a lot, because it is both giving me ideas of how to improve my marriage, and also helping me see areas where my marriage is already strong. And I like that it's research-based.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot - listening to this in the car. Really cool to hear the history behind the most famous cell line ever, and the person those cells came from. Horrifying and shocking, too, but I think that's the whole reason the book was written.

What to Expect When You're Expecting - bag.gif - I'm not even reading the "right" part - someone gave it to me, so I just started at the beginning and am just now on the first month chapter. I want to see what it says, so I know what other people are reading. I did refuse to read the diet chapter, though. I find all info on pregnancy diets so discouraging and impractical that I just refuse to read that stuff on principal now.

Rapture of the Deep - L.A. Meyer - this series is one dh and I started listening to together, since he refuses to read books. The audiobook narrator is amazing. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit we listen to this stuff, though, because there is a lot of content of which I am not very approving in this series. But I am such a sucker for finishing a series that I've just kept listening. That, and finding another audiobook that is downloadable to our phone that dh is actually interested in is a task of epic proportions.

In the queue (aka, library books sitting on my table):

Molecules that Changed the World - K.C. Nicolaou & T. Montagnon - can't for the life of me remember where I saw this mentioned, since it took about a month for the library to pull this request - maybe longer. Have read a tiny bit of it, and it seems interesting. I think it may be intended as more of a textbook.

Class Matters - something I found through some random library catalog browsing - not really sure how!

Everybody Marries the Wrong Person - Christine Meinecke - actually started reading this awhile ago, then had to give it back to the library because it was on request. I was very interested by the first 70 pages, but we'll see if I like it as much as the Gottman book on marriage. (dh hates the name of this book!)

Marriage, a History - Stephanie Coontz - can you tell I've gotten on a marriage reading kick? I think this was referenced in another book I read recently (maybe Parents, Inc?), and it sounded interesting, so I got it from the library. Obviously this is in a different category than the other two marriage books.

I was also going to list recently-read books, but I suspect I've bored enough of you already. I do probably need to get around to reading my Dr. Sears Breastfeeding Book, and I'll probably start reading my Dr. Sears Pregnancy Book at some point. But honestly, I'm mostly just getting my pregnancy info from around here and from my weekly emails about what's going on with my baby. I've definitely been on a huge non-fiction kick lately. I don't know why fiction just isn't as appealing to me as it used to be, but it isn't. Maybe it's because finding good fiction seems to be a lot more work than finding good or at least intriguing non-fiction.
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Motherprayer- its a book on Jewish pregnancy/prayers to read and such while pregnant :) 


I'm also in the middle of the 2nd to latest Stephen King book. :D 

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Hardly have any time to read, but rereading "Expecting Miracles" by Jenny Weisberg - lots of interesting birth perspectives and making pregnancy and birth more spiritual.

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

Hi Ladies,


I'm reviving this to see if anyone has a birth book recommendation for me. I really want something that is a balanced view of hospital vs. home/birth center; natural vs medicated; high intervention vs. low intervention.  I know I will birth at a hospital and while I am still hoping, I have a pretty high risk for GD. I just want to start with a book that I feel like presents an unbiased view of many possible outcomes. Ideas? Thanks.


My friend recommended "The Big Book of Birth" to fit this bill and it was available as an ebook on my nook. So far I like it a lot.

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