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The ONE Thread March 18 - 25

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for March 18-25!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif


bebelove BFPChart2.gif


dbl_my_luv BFPChart2.gif


jeslynn BFPChart2.gif




LindsayDawn BFPChart2.gif     



Mom2IrishBoys BFPChart2.gif

nisojon BFPChart2.gif    


Rockabilly Mama

Shawnamarie BFPChart2.gif      



stegenrae BFPChart2.gif

Stevi BFPChart2.gif


WildDoula BFPChart2.gif


headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW) headscratch.gif


A2E BFPChart2.gif

aHikaru BFPChart2.gif

Angierae BFPChart2.gif

brichole BFPChart2.gif

doularebekah BFPChart2.gif

Gator-mom BFPChart2.gif



jpack BFPChart2.gif

kittenbritches BFPChart2.gif


mamabear08 BFPChart2.gif

Myllissa BFPChart2.gif

naynay455 BFPChart2.gif


WildDoula BFPChart2.gif



confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif


Fnord BFPChart2.gif  



idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif

anyalily BFPChart2.gif


gratefulstella BFPChart2.gif



jlmschirm BFPChart2.gif





sleepingbeauty BFPChart2.gif
Texanromaniac BFPChart2.gif
CDsMom1031 BFPChart2.gif

joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


heartbeat.gif February BFP's heartbeat.gif


gozal BFPChart2.gif


heartbeat.gif January BFP's heartbeat.gif


ArtificialRed BFPChart2.gif

Carlin BFPChart2.gif


mamaforever BFPChart2.gif

skinnyloveBC BFPChart2.gif

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mamabear08 - Congratulations!! That is amazing news, I'm so pleased! Keep us posted on how you're doing, and feel free to hang around until you're ready to be moved to graduates joy.gif


jpack - Those are some fantastic numbers!! I'm sure it feels awful, but your 'targets' being aimed at totally cracked me up! Hopefully it warms up and that passes soon, haha!


Wishing everyone a fertile week!

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jpack: That is too funny ... and oddly enough, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I was quite a bit later with my DD and got in the pool and all the sudden had the same pains. I had to check inside my bathing suit because I thought I had something in my suit stabbing me! It hurt SO bad! Glad to see I'm not the only stabbing BB preggo, LOL!

Okay... I'm trying not to get excited about my chart right now. Trying really hard. (not succeeding)
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A2E: lurk.gif

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jpack: I totally had the same thing. Otherwise, my boobs were never sore the whole pregnancy, but when I got cold, OH MAN, did they ever hurt.

A2E: pretty hard NOT to get excited about that chart! Don't worry, I'll get excited for you orngbiggrin.gif
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A2E-  Your chart looks great.  Look at those temps, I dont think I have ever gotten that high!  FX for you.  


Jpack- Hooray for ever rising numbers.  Your story made me laugh, also add one more symptom to my list!  


AFM CD21, 3dpo.  Getting lots of bloodwork done on Thursday (7dpo) to check for low progesterone, hypothyroid etc.  If AF or a temp drop doesn't arrive by next Sunday I will let myself test, I think this is going to be a long week.  At least we will get something out of this cycle whether it is a BFP (Definitely first choice!) or at least a little more information about what is going on.  

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Newbie here! Long time lurker, singing my excitement from the virtual rooftops!

Got my IUD removed last Monday so hubby and I are ready to get busy. :-) Had my Paraguard for 2.5 years (loved it) and the ring/pill 1 year before that so it feels amazing to have my body back! I attended two home births as a teenager with my Licensed Midwife mom and since then I have been waiting for the right partner of my heart to be ready to start this journey with me. The past few years I've been a cloth-diapering, babywearing, cosleeping nanny to several infants and can't wait to have my own!

I am CD 9 so you can put me on Waiting to O. No chart yet.
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Thanks for the new thread!

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I guess I can be moved to Waiting to O. Though my temps are crazy high from not sleeping well, the not sleeping well is commonplace during my lp. And my boobs are a bit sore, which is also a sign of post-ovulation. Thank you.


Have a Reproductive Week!!

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Stevi, that's how I judge my progesterone level anymore: how much my boobs hurt! I know last month was a really weak ovulation because they barely hurt at all (temps confirmed only a slight temp shift, too). :) Weird cycle signs...maybe the out of the ordinary will bring an out of the ordinary BFP? 


A2E-- EEP! *WHEN* are you going to test, mama?


welcome, maia--Your story made me smile & I wish you a short stay here!


CONGRATS to both jpack and mamabear08! SQUEE!!!


rebekah, I hope the dip's a fluke. Thanks for the new thread, too.


aHikaru, your chart link doesn't work for me...would you mind reposting it so we can stalk appropriately? ;)


nattery, ugh. I hope AF has found you and you're in the ho-hum boring part of waiting for O!


Shawnamarie--I have pathetic LPs, and YES, I feel like my body is inadequate in lots of ways, one of them being that fact. My multivitamin has gobs of B6 in it already, so that wasn't helping me, either. I started vitex this cycle (used it successfully when TTC #2) along with maca root powder for my low estrogen. IDK how it may affect my LP yet, but the combo is certainly increasing CM like crazy. In the past, vitex had helped to regulate my cycles a bit, and I hope it will do the same this time. I never had any negative effects from it at all. Oh, and progesterone--my sad 9-day LP last cycle was *with* progesterone (see? pathetic!). When I first got put on it for LP defect, I just started it on CD17 or whatever they said for a 32-day cycle...which meant I was probably actually inhibiting O altogether because I didn't know to wait for a temp shift to confirm O before taking it. I now wait 3dpo (according to FF) to start the supplement. Just something to consider if you do add it at some point. 


AFM--CD11, so dh and I have started the every 2nd or 3rd day BD'ing (I ovulate late-ish, normally). But the combo of maca and vitex is really increasing my CM and I honestly feel like I'm going to O earlier this cycle. I ordered the 50 OPK/20 HPT Wondfo pack from Amazon and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I NEED THOSE OPKs, darnit! :)


babydust and superglue!

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Lol, I have a fear of tests... so probably not until Friday, which will make me 2 days late. If I make it that far, I'll know I'm preggo anyway as I have never made it past 13dpo. Temp is still good today but not feeling as good about it. Tomorrow will be the tell-tale temp.
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hi all,


i've been a long time lurker here and sometimes poster. i find the information i've gleaned from others experiences here incredibly helpful.


after 12 months, and now being 37, i finally got my bfp. been testing since thursday, 11 dpo, and the lines keep getting darker.


here's what changed: this is the second month my thyroid has regulated and the first month i've been on a t3 / t4 combo scrip. the fist 10 months of ttc was pretty much pointless without my thyroid being normal...i realize now...and, i think the last two months i've had chemicals but am wondering if the t3 is helping my progesterone level. also quit drinking the first day of this period and cut way way down on carbs and caffeine. no simple carbs at all, not even sweet potatoes. no carbs after one.


there's a strong connection btw adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems...i think the low carb diet is helping.


I had implantation spotting -- more like watery , pink-tinged CM on 9 and 10 dpo. then tested positive on 11 dpo.


another thing, temping was very irregular for me -- i sleep with the windows open and ambient air affected my temps all the time. while the overall pattern was apparent, if i tried to analyze every temp, i would have missed my o date all the time b/c the shift wasn't clear until days later.


opks were helpful. they confirmed what i knew from all the other signs: cm, show, etc.


thanks for everything ya'll and good luck.





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Currently 12DPO and waiting for AF to come smile.gif


btw, I closed my FF account last month, so you can delete the link, please. 

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Congrats, Cecilia!! (and it's almost like you're fb-stalking me, what with that talk about adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, and low-carb! I'm working on that...) Superglue for you and your bean!!


A2E: you're *killing* me, woman! ;)


Freaking OPKs didn't arrive in the mail as scheduled. I took my ONLY remaining OPK from last month's batch this morning...it was negative, but developed much more quickly than I'd anticipated this early in my cycle. Now I have to wonder about tomorrow without an OPK to help inform me. That package had BETTER get here tomorrow, dammit.


Also, a question: I already take loads of fish oil, I've started low-dose aspirin this cycle (both of those are blood thinners), and I started L-Arginine (an amino acid which increases blood flow, a'la Viagra, lol, but also to the uterus and other good stuff). Yesterday DH and I started BD'ing, and I actually bled. My cervix wasn't all the way high yet, so I'm thinking the increased flow of thinned blood made for an extra-sensitive cervix. Anyone else have thoughts, opinion, experience? (No, it wasn't painful, and  the bleeding wasn't related to menses.) 



...and WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! Last week's thread was busybusybusy, and this week--crickets. C'mon ladies, pipe up: what's going on with ya?

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jpack & mamabear08 & Cecilia - YAY!!!!!! Love the good news! Hoping for a worry-free (if there is such a thing) first trimester for you all! Healthy mamas and babies.


stegenrae - you're cracking me up!


I think we'll try again this cycle but we're going to get hubby tested. There's only one fertility doctor in this country but it's inexpensive to have a workup (compared to the U.S.) so we're figuring, why not? I may get an ultrasound too - I never ditched the pms bloating of last cycle and am having some occasional pains in my abdomen/lower back. I was an oncology nurse for 7 years and, of course, am always freaked out about cancer. On the whole - I'm glad to be tuned in to my body, but sometimes I wish I could tune it out since so many little aches and pains and such end up being nothing :) Hoping for some good news from everyone else!

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lalalalala My temp didn't fall today lalalalalala *me trying to ignore the fact that it's NEVER NOT fallen on 11dpo except once approximately 6 years and 2 months ago... and the charts are oddly similar* lalalalalalalalalalalala

Rae: I would say it's probably a combination of the blood thinners and the fact that you're probably getting close to O. I have actually had some abrasions on my cervix that have bled around O time simply because it's so (sorry) engorged that if DH hits it, I spot simply because it's so easy to break those engorged blood vessels. I'm assuming with thinner blood, that could happen and bleed more because of it. At least, it makes sense in MY head, ... that's not saying much though.

Congrats Cecilia! How exciting! H&H 9 Months to you! smile.gif
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Doularebekah- How are you doing?  Are things calming down for you and your students?


Maia welcome!  congratulations on starting TTC, I hope it goes quickly for you.


A2E I cant believe your restraint!  Exciting numbers, I hope they mean good things for you.  


Stegenrae I hope you get your OPKs soon.  I did find a 20 pack at Target for about $8.  Maybe those would help if you're others dont come.


AFM  5dpo and my numbers have been going up consistently.  I did a chart overlay on FF today and noticed my temps always peak on 6pdo, then drop down .3-.4 degrees.  I knew they fluctuated and then drop off significantly but I had never realized they always start to drop so soon, no matter how high they go.  Does this look like a progesterone issue?  

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Add me too please :) I am waiting to O

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hi all,


A2E -- i'm hoping for you!! not sure how you aren't testing yet!


thanks for all the congrats. i can't stop POAS-ing.  AND, if the colors are any lighter than I THINK it should be, I freak out, no matter how many glasses of water I've had.  But, overall, all tests have been dark and getting darker...I have my first OB visit in the morning, given my age and the trouble with TTC. I guess she will check my numbers...who knows.  I  kindof don't want to go...And, I called my endo -- of course, she now wants me off the Cytomel -- I'm gonna ask my ob and maybe find another endo.


So far, here are the symptoms: huge, tender, veiny BBs, lower back ache (pretty constant), sleeping 10 -12 hours a night (very unusual for me) -- granted, I've been doing a lot of physical labor lately on the farm cause its planting time, put 80 rows of squash and tomatoes out over the weekend -- persistent quesy feeling -- I keep thinking I'm imagining this one, but I'm not...I just feel icky...like their is a hand massaging my insides.


After two m/cs, I hope all of this is a good sign. 





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Sounds like everything is going well!



No big urge to test, my minds been pre occupied with DD and DH lately. I'm kind of surprised AF isn't here yet, so now I'm looking at my calendar convincing myself that I ovulated at the latest possible time. The egg releases 24-48 hrs after a +OPK, then the egg "hangs out" for 12-24 hrs, so at the latest we ovulate 3-4 days after that OPK,,,, so thats what really is on my mind... then I had lots of WCM with a little bit of EWCM 4 days after my +OPK, so I sort of feel like that was Ovulation confirmation and on top of that just found out implantation can occur 6-12 days after O. 




To be on the safe side I'll stick to 11-13DPO....Only way I'll know for sure is if AF shows... 

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