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Girl names help

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Ok... we are keeping the name a secret so I can't ask anyone IRL but you guys are the real experts, anyhow... one of the names on our list is Macy.  Can anyone think of a middle name that goes with it?  We decided nothing that starts with M. If it helps, the last name is three syllables and starts with G (hard g pronounced like Gym).  Any ideas???  lurk.gif

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I love Macy! Would you prefer an old-fashioned middle name or something more contemporary?

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We are open to either one.   I also love names that can be either gender, and we are open to unique or unusual names.

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Macy Jane came to mind.

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Macy Jane was on our list for this baby! Here are some more:

Macy Belle
Macy Olivia
Macy Noelle
Macy Parker
Macy Elizabeth
Macy Katherine
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Macy Amelia sounds nice to me :)

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Oh, so many good ones!!! I knew you guys would be helpful. I will run them by dh!  Thank you!

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Macy Elizabeth was the first thing that came to mind. I really like Macy Noelle, too.

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Macy Elaine

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Macy Rae would be cute

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Macy Lee or Macy Leigh.

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First thing that came to my mind is Macy Irene but I have no idea where it came from.

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Dh is nixing names left and right... LOL I thought of a couple over the last few days and I keep coming up with names of students he didn't like (he is a high school teacher).   Macy Taylor, Macy Rae, and several of the suggestions from you ladies.  Oh well, no hurry...


I thought of another today, Macy Aria.  He can't have had a student named Aria yet!

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Macy Adeline?
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Macy Lou

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Macy Rae, Macy Jane, Macy Lou - all good suggestions.  I think the one syllable middles names work well with Macy.


Macy June could be fitting if she is born in June :)

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I like Macy June too! But we thought it might be too much because baby's last name starts with the same hard J sound. I think it's still on the list though. This is hard, I don't love the name picking game!

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