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Any Staten Island Mamas Around?

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We moved to Staten Island a few months back and I'd love connect with other mamas.



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Hi! I just joined this site. I'm in Staten Island. :) Where did you move from, if you don't mind my asking? My husband is from here but I'm from Bklyn/Queens.

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We're not in Staten Island but in Union County, NJ, pretty near the Goethals Bridge!  We have a couple friends who live in SI.

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I'm not living on SI anymore, but I did for 28 years, only moved 2.5 years ago and still lead with La Leche League of Staten Island. The group is thriving and full of some amazing moms! We are actually having a meeting tomorrow morning, a Breastfeeding Cafe next week, and an evening meeting the week after if you'd like to meet some like-minded moms. You can find us at lllofstatenisland.com or Facebook.com/lllofstatenisland.

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I am a native islander and still here! Anyone else still living here?

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