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Frozen Breast Milk Giveaway

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Hi! I have a large surplus of breast milk in my chest freezer due to over production (Thank God!), but unfortunately my son, who was born premature, isn't eating as much as I am producing. I know about the milk banks, but since I was told they pasturize the milk, which kills some of the healthy benefits of the milk, I was thinking maybe I could donate it to someone on here that could use it before turning to the milk banks. I am disease free, and only took Ibruprophen and vicodin for pain after giving birth. I could donate some to up to two people. I live in South King County. If you are interested please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi there,

I'm VERY interested in your milk(part of all of it)!  I have 4 month twin boys and we survive soley on the generosity from other mommas and their donations.  I live in Bellingham, WA, but can drive if I have time to plan a trip.  Or, I have family coming up from Portland area so they could stop and pick it up a week from today if that works too!!!!   Thank you!!!!


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Hi Lindsay :D Whichever is more convenient for you is fine with me. I can hold on to it for your family, it will give me time set aside a portion for you. If you decide you need the milk sooner than a week, PM me and let me know. Either way though, PM me when you're ready so we can set up times and etc. Thanks so much for helping me make some room in my freezer. It's nearly full and soon i won't have the space to put more milk in it lol. 


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Great!  My MIL is coming up on the 25th or 26th.  How much is there so I can tell her how big of a cooler to bring?  My phone number is 360-749-3308.  Give me a call so we can arrange something!


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