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My sister wants to try cloth

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She's due in July!  I'm so excited for her! (Mostly about the baby, not the cloth, though that is exciting too!)


I mainly used prefolds, with a tiny stash of fancy things for fun.  I love prefolds and think they rock.  She has found her local diaper store and thinks pockets are the way to go.  She thinks prefolds are confusing.  I think that's crazy-talk, but I am a supportive aunt/sister, so pockets it is!  What's awesome in pockets these days?  

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I use bumgenius and Fuzzibunz. Both are good but I prefer the bumgenius. 

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Bumgenius are good quality, but stuffing them is such a pain! I think prefold seems much easier, that being said I have never used them, and plan on it with this next baby.


Umm, mama ana, LOVE your avatar!!!

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www.ampdiaperstore.com  --- I ended up getting rid of everything else in my stash and use these exclusively now. They make FB look like someone's first attempt at a diaper. Fit so well, and we've bought half of ours used, but they hold up so well that you can't tell the difference between new and used. Expensive, but excellent resale value. 

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I love Charlie banana one size for pockets.
I would suggest that she look into soft bums though. They have snap in stay dry liners. The omni can be used as a pocket but also make an awesome cover for flats/prefolds if she decides to give them a shot.
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Yeah I second the Softbums.  I had a whole stash of them for my first baby, ended up not really liking the synthetic inners but am now happily using them as covers for prefolds.  I got mine before they had the Omni but it looks like a great innovation.  They definitely have the best OS system, super trim and fit my 7 lb 11 oz newborn perfectly from day 1.

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