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My 7 yr old's handwriting is getting worse!!!

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My daughter beats up on herself for about anything.  My stepdaughter lives with her mom, but if my 7 yr old and my 3 yr old get a prize, my stepdaughter gets one as well and we ship it.  So even though she is not a middle child, she still is a middle child.  Anyways, to the point now.  She is a really great kid.  She did 1/2 a semester of Kindergarden, and then did the 2nd semester in 1st grade.  Now she is in 2nd grade.  She is such a sweet and polite child, but she is getting picked on.  She is very small, but I am not 5 ft tall.  She is absolutely misreable.  Her teacher said she used to have really good handwriting, and now she presses so hard down that it is going through the paper.  Her teacher thinks she is having issues.  Now given we have had some financial issues and moved again, she is happier here than where we were.  Her handwriting is still not where it was.  We do stickers to show on their chore charts once they are complete with a chore.  I did give her a large sticker for such an improvement in her handwriting on her book report tonight.  What would be another reward to show inprovement, b/c the stickers do so well for her and her little sister for remembering to brush their teeth and make there beds, etc.  I had a checklist, but check marks did not work too well.  Stickers work great.  But I do need another reward for her handwork. Any suggestions?

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It sounds like way more is going on with her than just handwriting. I would try and get to the bottom of the problem rather than just  focussing on that.

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The best reward for my kid is the reward of one-on-one time where they get to decide what we do/play. That builds connection and it allows you to see (through their play) what's going on in their mind.


I agree that the underlying problem needs to be addressed. Have your families been working with the teacher and the school counselor about the bullying?

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