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No experience with Thirsties snaps (yet, we'll be getting a few) but I loved Thirsties enough to keep using the velcro ones, despite not liking velcro.

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Thanks FeralFox, good to know.

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I used mostly Green Mountain Diapers prefolds, with Thirsties covers, up to about 22 months.  At that point I had to get bigger covers and Bummis were the biggest I could find.  Prefolds and covers are our diaper of choice at home.  I practiced a little before she was born but once you find something you like, it's easy to do.  And really, it doesn't matter how you get the diaper on, once it's in all in a cover it will do its job.


I hated pockets.  I hated the stuffing part.  And I got spooked by all the trouble people seemed to have with washing.  I like cotton because I can abuse it.  For going out I use cotton AIOs with soakers that are only attached on one side, so they wash clean and dry fast.  I've used and liked Grovia, Swaddlebees Simplex, Sposoeasy (which aren't made anymore), and Bottombumpers.

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Thank you so much to everyone!  I feel like I have a better idea of what I'm looking for now and think I'm going to get a mix of stuff.  I like the Green Mountain site a lot.  Plus, I talked to my sister and she has enough newborn and size 1 cloth diapers (plus the timing is perfect between our babes) to pass them on.  So now I just need to look at investing in some 15-30 pound diapers.  I spent so much time researching, doing price comparisons, and talking to my sister about diapers last night that it was all I dreamed about. 

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Keeping in mind that Cecilia didn't hit 15 lbs until much older than most babies (she was over 6 months), my absolute favorite for that range was Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers in size small. I can't wait to bust out with those again!!

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I used gDiapers (cloth inserts) with my son and I loved them.  I really liked how I could also buy some disposable inserts for when we went on trips.  When my son started daycare it was relatively easy to convince them to use the disposable inserts and then I would just switch to the cloth insert for nights and weekends.

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Have any of you used cloth diapers while not owning your own washing machine?  We live on the 6th floor of an apartment building, and there are 2 washer/dryers down on the 2nd floor.  I'm trying to figure out if it's feasible for us to use cloth.  Don't you have to rinse out the diaper before throwing it in the washer?  Or no?  I don't want to be down there loading diapers into the washer and have neighbours walk in and be disgusted.  Any tips?

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Pennywhistle, my friend did cloth diapering in an apartment.  I'm not sure whether she has any tips, so I'll ask.  But she said it wasn't as bad as you would expect.  You can get a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet to wash the poop off before you put it in the hamper, but that's not really an issue until the baby is eating solids.

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I generally sprayed them anyway, because I could then throw them in the pail with her regular clothes and have no worries. Never had any stain issues on her clothes. So yes, I think it's doable with a diaper sprayer, as long as you're willing to lug them!

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Awesome - thanks!  My husband is adament about wanting to use cloth diapers.

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Oh good, then he can also help with the maintenance!! thumb.gif


Also, if you have a balcony or sunny open window space, you can do some space saving and money saving air drying! The sun is AMAZING for bleaching out stains without leeching all the color out, too (well, over time the color can fade, but not quickly).

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My mom wants to make some dipes for me. Any suggestions on sites w good patterns? I was thinking to buy prefolds since they're so inexpensive anyway and have her make covers, doublers, wipes since she has a ton of flannel. I'd love soem thoughts from BTDT moms. :)

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My local Joanne fabrics has a book with patterns in it for I THINK covers+ AIOS and they also sell the snap press kits!!!!




Once the tax return comes in, i'm getting that, some PUL and snaps and i'm gonna go NUTS making covers.

Eventually, I want to design my own diapers/patterns and sell em on ETSY or something, as a WAHM venture - I LOVE cloth diapering, I LOVE sewing, I think i've FINALLY found my passion for what I want to do "When I grow UP"

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Some of the fabric from the Babyville collection is really really cute too!

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I made 2 hanging wet bags with dinosaur print on it... Too stinking cute...

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Awesome! Thanks ladies. I'll check out Joanne's.


chotchkes - Are you going to make covered PUL covers or exposed? What kind of fabric did you use for the wet bags? I want to make two bigger ones for laundry and a few littles for the dipe bag. Do you think buying the Green Mtn prefolds makes sense? Sorry for all the questions! I'm obviously a newby to the CD world. innocent.gif

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I have a bazillion Green Mountain prefolds (mostly newborn orange edge since Cece is so small and we were doing AIOs by the time she was big enough to outgrow the orange edge ones) and I love them. They're very high quality even at a low price. And the more you wash them, the more puffy and soft and absorbent they get!

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I just used PUL and made it like a big laundry bag with a loop to hang over a door knob. :) 

I don't know if i'm going to do cloth or PUL - i'm going to have to play with the supplies first and see what I like. 

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Originally Posted by ilovetchotchkes View Post

My local Joanne fabrics has a book with patterns in it for I THINK covers+ AIOS and they also sell the snap press kits!!!!




I bought this book, a snap presss and snaps, and some different color PUL for my sister's baby shower.  I saw it at Jo-Anne's and she really liked the book, but I found a better price on fabric.com for the PUL. Plus, fabric.com does a longer "yard".  


Also, if you don't want to make a wet bag, I found this on Amazon.  It fits into a 30 gallon trash can (I'm planning on getting this one, but they also work in the plastic cans) and got really good reviews, plus the price isn't too bad.  Some of the colors are cheaper than others. 


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I have two wet pail bags, and I will tell you this-- I HATE the one with the elasticized top and will reuse the one with the drawstring top as many times as I can. Really I just need to cut the elastic off of the elasticized one and do a drawstring on it. It is the biggest PITA in the world to get the clothes and diapers out of the elasticized one without getting stuff all over your hands.

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