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She's Home!!!

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Hey! I haven't been around here much lately because life is NUTS!!!  But I wanted to pop in and let y'all know that Abi came home from Ethiopia in January.  We're doing well, going through transition and bonding, that phun phase that every adoptive mom of an older child will nod and say, yep, THAT, LOL.  But we're doing well, and the trip to Africa was A.MAZ.ING!  Abi is a terrific 3yo munchkin and we're delighted to have her in our family.




So for those of you who have been following our family through Cody's newborn/open adoption, he is doing great. He's 2.5 and is closely related to Taz.  Our bio kids, Natta and Seth are doing really well too, with homeschooling/unschooling/whateverschooling that we do!  I still blog all the time (see my profile for the address) and am on Facebook a lot.


I'm still grateful for all the information and support I found here when we were going through our "paper pregnancies." This is a great forum with great people. :)



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Congratulations. What a nice looking family.

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Congratulations!  How exciting!  You have a beautiful family!

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oh my gosh! i'd wondered where you've been. Look at your beautiful family!

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Well, didn't that just make my day. joy.gif

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Yay, such a beautiful family joy.gif

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Yea!   I'm thrilled for your whole family. You all look so sweet together, and I love the expressions on all the kids' faces!  Wishing you lots of happiness!

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So glad you're finally complete (for now anyway!)  Congrats!!

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How sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations! Your family looks so wonderful!

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How exciting!  You all are adorable!!  joy.gif

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What a wonderful picture! I am so happy for you, so glad to read this update!

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congratulations!!  I haven't been around much for a long time either, but have been enjoying catching up and seeing everyone here again! ;-)

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