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Sky's Story and pics

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Hi here is her story
I went to a routine ultrasound and the tech saw what she thought could be a clot in the umbilical cord going into the baby. My perinatologist is great. He did not mix words I was to go by ambulance to albuquerque. I arrived and they had a vascular sonographer  who  confirmed with my perinatologist that yes there was a clot. This can be deadly to a baby in uretero she had to be born. I had a wonderful nurse Chris who gave me my first steroid shot then the doctor said if we see just one stress
Dip we will do c-section tonight other wise definitely Saturday. Well it dipped so she was born 8:45 am 3/15/12 she cries and was very active, as her nurse say she is very sweet and can be a fire cracker too lol! So she was on c-pap but no ventilator needed. Then she continued to progress and her O2 saturation was great breathing 25-30% O2 ( we breath 21% btw ) On Friday she came Off c-pap and just had the nose canulor she is doing great ! My perinatologist is absolutely amazed by her every one is. She is our blessing. Praise God!

And here she is:


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She was born 8:45 pm sorry my typo

I'm finally getting around to writing her birth story after four weeks in the NICU and she is 7 weeks old by birthdate and -3 weeks adjusted :-)

As you all know I had our DD early at 30 weeks Gestation ten weeks early!
I had an appointment on Friday March 23 my perinates but my husband and I just had a feeling I should just go earlier if I could. Well they were able to see me on Thursday March 15th for an Ultrasound and at the U/S the Tech (Heidi) her guardian angel saw a clot in her umbilical cord that was life threatening to her. Usually these clots called Umbilical Thrombus are not caught or seen and it becomes too late for the baby to survive as the clot will grow and move. However God had a different plans for our Sång (pronounced SONG) in his hands she was HELD UP, she was held tightly safe. My Perinatologist told me I was not going back home. My DH and other two kids were back in Taos I came to the appointment alone down in Santa Fe. I was rushed via ambulance to Albuquerque. I had a great nurse named Chris who gave me 1 steroid shot in the bum~ it did not hurt at all. One of my Doctors came in and I was on a monitor, I went with him and saw the vascular sonographer and it was confirmed there was a clot, an umbilical thrombus which is very rare and even rarer for anyone to catch it or see it happening. The clot had grown 50% and migrated since leaving santa fe and coming to ABQ which is about 1 hr away.Once the baby is born the clot is no longer a threat so I was prepped for a c-section. DH arrived just in time to come in with me and I got a spinal our dear friend Malinda stayed with our other two in the waiting room.
Sång Meer Ericsson (Sång is swedish and pronounced "song") was born via c-sedtion 3/15/12 2lbs 13oz 15.5 inches long stamping her feet and crying. Lifted safely up and out of me by GOD and handed to a great team at the NICU~our little girl was good. She was great, she was OK! She was NOT put on a ventilator and at day 7 she was breathing room air at day 9 they took out the pic IV line and the feeding tube in her nose came out a few day after. She was eating on her own! She was latching and nursing! The doctors are all fascinated by her they say its GOD because they don't know how else she would be doing so well. Both perinatologist are amazed by her and the NICU team as well. The all marched in to the NICU see this little feisty baby that beat all the odds and was doing so well. She is sweet and spunky and strong via GOD. The next 4 weeks she spent in the NICU and I went to see her every day. My DH had to be back in Taos with our ODD because she had school and I kept our DS with me. They have a great volunteer staff and helpers to that helped me to watch DS so I could see Sång every day and DH would come on the weekends with DD (luckily she had two four day weekends in this time) The beginning of the 3rd week she was moved and then again to the west side of the NICU. I'll never forget Wed April 11th when the Neonatologist said she is going home SUNDAY! the 15th. After coming home she was off O2 for a few days but back on the smallest flow as we are 7500 feet up in the mountains here so they anticipated that. Her saturation when on O2 is very high. She now weighs 4.14lbs and her pediatrician say she will most likely come fully off O2 fully within a week but whatever she needs. She does nurse well and at least 2-3 times a day and I add 24 calorie preemie formula (3/4 teaspoon added to about 60ml of my milk) for about 4-5 more weeks. Her brain scans were perfect and her clot issue was resolved as soon as they clamped her cord off of me. Also one of my doctors had just written an article on Umbilical thrombus again NOT a coincidence. WOW! writing all this... praise GOD! It is nice to be home! THANK YOU ALL

Here she is now450
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So glad to hear she is doing so well!! She sounds like a strong little mama!!

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wow, so tiny and darling! glad she is doing great--sending you good wishes!

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I am so glad she's doing so well! She is absolutely beautiful!


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such a strong little trooper! so happy for you Sky. What a cutie in that diaper. smile.gif

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Wow.  So thankful you were spared the tragedy that could have been!


She is so sweet.  And lots of hair!  That's so amazing!

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She is such a sweet little thing.  So much cute hair already!  I'm so glad they found the clot and were able to prevent what could have been.  Thanks for updating with the story.

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What a little darling ! A Blessing, indeed. Continued prayers for her ( and the whole family ) to grow strong :)


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Sky, We love you and family! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers :) If we can do ANYTHING for you guys, let us know...

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Thanks so much for posting this onemore! Sky - you and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so happy she's thriving at this point. And adorable! Look at that hair!!

Blessings to you and yours and big hugs!
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ooh, teensy! she looks amazing. sending lots of good thoughts for continued progress, it sounds like she's doing really well stillheart.gif

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Oh my goodness!  What a tiny little miracle she is!  love.gif


Congrats again! 

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joy.gifSo glad she is doing well! What a little darling!

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She is a darling. So glad you're all doing well- definitely a good story to the technology we have today!

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Wow, incredible, Sky!  She's an amazing little being - congratulations to you and your entire family on her safe arrival.  She's precious! I think your story was especially moving for all of us who have been sharing pregnancy updates with one another and now your little girl is with you.  It makes our own little impending babies feel that much more real.  Keep us posted on all the news!

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She's so precious Sky!  Thank you for sharing with us.  It sounds like she's doing great and I think you're going to have one feisty little girl :)

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**Sky's Update**

Sång is doing very well they lowered her  O2 so she is breathing well on her own, they took her off the bily light and they upped her feeding from 3 cc to 7 cc. I am pumping and my milk and it's come in yay! I am tired of course but I have my mom here and then my sister is coming  and DH is going to stay at our place in Taos with our Dd because she has school and visit the weekends while I'll be with ds living in ABQ to be near Sång.I have been a bit overwhelmed and tired my adrenaline has worn off  but I feel so blessed she is with us so i remind myself that. Thank you all for being part if my support.

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That's amazing! What a little trooper. So glad to hear she's doing so well. I'm sure it must be very stressful for you just the same but it's fabulous that you've got the support coming in.



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