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Forced to stop Bf-ing

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I'm having surgery soon and was told I wouldn't be able to nurse my daughter for 24 hours after being on anesthesia.  And then I'll probably be on pain meds; if decide I need pain meds I will of course ask if I can get something that would allow me to breastfeed, but if for some reason that isn't possible, or if the side effects incapacitate me, my poor daughter's breastfeeding fast will be a few days.


She's two, and I'm wondering if there's anything I can say or do to prepare her for this and make it as untraumatizing as possible for her.  I've tried telling her while breastfeeding that in a few days I won't be able to nurse her for a little while, but I'm worried I'm confusing or scaring her. 

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Whe I had surgury, I wa nursing my baby again as soon as I felt well enough to sit up and talk a little buit. Also, I know lots of mothers are given Hydrocodone after birth and told that it's okay to nurse while they are on it.

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Sorry to hear you have to have surgery. You might not have to stop breastfeeding even though you have to have anesthesia. Most doctors and hospitals give the no breastfeeding rule for everyone but Dr. Thomas Hale has done extensive research on breastfeeding and medications.
He now has a new website and you can search for any med.
If the one they said you will be getting is not safe on this list then there are usually alternatives but you'd be surprised at how many are safe!

I have included 2 links here. The first one is specifically the breastfeeding section of the forum. Only health care professionals can post questions here but anyone can read it.
The 2nd link is the main link for the website and has additional info on pregnancy and breastfeeding and more.

My pediatrician has a copy of his book at the office and will look up a med for me and tell me if it is ok to breastfeed and yours might also but you have to ask.


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I use this website (actually I have the app on my phone for instant use): http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/sis/htmlgen?LACT then after reading about the med I jsut make my own choice...I recently had surgery (a few weeks ago) and the first doctor didn't want me taking anything...the rest were really relaxed about it.


In the end I breastfed just a few hours after the surgery, then continued to breastfeed while on very high doses of pain killers (diladid, percoset, motrin - double to tripple doses of all plus antibitotics...cipro and then something else of and zofran and then switching to fenegin for nausea). My baby newborn and she got sleepy and had trouble latching (but was already having some issues...she had a lip tie clipped the day I got ill and started meds) but otherwise she was fine...I felt that the benefit of her getting breastmilk was greater than the risk of taking the meds short term. I would probably be even less worried with an older one that probably isn't nrsing as much. Really a personal choice though.

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Thank you all for the advice and information.  I think I'll play this by ear.  If she seems very upset I'll nurse her, if she handles it well I won't.  Before this all started she was tapering off with nursing anyway.  With all the stress in the house lately she's been more clingy and wanting to nurse more, but we'll see how it goes.


Thanks again.

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