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Job Loss and Gov. Assistance?

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I just found out my husband is losing his job. I lost mine back in 2010. I have a very part-time job with take home pay that only covers our food costs. My husband will be filing for unemployment and we have a some savings and a modest 401k, but I'm afraid it won't last long considering unemployment doesn't even cover our mortgage (and we can't sell without a huge loss). I don't feel we have a lot of other housing options at this point for a variety of reasons, but I guess that's another issue. Anyways ... I'm wondering how one qualifies for additional government assistance beyond unemployment. Do they look at things like savings accounts or purely income? Before taxes and unemployment, our income will be significantly under 10k a year. Our son also has health challenges including major food allergies and asthma which require pricey medications and extra doctor's visits. Would he or the whole family be able to get assistance like medicaid? Honestly, I'm petrified of not having insurance for my son with his issues. I'm guessing we could also apply for something like food stamps? Can we apply for these things as soon as my husband gets his last paycheck in May? This is all so new to me and I don't know where to start. I'm just trying not to panic at this point! Any words of advice?

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My husband lost his job last year (and was without one for an entire year.) I don't work and we have 3 kids. So, he applies for unemployment, which of course doesn't cover a whole lot. We also got food stamps and medicaid for the kids (they wouldn't give my husband or I medicaid, only the kids). We were able to get help with our electric bill a couple of times and eventually were able to get mortgage assistance after being several months behind on the mortgage. They will look at your income, unemployment, how many kids, any other income you have. But it's better to try and apply for what you can and them turn you down, to not apply and then to find out you would have been approved. 

Don't panic. Contact social services first. They can do the medicaid/food stamps. Contact a local bank and ask them about mortgage assistance programs. There are a lot out there that I would be leery of. I was referenced to one through the local bank I use. They now work with my mortgage company/bank. We were able to get 6 months of our mortgage paid and are now in the process of getting a modification. The bank should be able to steer you to the right place.

I hope that helps. Keep your head up. It was scary for us at first, but God brought us through the whole thing. I would start calling around and looking now, even if you can't really apply until he actually loses his job.

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Depending on where you live, you and your DH may or may not get Medicaid. With less than 10k/year, your ds definitely will. If your ds is under 5, look into WIC. With less than 10k/year, you should also qualify for SNAP (foodstamps), and maybe cash assistance.

Start finding the applications online, ask at your local library if you're having trouble. Also, get rid of all non-essentials in your budget ASAP so that you have as much of a cushion as possible!

I hope all works out!
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Thank you both for all the information! I've been looking into all our options and it does seem like we'd qualify for a lot of the programs out there, but that we have to wait until after my husband's final paycheck before we can apply. I'm very grateful that we aren't in dire straights yet, but I'm going to do everything in my power to keep it that way! I know it takes a lot of time these days to find a decent job, so I want to buy us as much time as possible. Hopefully, something will come along sooner, rather than later.

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I know where I live adults can't get Medicaid unless disabled, pregnant, elderly, on TANF or refuge.  We get Medicaid and SNAP but there is a limit to how much savings you can have  in the bank for SNAP so you'll probably have to spend down your 401K first.  I think we are allowed $3,000 in cash.  Can't remember for sure though since we never have that much cash on hand!  Many states now have online applications which is MUCH easier than sitting around a DHHS office all day waiting for an intake appointment.  WIC has a higher income limit so you may want to start with that.

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