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Traveling/Working soon after the baby is born, suggestions??

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Hey all,


So before my husband and I conceived I took a job that will require me to be in a different part of the country for a week in July. Its a big annual conference and I have been hired to lead workshops every evening for 5 days. It is hard to say how old the our little one will be, but I figure he could be as old as 5 weeks by then or as little as 3 weeks. My husband will be able to be with me for the first half of the week and my mother will be at the conference for the second half of the week.


So, what should I get/bring with me? It will probably be hot and I will be walking around the campus during the day. We are going to try and get a room with air-conditioning so all of us don't swelter at night. I will be able to have the baby with me during the workshops although I think I will try to just have him in my arms when I need to nurse him (my husband or mom can sit in on the workshops and hold the baby).


We have an Ergo Baby carrier with the infant insert and we could bring the stroller, too, if we needed to.


Also, any suggestions in general about working/traveling that soon after the birth? We can drive (it is a long-ish drive, perhaps 6 hours) so we don't need to worry about flying.


Thanks so much for your help!! orngbiggrin.gif

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No advice, but I do sympathize!  I'm in nursing school and I'm not technically done with my classes and clinicals until 3 days after my due date!  If this baby decides to make his entrance on time (or early), I'm going to be heading back to clinicals with my mom or husband in tow, watching the baby outside of the facility until it's time to breastfeed, etc!  People in my childbirth class are horrified by this, but I've put a year into nursing school and I really, really don't want to wait another year to graduate (the class I'm finishing with is only offered once a year).

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I think it's important for you to schedule in rest times for yourself so that you're not overdoing it during what should be your postpartum recovery time. Be very careful about keeping yourself hydrated and eating well.


If you have a sling or a Moby Wrap, that might be easier with a newborn than the Ergo. You could even nurse with the baby in the sling.

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That six hour drive will take closer to eight--with no complications.  You'll need to get baby out of the carseat every couple hours, at least, possibly more often if your baby doesn't tolerate being in the carseat.  

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I would take a stroller and a sling.  And I would reconsider.  I went 3 weeks over with my last lo- so your baby could be just days old.  Also- that is a very important time for you to be recovering and not overdoing it.  And your baby is just new- new needs to be kept at home mostly to keep germs away and to ensure plenty of time to nurse and snuggle and be gently introduced to the world!  OK- I sound like my mw- but she is right!  4 babies and the only one I didn't have mastitis and excessive pp bleeding with was my last one- that one with the very same mw who gave orders on what was ok to do for the first 3 pp months.  

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