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Pediatric dentist in Chi?

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Hey there mamas,

My husband and I both have terrible teeth and after reading this I'm totally sold on taking my 18-month-old to a dentist, but I want one that's not going to jump to xrays and sedation, IYKWIM.


Any recommendations for baby-friendly dentists?  Someone recommended this but I really try to avoid that part of town if possible, plus it seems like a pretty interventive practice...

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I've used two pediatric dentists here.  One was Kids Plus pediatric dentistry in Wicker Park. http://www.kidspluspediatricdentistry.com/


They are great at making the children comfortable, but they are very interventive.  I would use them again for exams for small children, but you have to be willing to stand up to the dentist if she recommends something your not comfortable with. (Like pulling all their teeth out at age six because they're taking too long to fall out.!) But really, if you have a child who is afraid or uncooperative, this place knows all the tricks for keeping kids happy.   Who knew fillings could be fun?


Now we go to ABC Pediatric Dentistry in University Village. http://www.abckiddentist.com/


Dr. Barnes is very respectful and conservative about treatment.  She is huge on prevention.  The kids don't like her as much because Kids Plus was more fun, but she is highly competent.  I've come to like her a lot, although it irritates me that she likes for the parents to stay with the child in the exam room.  For some kids, that might be a good thing.  For others, not so much.

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Mairsydotes: thanks so much!


I went to my son's appointment with Dr Barnes this AM.  I like her a lot, and with my 19 month old being in the room is fine with me.  I was a little shocked when she told me I should wean my son-- that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists says to wean at 12-18 mos apparently?  Well, I said that wouldn't happen, but she repeated herself later in the appointment.  Aside from that, though, I am happy with her and we'll be going back.

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Took my son to Dr. Alla Aver in Glenview (?) recently & I really liked her. Her response when I told her we were still nursing at almost 3: "Good for you!"


No x-rays for the little guy & she made the exam very easy for him (she has three children herself, so that probably helps).


It's a hike for us, but I really think we'll continue to see her. She has a very nice practice & is more holistic.

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