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Affording a midwife?

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I am having a homebirth, one way or another lol. I had midwives that were covered by my insurance last time (mostly) but I won't use that practice again. CPMs aren't legal here, and turns out it's more expensive than I thought (not that they deserve less, just...I have no savings) $2500. In 7 months. How in the heck are people with unplanned pregnancies supposed to do this? My husband is looking at having less taxes taken out at work, but other than me getting a job (which isn't very feasible with 2 little kids), how can we afford a midwife at our homebirth, and still buy things like another car seat?

I may just have to go unassisted again, and I hate to make that decision based purely on $$.

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Can you do a payment plan?

Can you try to save $100 a month off of grocery bill?  (learn how to coupon if you don't already...)

Find other ways to scrimp and save.  Every little bit counts.

Sell some things you don't need.  Ask family if they have anything you don't need.

You'd be surprised.  and with this goal, it would be worthwhile.  Just try to say "I need to make $300 a month for 8 months" and work to each month's goal.



We are lucky, our new insurance will cover our midwife, although no homebirth for me.

I had a huge deductible with my second and it took a year to pay off the medical bills.  Ugh....


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My last 2 homebirths were with a CPM (Illegal in my state). The first birth we paid her off before the birth and she gave a discount for that. Then I actually submitted it to my insurance and they paid about 1/2 of the cost. The next birth, my midwife had found a insurance biller to work with and so I just paid a small amount each month to her. Her billing service billed my insurance after the birth and they actually paid the whole thing 100%.


My first 4 homebirths were with a family doctor on our plan so those were no big deal.


Most midwives will work out payment plans. Just go in and meet with them. Tell them exactly what's going on and see if you can come up with a solution.

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For the past 1.5 years we've been saving $ every month in preparation for this babe. However, I ended up in the ER on Christmas Day with a severely dislocated finger so there went $1,000. Sigh. So yeah, we'll be making up for that by putting aside extra every month until November. We used a CNM with DS's birth (and will use the same midwife again) and it cost $3,000. Add to that a doula and birthing supplies and it'll be about $3,500 I'm sure. 


Last time insurance reimbursed us $1,500 but this time we have a different plan so I'm not sure what will happen....

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Is it too late to put money into an FSA/HSA?  Paying with pre-tax money is a big part of how we will afford ours.  Insurance has paid 100% for us in the past, but this time we have a high deductible plan, so the best we can hope for is for the money we pay to count towards our deductible.  We will see.

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I feel your pain. In CA my mw is going to cost me $4500 and then any labs or u/s etc on top. This was definitely not a planned pregnancy for us, and we're kind of freaking out over it. I could get on AIM, I think, but even if I was comfortable with a hospital birth, my last labor was 65 minutes and I'm not sure we'd make it... redface.gif We may do that for back up, anyway, but then that's another $1000 OOP for care we probably (read hopefully) won't use.

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We UP/UC'ed our last two babies, and this time around I was almost thinking I wanted a mw, for various personal reasons, but with everything we need for this pregnancy, baby and to get some key renovating done before the baby is here, there is simply no way we can even afford the, to be fair, piddly $1800 for a mw. Though $1800, for us, is a LOT of money. So we'll UP/UC again. I am a student midwife, so I have lots of community support and all the equipment I need for a birth.

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Oh I can so relate!  Our insurance is the same, but last time, we went with a hospital birth, so all but $20 was covered even though we had a CS.  And now, with homebirth, its $2500.  That's so much more money!  Its stressful just to think about, but after deciding that everyone's health is worth it, we just made a plan.  We are going to use our credit card to pay them at 36 weeks and save about $475 that way.  By then we will have saved enough to pay off the credit card that same month, and lastly we'll use our FSA card to get reimbursed and save about $600 more.  Thats down to around $1500, or about $500 every trimester.  I am making more meals at home, and using my husband's handyman skills to make a free "illegal" crib" usable, that's our plan.  :)  Whew it sounds so much more complicated than it really is.  The babies are so close in age we really don't need much new baby stuff, the car seat is still good and the clothes are still in nice enough shape.  I hope you can figure it out so that you get the kind of birth care that you want.  

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I'm seeing a midwife, and the cost is $4k. If insurance doesn't cover them, it goes down to $3.5k (courtesy discount). With haggling on the phone with my insurance for days and days and many hours, I managed to get a gap coverage bringing the cost down to a total of $1600. That's still an awful lot to just throw down but we do have an FSA account with funds precisely for this, in addition to my making and selling extra crafts (hopefully, nothing yet :(  ). It's sad that it's costly to have the births we want, when for instance it'd be infinitely cheaper out of pocket if I went through a hospital here, iirc.

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