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Spring IVF Thread: Bring on the BFPs!

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Please join in and share your trials and tribulations during the IVF process.  Spring is in the air and it's time for making babies!


If anybody wants their name off or put on the list , just let me know. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping we all will graduate soon. Let me know where you are in your IVF process by placing the information inBOLD and I will add you. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to getting to know you all!!! PS. We hope all of you graduates stick around to give advice and stalk away!!! STALKERS are welcome on this thread!!!


For those ladies from the Winter IVF thread please let me know how you would like me to update your blurb! I think some are outdated.

Spring IVF dust.gif

Gathering Information/Money / In Waiting

Silverbird-  appt 5/2

Auraleigh - appointment 5/8










On Stim



Trigger shot

Egg Retrieval




Embryo Transfer

Blueeyezz4  5/18


Test Date

kaliprincess 5/27

Blueeyezz4 5/29

joy.gifSpring BFPjoy.gif






In our thoughts:

Deborahbgkelly - candle.gif

Alphahen candle.gif

Laggie 6/3/11  candle.gif

Silverbird's DH candle.gif


 Our Fearless Predecessors


Belly - TWINS! 

Kinza - TWINS! 

Montessortof - TWINS! 

Mole (Free baby!!) 

Vegan Princess


TenzinsMama- FREE baby!!!

Renavoo- TWINS!

Inwaiting -  8-3-11

Keria - 6-13-11 TWINS

Bungalowmama - 8-5-11


graf214 - 8-19-11


Missme 3-21-11 

primipara 3-30-11 

Kewpie80 5-20-11 - TWINS!

FtMPapa 1/26/10
Paytonsmommy 3/3/10
New Mama 3/19/10
KellyTTC#1 3/27/10
Samkris123 9/21
Slylives 10/4
Ratgrl - 10/16
Maurine - 11/23
Tear - Thanksgiving Day - 11/25

Sarahcecile 1-13-11

KristinaMarie 1-24-11

Sweetdynasty 2-14-11

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Thanks for the new thread Aura.


If you just leave me under in waiting.  I'm just waiting about till I can have my IVF in June.  I've an appoinmnet next tue to talk about this cycle then an appoinmnet with my new clinic 2 may.  so not much going on here.


Hope everyone is doing well.

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Thanks for doing this. My ER was actually on 3/10. I had a 5 day transfer of two morulas. Any 5 day morula success stories to lift my spirits would be much appreciated.


P.S. Does anyone live in MA? I need an IVF buddy.

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Saphrons Back when I did my first IVF there was a poster that got a BFP with a fet of 2 morulas, She is in the graduates list primipara (sp?)


Blue Can't wait to hear the results please dear universe let it be a BFP.


RCR I hope this is IVF is it. You are doing an antagonist cycle right?

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Silver - Nice to finally see you. I have been wondering how you are and have missed you. June is a great month for a BFP.


Saph - don't get down yet! My RE got one egg from her IVF, and that one egg fertilized, was transferred and she got her son. Her other two kids were the result of donor eggs. Miracles happen all the time, and it can and will be you. Sorry for getting your ER date wrong. MDC does not list dates (only puts "2 days ago", etc). so when I was filling in the front page I always had to count back to how many days, since I never got a chance to fill it in on time.


Blue - I am thinking positive thoughts for you. Hope you get the results quickly this time. Are you going to the local office to do the blood and having the results faxed again? Hope you are the first BFP of the spring! Remember the last thread when there was a rush of BFPs right from the start? Hope it happens again!


Keria - hi! I don't know if what I am doing has a name. I am starting stims (300 follistim and 150 menipur) on CD 3, and then going in for my first check on Sat (SD4). I will add gannirelix when the first follie gets big enough. No BCP at all.


Others, I haven't checked the last thread, so I may have missed some of you.


AFM - Heard back from the nurse. FSH 8.5. Not too bad for me. My follicle cound was 10 (six on the right and 4 on the left). The RE said I can do a 3 day transfer and she will transfer up to 3 with assisted hatching. I am going for it. Not that I want triplets, but I am so sick of IF and TTC, I would put 6 back in if I thought I would have a good chance ROTFLMAO.gif.

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Thanks everyone!!!! Other than being tired, I'm not feeling it unfortunately, so if it works it will be a total miracle.  praying.gif  I think I'm mentally preparing myself at this point.   I did a $ store test this am and it was a BFN, but I've been in this place before where I got a negative on a $ store test the day before my beta and then got a positive (not that it stayed - m/c), but we will see.




Aura - Thanks for starting the new thread!!!!  You can delete me off of the suppression list. Thanks!!



rcr - Yes, I will have my beta done here at our local hospital and they will fax it over to my RE's nurses and then they are suppose to email me if it is negative and call me if it is positive.  Hope it works this time b/c remember last time they sent it to the wrong address so i didn't get it and waited the whole weekend.  My fav nurse isn't going to be there tomorrow either so hope they don't forget about me.  We will see.  I have my private duty job at 3pm tomorrow and I'm hoping that I will hear from them before I have to leave b/c once I'm working with my guy I can't answer my phone.  We will see.  Your numbers sound good so far!!! Yay!!!


Silver - good to see your name again. Glad you are doing okay and just busy.  Fingers crossed for you next cycle. Loved your dream!!!


Praying - fingers crossed for you beta!!! It's this coming Wed, like the day after mine right?


Saphrons - cramps might be implantation cramping!!!!  Think positive!!



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Aura~ Thanks for the shiny new thread!!!


Blue~ I honestly don't know how they were frozen...my old RE wasn't very forthcoming...so I will find out when they thaw them if it was done the old way or the newer way. FX'd for your Beta tomorrow...smile.gif.

Rcr~ Boo for AF, but Yeah for getting into a new cycle so fast....we may even be cycle buddies...how cool is that....yeah! joy.gif


Hope~ Delestrogen / Estradiol Valerate / E2V ... it helps thicken the uterine lining.


Gale~ Yeah for a great visit. Sorry to hear that you has such bad car sickness, but yeah for hearing the hb of your babe.


Praying~ Thanks...fx'd for your beta on Wednesday!


Silver~ That sounds lika a great dream! Here's wishing that it comes true for you sooner rather than later.





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First - Thanks rcr for the last thread and aura for the new one!!!


Catch up from the winter thread -

Gale - wow on the last minute trip, you are a strong woman!  Sorry about the sickness and itching.  I hope it all goes away soon.

Silver - thinking about you!!  That dream sounds soo sweet.  It's a sign!!

saph - BCP's do seem to add a TON of time into the process.   I'm keeping everything crossed for you, hoping that maybe the cramps are your body accepting versus incoming AF.


praying -  I swear I don't remember all these meds from last time, but maybe I'm just blocking it all out of my mind LOL.  It's amazing to me how people respond so differently.  Why can't we all just be in the middle ground, a good amount of follies with a medium dosage of meds, you know?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, can't wait to hear the news of a BFP on Wednesday winky.gif

gelly - Ah, gotcha.


blue - I'm still hoping its a BFP.  Let us know as soon as you do!


rcr - sounds like an antagonist cycle to me too.  Basically you just don't supress until one folly gets to a certain size.


AFM - started my Lupron last night!  It was so funny as DH was getting ready to give me my shot I was all being type A and tyring to tell him exactly how to do it.  He was like just shut up, you're making me nervous!  I now remember how easy the Lurpon injections are to get, so that's good.  Relax of the nerves now as I have a 10 day wait.

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This morning I poas and there was the thinnest, faintest pink line. Today is five days post a five day transfer. I started poas on Saturday and this is the first potential sign of hope. I don't think it's from the hcg trigger because it's been more than 10 days and the other tests were clear negatives. Please!!!!!
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Sap - YaY! that is wonderful news! Are you testing again tomorrow?


Blue - thinking about you today. I do remember the weekend Beta test mix-up. Thats why I asked if you are doing your blood draw locally again. I hope everything goes smoothly. At least it is not a Friday.


Hope4 - I am not pregnant. Thanks though. Glad the shot went well. I think lupron is east too.


Gelly - Glad to have a cycle buddy!


Aura - you can move me to stims tomorrow!


AFM - excited to start stims tomorrow! It is happening so fast!

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You know I will be testing every single damn morning from now until the official test next Tuesday. Rationally, I know I should stop setting myself up for disappointment, but hey, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

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Saphron: I need a picture!!!! I hope this is it!!!


Blue: Good luck today!!!



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Vegan, I'll take one as soon as I get home. It's sitting on my bathroom sink. Watch the line disappear between this morning and the time I get home. That would be a doozy...


Is it possible to get a faint positive 5 days post a 5 day transfer? I don't feel pregnant. I've been cramping the entire time.

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Saphron: It's definitely possible! I got a BFP at 9 dpo with my miscarriage pregnancy. And with this one, my trigger line was almost gone 5 days past 3 day transfer and started to get darker 6 days past 3dpt - so it started getting darker at 9 dpo. You are 10 dpo. Definitely possible! I didn't feel pregnant either. I didn't feel any different at all until 7-8 weeks. The cramps could be implantation or they could be from the progesterone, or both. 

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5 days post a 5 day transfer would make you (with no IVF) 10 days post O, right? I think that it is fairly common to get a BFP then, at least a faint one.

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Blue- im praying for ya today!! joy.gif
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Saphron- I got a faint bfp 8&9dp3dt it started getting darker after that!! Im rooting for ya!!
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Saphrons - Awesome!!!!!  Hope that your line continues to get darker and darker each day.  FYI.... you may actually find that your test will be darker by the time you get home.  They say if you wait longer than the time on the box you can get a false positive so it will probably be darker after all these hours once you get home.  See, I  told you that cramping was a good thing!! Implantation of those twins is my guess!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lesliesara63 - how are you doing?  How are those babies -triplets right????  I've thought about you and have wondered how everything is going with you.  I sure hope all is well.  You will have to fill us in.  If you don't want to do it here be sure to give us an update on the Graduate IVF side under the "I'm pregnant" area.  I know some people are sensitive to pregnancy talk (not that it bothers me, but we don't want to offend others).  hug.gif


Hope - glad you and DH survived the first shot!!!  That is a pretty funny story!


Lyndi - thanks for the prayers.  We need all we can get at this point!!!!!!


AFM - Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone!!!!!!   I went this morning at about 8am for my beta draw and I asked the lab tech how long it would take for the Drs office to get the results and she said "3 days"!!!!!!!!  I was like "it's a STAT order" and she was like "oh, then it will for sure be faster".... I think she might have been new or so i hope.  Still no word and every email that comes into my inbox makes me jump thinking it is the RE's office email me the bad news. 



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Hi ladies, don't have much time because I'm at work but I signed on to check on Blue.

Blue, lurk.gif


And Rcr, YAH to starting stims so quickly! I hate taking BCPs so I'm happy that you get to skip that step (especially with all the trouble from before with scheduling!)




I'll finish personals later. Sorry for the quick post!

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Blue:  Thinking of you!


Saprons:  fingers crossed that your faint line means wonderful things!


AFM:  I think I am out.  Light bleeding yesterday and today.  I am on 1000mg on progesterone daily, so that could be why so scant.  Praying it is implatation bleedigng or just a little breakthrough, as I know some people do get a "period" the first month or two.  I had implantation bleeding with DS, but it was a one time event, not days.... I am not hopeless yet, but feeling really down.  I need prayers, please. 


RCR:  Thanks for doing such an awesome job on the winter thread!


Aura:  Thanks for taking on the spring thread!  I would not have a clue where to start....



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