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rcr- this is amazing!!  i know it's been a tough few cycles, so obviously this change in protocol seems to be doing something right! this week is going to fly by and you'll be going in for the retrieval before you know it.


saphrons, yay!  great news! keep up posted on beta numbers.  also, i hope the rash goes away.


blue- the waiting game stinks but what else can we do?  we are saving up right now, and just waiting for my may 8th consult.  i hate waiting.  i am not a very patient person under normal circumstances, and this is torture.  i kind of feel like i'm back at square one... like the past year and all.those.treatments. meant nothing.  hopefully it will be a nice fresh start.  i am going to back to acupuncture on monday after a month off.

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Rcr, YAH!! keep growing follies! I can't wait until Sat for you!


Saphron, CONGRATS! I know it's early and you're waiting for today for it to be official but I'm so happy that you got a BFP. Let us know what the number is today. By the way, I remember having all types of cramps and discomforts the early weeks of pregnancy. Don't worry...those are normal. I even had spotting!


Blue, you have the patience of a saint. I'm sorry you have to go through all this and you have to deal with all these drugs. Did you have any side effects on the prednisone? Or was it more just a bother to take? Big hugs and I'm just thinking you!


Gelly, yah to a successful transfer!! Come on, embies! I'm not sure why they don't call with the results on 4/5 (at least just to tell you if it's positive) but i'll be rooting for you! My little ones were conceived through a FET so I am really optimistic for you :oD


Hope, here's to AF showing up soon! (or staying away and your being pregnant. if I had my druthers, it would be the latter...haha) Let us know how things go.


Aura, I'm glad you're getting more acupuncture because it is so relaxing. What do you think will be the plan for you? Are you doing another IVF cycle or are you going to do another IUI? When I think about how much we all have spent, individually and collectively, trying to get our babies, I shiver. I know i've said this before but I'm fairly pissed that infertility isn't considered a "disease" that is fully or at least mostly covered by all insurances. It really is no fair. 


Hi everyone else!!



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blue - Ugh, I hope it doesn't take that long for me!!  Wow, that's a pretty crazy story.  I'm sorry that you're going to lose an embie out of it!!  But, yeah for a possible free baby!

rcr - I'm glad that the progesterone came back good!  I can't believe that retrieval will probably be on Saturday!  It's really going to happen this time!!!

gelly - So glad that two made it!  That's so crazy that you don't get to hear until after the 2nd beta... how difficult it must be to wait until after the second draw!  Enjoy you're relaxation, I'll be praying for you!

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Hi ladies!! I hope you are all well!


I did not make it to my beta.  My spotting turned into AF.  I had contacted my Doc and she told me to come in emergency since I was spotting and wanted to check if I was pregnant.  The results came back negative.  Its a real bummer but I am keeping my faith.  I was extremely sad but I am handling it the best I can.  I didn't know how to handle it at first and I was kind of being mean to my husband.  Thats not nice. happytears.gif  I have 22 frozen eggs but I am not sure yet if we will try again.  It is really hard to go through all this and come up with the money at the same time.  Coming up with the money is stressful all by itself.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have tried this time and thank you all for your encouragement and kind words!! 

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Kali - I am sorry about the bfn. hug2.gif


Hope and Praying - hi orngbiggrin.gif


Gelly - Congrats! I am crossing my fingers for you! that thing about not calling with the results at the first beta would drive me nuts.


Rena - thanks for your encouragement. btw - loved the photo of you on the other side. I think you will have no problem getting the baby weight off, since you are all belly.


Aura - I hope the break (even if unwanted) helps you. Taking a break did help my emotional state (though it obviously did not help my fertility).


Sap - I can't wait for your good news today!


Silver and Deborah - thinking about both of you.


Blue - is there some kind of lasting effect from the interlipids treatment, that may help you with a free baby this month, or does the interlipids effect go away right away?


AFM - now that I am at my computer I can explain a little more. My progesterone on Sat. was 0.4. Yesterday is was 0.6. I only got a voice mail from the nurse, so I don't know if that rise is normal or not, but I assume it is because she didn't say that it was not. I think that rising progesterone would be closer to like 4 or 5 or 6 or something like that. Phew. I am so nervious about this, I just want the week to pass smoothly. I am also nervous about waiting until Thurs for my next appointment. When I went to the local office  the nurse told met hat she thought that I would be coming back on Wed. Also, I have class on Wed. morning, which makes it really really hard for me to go to an appointment that morning, so part of me wants to call them and double check if I should come in on Wed. or thurs, but part of me is just happy I don't have to deal with Wed. I am going to have to cancel class next week if the transfer happens on Tues, so I really can't cancel two weeks in a row. ugh. IVF and work scheduling is such a nightmare.

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The nurse just called me to say congrats on my bfp and that my beta was 1,089. She said the only concern is multiples. I'm only 12 days past a 5 day transfer so I'm shocked the level is so high.

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Wow Saphrons! Yay! That said, my beta at 15 dpo was close to 400 - so would be over 800 at 17 dpo (where you are now) - and I'm only having one. I've been told that the most telling thing is how fast it goes up. So a single would double plus maybe a little - but with twins it often goes up double plus 20% (this comes from a friend who has been pregnant with twins 3 times and also moderates a "pregnant with multiples" board. So lets see what you next beta is. But yeah - twins is a definite possibility!! How do you feel about that?



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Excited by the prospect of twins, but get this. The doctor (PCP) I visited on Friday for the rash called me to tell me I was at 209 on Friday afternoon. That means that it's more than doubling every 48 hours, right? I guess we'll see what Thursday's numbers are!

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Congrats Saphronsjumpers.gif jumpers.gif  broc1.gif  carrot.gif  banana.gif  jumpers.gif jumpers.gif!    yeah for possible multiples....Wow...that is so awesome.





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Sap, WOW!!!!  Congratulations on the beta jumpers.gif  That reminds me of Renavoo's numbers, hers were always really high too.  Mine 17 dpo this time with twins was only 454, so there is certainly a range, but I bet there is more than one in there!


rcr, glad things are going so well this cycle!  That sounds like the progesterone is not going up at all.  Can't wait to hear how your next appointment goes!


Gelly, bummer you have to wait for results, but I am hoping for a BFP that will make it totally worth the wait!


Kali, so sorry to hear about the BFN hug2.gif the financial and emotional rollercoaster is tough.  I am glad you have so many frosties to try again when you are ready, an FET is a much easier process in many aspects.


Aura, when is your consult with SIRM again?  Sounds like you are keeping busy and treating yourself to acupuncture sound nice!


Blue and Silver, always thinking about you.  Hope you are both doing well.


Deborah, you are also in my thoughts!


Sending lots of positive thoughts to everyone!

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Belly - you are so sweet to keep an eye on all of us!!! Glad you and the babes are doing well and you are taking it a little more easy!!


Saphrons - Congrats officially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wahoooooooooooo!!!joy.gif Remind me of how many you transferred again? 2 right??????


rcr - no, I think the intralipids are only good for a limited period of time.  It is suppose to be done like 7-10 days before a transfer so I don't think it will help us this month and I'll have to do it again before we do our last transfer in a month or two.  I wish it would last that long.  So are they checking your progesterone levels just b/c you have ovulated early in the past?  I've never had my progesterone checked early on or later for that matter.  Fingers crossed for you!!  Did you call or are you just gong in on Thurs?  I'm sure Thurs will be fine!!!  Excited to hear how things go!!!


Kali - sorry to hear about the BFN and AF showing up!!!!!!!  hug.gif


Vegan - what is next for you?  I know you told me before but refresh my memory!! How many wks are you?  You need a ticker!!!


Gelly - glad your transfer went well!!!!  Fingers crossed for you!!!


Renavoo - you are also so sweet to also keep an eye on all of us over here!!  Nope, i didn't have any troubles w/ the prednisone at all.  Kinda weird that my body doesn't seem to be affected by meds.  When i was younger i dislocated my knee-cap and it wouldn't go back in and was stuck on the side of my knee and my dad had to call 911 and they took me to the hospital in the ambulance and they said they gave me enough morphine to put out a horse and it didn't phase me.  So then when i got to the ER they knocked me out and put it back in!  Yuck!!  The only bad thing about the prednisone is that it tastes awful if you get it on your tongue.  Gross!!!!!  I'm down to like 6 mg tomorrow and it drops 1 mg every 2 days so i'm getting there.  The other great thing about it is that it does help keep my nose open and clear and then i don't have to take my inhalers either b/c it also helps my asthma.  I just don't like taking it b/c i know it's not good for your body in general to be on it too long.  Hope you can get over your headaches!!


Aura & Silver & Praying - how are you all?


Hope - AF??????


Deborah - thinking of you!!


Hi to everyone else... i'm tired tonight, so i'm off to bed.



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Blue: I took dexamethasone - i think that is somewhat similar to prednisone? I loved that it totally made my allergies go away!! Bummed to be off it. LOL. What's next for me? I have my NT scan on Thursday. Then I have no idea. LOL. I think I'm going to switch my care to a homebirth midwife. So I'll probably have my first visit with her in a couple weeks. I'll probably keep up with my OB for another visit or 2 until the big anatomy scan is at least scheduled or done. Still sort of just holding my breath and praying that all goes well!! I'll be 13 weeks on Thursday! I'm too superstitious for a ticker. ;-)


Deborah: You've been in my thoughts a lot lately. I am sending healing vibes your way. 


Kali: I'm really sorry for the BFN! Do you have frozen eggs or frozen embryos? I hope that when you find the energy to cycle again that you will get your BFP!



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Thanks for all of the congrats - I'm crossing my fingers that all of you will have the same result.


Blue - I transferred 2 day 5 morulas. Praying for just one healthy baby, but I'll be happy w/ two.

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Kali - I'm so sorry for the BFN.  It's smart to take some time and get yourself into a better place, both emotionally and financially.  hug2.gif

rcr - Those numbers sound great!  Yes, if it's a surge it's going to be more like 5 or above.  So it sounds like things are going much better this cycle around!  I'm keeping everything crossed still.... Did you verify an appt today versus tomorrow?

saph - CONGRATS!!!  joy.gifjumpers.gifchampagne.gifjumpers.gifjoy.gif  I am SO excited for you and can't wait to hear the next beta number!!  Here's to a h&h 9 months!!

blue - Are the intralipids covered by insurance or do you have to pay for those too?  AF hasn't showed yet.


AFM - I'm trying to do the AF dance.  Had a little bit of brown spotting yesterday, but who knows.  I think she's working on it, but she better come today!!!


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Saph - Yay!!joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


Blue - too bad about the interlipids. I was hoping that it might give you a better chance at af ree baby this month. Yes, I did talk to her about the appointment day. I am just going to go in on Thurs. Part of that is just because Wed is a hard day to miss at work, and since I will be missing next wed (maybe?), I don't want to miss today.


All - I know we have discussed bedrest after transfer before, but I am curious if anybody has done no bedrest?  My RE doesn't have an opinion (I can do it if I want, but it is not necessary), and last time I did it (BFN), I am thinking that I might not do it this time, and just go back to work the next day. I don't know that it helped last time. My job is just sitting at a desk most of the time anyway, so I am not sure if I see the difference between sitting on the couch at home or sitting at my desk at work. Any thoughts?


Hope - any more signs of AF? What is your plan now? Maybe you said before, but I forgot.


Kali - sorry.



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RCR: I don't know that there is a ton of difference - however, my RE said no sitting like at the dinner table. They at least wanted my legs out if I was on the couch. Could you put your feet up all day?

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RCR - My ET was on a Thursday and I was back at work the next day.

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grr post got deleted!


rcr- my dr always said more than one day of bedrest was unnecessary.  i work at a desk, so i didn't even think about it.  i'd rather save those days for when i get pregnant and want more time off!


also rcr, i'm just so excited for you.  seriously.  it's been a crazy year of postponements and cancellations, and you and your body deserve to at least make it to transfer.  what happens after that...who knows.  but now at least you get a fighting chance!

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rcr - My RE tells his patients to take the day of the ET off and to only lay on your back for the first 4 hrs and then you can lay wherever is comfortable the rest of the day, but your are only suppose to get up to go to the bathroom that first day.  The next day you are aloud to take a shower and sit at the table for meals, but he likes you to lay low that day.  I think it is really up to you especially if your RE says it is up to you.  I'd think if you have a job that doesn't require you to lift and  you can just take it easy you will be fine.  I always feel like crap the day after so I'm always happy to be forced to stay home and lay low, but maybe that is just me that feels like crap for some reason.  Hope your appt tomorrow goes well..... keep us posted when you get a chance.  Fingers crossed for you!!!!!


Hope - My insurance doesn't pay for the intralipids, but they are very cheap when you order them from Freedom.  The place i went was going to try and bill the insurance for the actual infusion but we will see if they will pay for it or not. I think it would hopefully be less than $300 so not the end of the world especially after spending tons of money on IF meds and treatments so far.  Hope AF showed up so you can get things moving!!!


Saphron - 2 morulas, duh!!! My bad, i knew that!!!


Vegan - Yep, Dex is just like a generic form of prednisone, i think.  How long were you on it?  I feel like I've had a slight headache lately so i'm wondering if maybe my body is starting to go through withdrawal or something lately who knows.


Aura - I've learned my lesson w/ losing posts so now i always select my whole message and just copy it before hitting the submit button just to be safe.




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Blue: I took the dex from day 1 of my cycle until after my transfer - but now I can't recall exactly when? I think maybe until 5 days after? I never weaned off - just stopped. I can't recall my dosage though. It was only 1 pill of whatever it was. How long would you need to stay on prednisone if you get pregnant? The entire time? Hey, at least you wouldn't get pregnancy rhinitis that way!


RCR: Good luck tomorrow! I'm thinking good thoughts! You might trigger tomorrow if all is well, right? This is going FAST! Er maybe faster for me bc I'm not the one doing it. 



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