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Kali, hug2.gifi'm so sorry about AF showing and about how you're feeling. I totally understand the frustration, both from the standpoint of all those BFNs but also from the cost standpoint. I am still amazed at how much my DH and I spent on IVF last year. And as i said in my previous post, I'm STILL annoyed that it isn't covered for everyone on every insurance.


Rcr, SO EXCITED about today! Let us know how it goes. I hope you have lots of follies waiting to be retrieved (when you're READY to retrieve them!) I can' wait until Sat. :oD By the way, there was a few published studies that showed NO benefit to bed rest. I did it because my doctor asked me to but honestly, I don't think it made a difference. I did a modified bed rest (sat on a bed in the hotel room) the day of the ET and then on the day after, I had to be in a car for 4 hours and after that, I just behaved normally. The day after, i was running around. And, I hate to say it, climbing stairs and rushing from place to place, even though I was told to take it easy. It was just difficult for me because i'm not used to slowing down!


Saphron, ooooh it sounds like twins to me. :o) My beta was around 1800 on 12dp5dt. 2 days later, it was 4700 or somewhere thereabouts. Let us know your numbers today! I'm so excited for your first US. orngbiggrin.gif


Blue, ooooh i have the same issue. I had to get a spinal tap when i was younger and they tried to prepare me with valium. 4 pills later, they gave up because it wasn't having an effect. I don't seem to react to the non benzodiazepines either so ambien and its cousins don't seem to work on me either. I think I'd probably be the same way with morphine. That's probably why I don't even try to take those meds when I have a procedure done. I think they gave me percocet or something to take after the retrieval and i just decided that it wouldn't help so I never took it.


Hope, hope AF came!


Aura, Hi! What is going on with you? When if your SIRM appointment? 


Gelly, how are you feeling?


Vegan, Hi :o)


hope everyone is doing well! Sorry if I forgot anyone!


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rcr - I'm so excited for today!!!  I did bed rest for a couple days after my ET back in 2008 and it was a BFN.  I don't know yet if this RE wants me to do bed rest or not, I'll find out when it all gets closer.  I can't wait to hear how your appt goes today!!  I'll put my update in my AFM below..

blue -   That doesn't sound too bad in terms of cost.  Like you said, after all the money already spent, what's a few hundred dollars??!!

rena - I can't believe how far along you are getting!  I know I wasn't around for your BFP, but it seems like you still weren't that far along yet!

AFM - AF still isn't here.  Although as of this morning the spotting is still here and at least it's bright red now.  I'm going to give it a couple hours to see if she shows, then I'll call the RE and see what they say.  Right now I'm scheduled for my baseline at 7 tomorrow morning and set to start my follistim tomorrow night, but I know that depends on AF, so I'll see what they say.... Grrr, I wish she would just COME OUT ALREADY!!!  ( I love how we spend weeks every month praying that she'll stay away, then we spend days (and sometimes weeks) praying that she'll come so that we can just get things started!!!)

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Hi All, just a quick note. Doc appointment went well. I have 5 nice size 1.5-1.7 follies growing, plus a bunch of tiny ones. The nurse said that I might stim for one more night if my progesterone is not rising too much. I will hear back this afternoon for my bloodwork. So if all goes well retrieval should be Sat. or Sun. I am super excited to finally be getting to this point. Thanks for your support and kind words. It means so much to me.


I gotta run, but I will write more later.



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Crashing to say... yay, yay, yay!! I am so excited that things are going well this time! Hoping for good progesterone news this afternoon!

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rcr - Im soo excited for you!!! My doc was the same way.  If I wanted the bed rest I could have it, if I wanted to go back to work it was no problem as well.  I went to work and did office work only. It wasn't until 2 days after my transfer that I felt the OHSS.  My main concern is my job, I am a radiation officer.  So, I seriously have to limit myself to what I can do at work.  The last several weeks I stayed clear from all that radiation.  


Vegan - I found out today that only 2 of my eggs were able to be frozen.  I am not sure on the procedures of thawing out and implantation from here.  My husband and I are talking about wether or not we will try again.  The first cycle was a little over 7k.  Which from my research is not bad compared to the price in the states.  I am grateful for that.  The thawing and implantation will be close to 1500.  I am just a little concerned about the success rates for frozen embryos.  


I have an appointment on Sunday.  I will ask questions about the thawing process and exact costs.  From there we will make a decision on when to try again, if we do. 

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Renavoo - Thanks! we will figure everything out on sunday.  goodvibes.gif

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rcr - yay on the good follies! I can't believe the ER is so soon!


Kali - I am really feeling for you. Do you have an FSA account that you could put money into and pay it back throughout the year through work? We did this to help us cover some of the costs.


Just got my beta from today (14dp5dt) and it's 2,547!!!

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rcr - WOO HOO!!!!  I can't wait to hear when trigger and ER will be!  I'm so excited that you made it this time!  My first time around I had 2 canceled cycles before we made it to ER and ET, so I totally undersand!

kali - Wow, the cost for you isn't bad at all!  Like saph said, do you have a flex account?  I also did one this year as we knew we were going to be trying.  It's pre tax so it helps a lot (and more than just writing it off on your taxes).

saph - That is amazing!!  I am SO SO SO happy for you!!

AFM - I just talked to my RE's office, and I still haven't started AF.  So we rescheduled the baseline for Tuesday, which will also give them time to get back the results of my CF test.  I'm bummed that we're pushing it out 5 more days, but what are you going to do.

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Saph: I'd say that went up double plus 20%!!! Twins!!!! :-)


RCR: Yay! Things sounds great. Hoping your progesterone # is nice a low when you get it. Keep us posted.


Kali: They froze 2 eggs or 2 embryos? I don't know a ton about FET, but I do know a number of the gals on this thread have gotten pregnant from them. Do you know if they were frozen using the new technique of vitrification? Even if not, I know a gal on another board who is pregnant with her 6th child from 1 fresh cycle! A single, twins, twins and now a single. Hers were frozen the old way - and look at the success she's had!


AFM: Had my NT scan this morning. Everything looked good, thanks be to god!! They said my screens for downs and trisomy 18 were negative. Phew! 



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Triggering.g tonight at 9 . Retrieval on Saturday. At 9 am!
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rcr, amazing!!!!  everything sounds perfect, i'm so excited for you.  


saphrons, this is also so exciting for you!! keep us posted.  when do you go in next?


blue, dr sher has a new article on NK cells up on his blog, i didn't know if you read it regularly.  


renavoo, i saw your baby bump photo and you look beautiful!  my appt is may 8, and i'm basically twiddling my thumbs until then.  


hope,  af is so fickle!  i hope it comes soon so you can get started.


afm, bored, depressed, and having a pity party.  i feel lame tonight.

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rcr, Whoooohoooo!!!! So happy for you! I am so excited and glad that this cycle isn't cancelled!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!


Aura, sorry you are feeling down. I swear for me the waiting was always the hardest part :(


Sap, definitely sounds like twins!!


Vegan, glad your NT scan went well :)


Hope, sorry for the delay...hope AF comes soon!


Blue, Silver, Kali, Deborah, Laggie, Gelly, Taxlady, thinking about you ladies.

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rcr, yay! Keep up the good work! goodvibes.gif
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http://www.infoocean.info/avatar3.jpgThanks for the new thread Aura.

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Vegan - So glad the NT scan looked good!! SO exciting!!

rcr - I'm so excited that you triggered last night!  I'm going to be checking my phone constantly while sitting there getting my taxes done, looking to see an update!!!  Do they give you a fert report?

aura - I'm sorry it was a crap night last night, hoping that today is better!

Belly - Hi wave.gif


AF still isn't here.  Still just spotting.  I guess it actually works out as the CF test won't be in until Monday, and they really want those results before we get too deep into everything.  My RE I guess likes to start stims on Fridays, but the nurse did say that she's going to try to convince him to go ahead and start me on Tuesday after my baseline, so we'll see how that goes.  Now I'm just looking forward to a weekend away and only having to worry about traveling with Lupron, so I don't have to worry about keeping the follistim cold.  The Lurpon headaches have now started though, so just one more side effect to deal with.  This cold has given me a stupid cough, which isn't helping the headache.  Ugh.  I was real cranky to my hubs last weekend, so I'm going to do my best to NOT let my hormones, this cold, and AF ruin our weekend away!!!

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Hope, argh, this is so frustrating! How is it that AF always comes when you don't want it and then never comes when you do!? I'm so sorry for the delay and I hope that the RE will start you off his schedule and on YOURS! Yuck to the lupron headache, hormonal effect and cold. what a trifecta of badness! I hope you get to enjoy your time with your hubby! 


Rcr, I'm doing my little dance of happiness!! I'm so excited to hear about the retrieval on Sat and i'm so happy that you finally have a positive cycle! YAH!!! Come on, it's time for another BFP!


Aura, hug2.gif You're not lame and you're entitled to a pity party. It's something we've all gone through and it's something we all need. And that's why you have us! Because we all understand the pressure and the heartache. I'm excited for your appointment although i'm a little sad that it's still a whiles away. However, we'll be here with you! By the way, how is your diet going? I bet you're doing amazing!


Kali, I'm sorry only 2 froze although from what i hear, it's normal that only a few are able to be frozen. Just so you know, I conceived my twins through a FET. And in fact, the embies that were frozen were the slow growers...they actually took an additional day and a half before they were able to grow to where they wanted them to grow (early blasts). I was a little down about that because my concern was that maybe they weren't strong enough to survive the freezing process and then the FET. Obviously, I was wrong! if it's not to much trouble and cost, I would think that you should use the two little embies and see whether it is successful! And as Vegan said, the process by which they freeze the embies is also important although i know that people have experienced success regardless of the freezing process. 


Saphrons, I can't wait to see if you're having twins! It sure does sound like it to me!


Hi Belly, Tear, Vegan,  and Monkey!



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Typing from my phone so may be short n sweet!!

Aura- thanks for the info about the article. I do keep up w that site but will have to check it out and see if it's one I've read yet or not. What's going on w you? Sorry to hear you were having an off day. Sending hugs your way!!

Rcr- sooooooooooooo excited for you w this cycle and I'm crossing everything I can for this to be your cycle!!! You so deserve to graduate and I'd be so happy for you to get to the other side!!! That's great that you have your transfer on sat bc then you can lay low on sun and go back to work on mon and not worry about missing classes. It all worked out in the long run!! Wahooo! Is that what you are going to do?? I was just guessing, maybe I'm wrong.

Saphrons - so excited for you and your twins..... Haha. I'm just guessing. With our twins my first beta was 70 and the second was 700. So you are way up there!!

Hope- what is going on w AF. That crazy woman hunts us all no matter what!!! I'm excited to whatch your cycle unfold and cheer you on!! ;o)

Belly & Renavoo & Tear - good to see you all over here. Loved your belly shot Renavoo. All belly! Belly where's your pic??! Tear hope all is well.

Vegan- glad your scan went well and all turned out good!!!

Laggie- you still lurking? Thinking of you and hoping you are well.

Deborah- sending hugs!!!

Silver - how are you? When's your next appt?

Hi to everyone else that I missed. We just spent a week w my parents in SC and are now headed to NC to visit my aunt and uncle and then home tomorrow. My mom is doing pretty well( I think Renavoo asked somewhere) she still is having issues w her dominant hand not working but hanging in there and a little frustrated at times. Anyways, We miss our little Abby girl but she's in good hands w our friends who have a pup that's 3 months younger so they have become buddies and are having fun playing and sleeping in the same bed together I guess. Can't wait to see her tomorrow eve. That's about it here. I have my phone consult next Thurs at like 1pm so I'll know more then about our last shot.
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Hello everyone,


I'm doing well...no symptoms what so ever. I'm a little bummed about it...greensad.gif. I won't have my first beta until next Thursday...so I know there is still time today, tomorrow to start feeling some cramping or something. My last IVF I felt all kind of twinges, cramps and pinches, but nothing so far. I'm taking 2cc's of progesterone per night, every 3rd night 0.4ml of delestrogen, and a suppository with progesterone and delestrogen vaginally every night, and I don't seen to be having any pregnancy symptoms.


Blue/Renavoo~ When you all did your FET's did you take E2V and 2cc's of progesterone? What type of symptoms did you have and did either have a day 3 transfer? Anyone else who had FET is welcome to answer these questions...any reasurance that I can get will be welcomed.


DW's birthday was this past week...and I am taking her away for the weekend to Isle of Capri...should be fun. Hope that everyone is doing well.






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Aura - Sorry you are/were feeling down. You can let it all out here. We have all been there. hug2.gif


Vegan - I haven't checked in on the other side for a week or so, so I am so glad to hear that the scan went well!


Hope/Rena - yup, I agree that AF never comes when you want it to, and always comes when you don't want it. It must be some kind of evil plot against everybody with IF.


Tear/belly/vegan/rena/etc.. - hi! thanks for cheering me on!


Kali - sorry you only got two... but look on the bright side.. you have two!!


Blue - glad your mom is doing well (and welcome to the south!)


Sap - I agree - twins!


AFM - trigger last night went well. I am so nervous about this I have butterflies in my stomach. DS is staying the night at a friends house tonight (because "my mom is having her pacemaker replaced"). We are still trying to think of an excuse for Tuesday, because we will have to go there on Monday night (the RE is 3-hours away). I am thinking of saying that there is an infection from the pacemaker replacement, so they want to look at it again - is that believable?  retrieval is at 9 am tomorrow, and we have to be there at 8, so if we didn't stay the night we would have to leave home at 5 am, and I would be worried the whole time about the car breaking down or something, so I just feel better about staying the night there tonight. transfer is on Tuesday morning. They are doing assisted hatching, and a 3-day transfer, which they never do, but I basically insisted that they do it (actually at the advice of people (rena, etc) on this thread, so thanks!) yesterday my progesterone was 1.2 - so it was starting to rise a little, but that is not a huge number. My largest follie was 1.7, and they usually trigger at 1.8, but they wanted me to go ahead and trigger anyway because they didn't want to risk my progesterone rising too much. The nurse told me that "the doctor said that things are looking really good and she is really excited about this cycle" So that kinda made me feel good about it.


I am curious about something   - with IUI they have done an u/s that shows that I am starting to O, which is 36 hours after the trigger shot. With IVF, they go in and retrieve 36 hours after the trigger shot, but I am not supposed to have O'd yet. Why don't they go in to retrieve earlier - like at 30 hours or something-  so as not to risk loosing them?

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Gelly - we cross posted. Don't worry, it is still early. When was her bday? Mine was Saturday.

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