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Hi all wave.gif


sorry if I don't catch with everyone but I wanted to pop in so you all didn't think I'd forgotten about you.


rcr: I'm so pleased you've got so far for a change! Really hoping this cycle is your one!


Gelly: good luck with your tww.


Blue: I'm glad your mum is doing a little better. I'm so sorry your last cycle didn't work out.  Deciding when to throw in the towle must be one of the hardest decissions.  I really hope it doesn't come to that for you.


Hope: Hope you can start soon.


Aura: hug2.gif Sorry your feeling so rubbish.  IF can really get you down.  Hoping you feel better soon.


Debhoura: So sorry to hear your news. thinking of you. hug2.gif


Belly, Rena: hope your doing well.


thanks so much to everyone who's been thinking of me.


AFM: I'm OK, been keeping busy working, going away weekends etc.

I had my follow up appoinmnet on tue and they suggested a few things to try next time, ICSI, progestrone injections, estradol.

When I went though my meds I found I had some estradol but had never been told to use it which is a bit annoying that I've paid for some meds that could have helped but wasn't told to use them.

My next planning appoinmnet is May 2nd.  Luckily I'm doing something every weekned in April so the time should go fast.

I'm finding it hard to get back on the healhty eating wagon.  especailly after my house mate brought me vegan cookies invade your cookies jar for my birthday.

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RCR: I think you don't O for something like 38 hours after trigger. They have a little wiggle room - but want them as mature as possible. That is probably the scariest part - worrying if you will O before retreival. But they do it that way for a reason and it seems to be fine for almost everyone!


Gelly: I had a 3 day transfer. I took 1cc progesterone shots daily, 3 pills/day of estrogen and also an estrogen/progesterone suppository. I had zero pregnancy symptoms! So don't count yourself out!!



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rcr, i assume they wait the 36 hours because the trigger helps the eggs to mature.  i think if they went in earlier they may run the risk of them not being ready yet?  just a guess.  have a wonderful night tonight, and i'll be thinking of you tomorrow.  break a leg!  and don't stress about excuses... no one expects you to be lying, so they will accept whatever you tell them.  focus your energies on making beautiful embryos.


blue, glad to hear your mom is doing well! i hope it was a nice visit.  keep us posted on your next phone conference, i'm curious what the RE has to say. 


gelly, i am SO jealous of your upcoming trip!  your DW is one lucky lady!  don't stress about a lack of symptoms.  my dr always reminds me that most women who conceive naturally have absolutely no idea until their period is weeks late.  and i've felt every symptom in the book, but have never had a bfp.  stay positive!  what day is your beta?  the 5th?  I'll mark it on the front page. 


edna, welcome!  


hope, how is the lupron? are headaches your only side effect?  in all my cycles i've never been on it, but i assume SIRM is going to use a lupron protocol and i'm curious.  


kali, having two to freeze is great!  that's two more chances at half the cost.  


vegan, so glad the scan went well. 


belly, how are you?? when are you posting a belly pic?  i want to be good and jealous :P  and renavoo, i keep stalking the graduates thread to see your progress.  how have you been feeling lately?


afm, dh is taking me out to dinner and i plan on getting good and drunk.  it's been an isanely busy week at work, i've been really depressed after spending last weekend with my best friend's newborn, and it's been a while since i've even been allowed to drink.  i forsee a few martinis in my near future, i hope dh doesn't pout too much that he will have to drive home.

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Rcr~ Thanks for the reassurance. DW's B-day was on Tuesday, the 27th. Hope that you had a great b-day. Will pull a slot machine handle for you. Good luck with the retrieval tomorrow...I agree with whomever said that they are not looking for you to be lying...so they will believe whatever you tell them.


Vegan Princess~ Thanks for sharing your protocol with me. It's good to know that not every one has the twinges and implantation bleeding. smile.gif


Silver~ Good luck with your upcoming cycle.


Aura~ Hope that you had a great dinner...have a drink for me...champagne.gif!  oh and I am with SIRM and they had me on lupron...so I think that's there drug of choice.



Hope~ I so hate those lupron headaches. My RE let's me take tylonol for those...maybe you could take one to cut the edge of those headaches.


AFM~ Yes...my first beta is 4/5/2012, but they don't give me those results, my second beta in 4/10/2012 and they will call me on 4/11/2012 with the results at that time. I am thinking of also having the results reported to my OBGYN an calling her for my first beta numbers...but if it is a BFN...I just don't want to know.


  wave.gif   Waving Hi to everyone else....enjoy your weekend.



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Made it to the hotel throught a huge thunderstorm. DH. Just went out to buy me some earplugs so that his snoring doesn't. Wake me up.
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Vegan - Sorry.  They froze 2 embryos.  I also have no idea what type of freezing technique they used.  I was not aware there were different ways.  Glad I know now!  I have my appointment tomorrow (sunday).  I will find out as much as I can and pray for the best.  


Renavoo - Mine were froze a day later as well.  It is great to hear you had your babies using the frozen one!! Those are definitely some encouraging words.  I am going to find out how they were froze tomorrow. 


Rcr - Your absolutely right...I have two!! I thank the good Lord for them!  I will be thinking of you while your doing your retrieval! I am glad to hear things are going great so far!! Stay motivated!!



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RCR: Thinking of you! Hoping for lots of mature eggs and no thunderstorm for the drive home!



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On my phone in the car!! Ugggh. Only 6 more hrs to go! My poor butt is already numb from sitting so long.

Rcr- glad you made it safe! I'm w you, I'd rather be there and be safe and know all is well then have to worry about being late for you ER. I was totally trown off bc I was thinking you were having your ET on sat.... Bummer! Oh well! So are you going to take some time off? Fingers crossed everything went well today! Let us know when you feel up to it. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!!! Happy Birthday a little late!! Hope it was a good one!!

Gelly- with 1 out of 2 of my frozen transfers I've been on the higher doses of estrogen and progesterone. Also w the 2 times we did get a BFP I never even thought I was actually pregnant. Even w our twin pregnancy (iui) I remember the day before I tested I told DH that I thought It didn't work. Don't loose hope!! I know it's hard!! Fingers crossed tight for you! This thread is on a role this month so you are next!!

Silver- good to see your name and I'm glad you are keeping busy up until your appt. keep us posted on how it goes.

Aura- Hope you had a good dinner out and were able to live it up some!!!!

Hope- your appts on Monday right?? Sorry cant look back on my phone right now.

Hi to everyone else. Don't like posting on my phone bc I can't look back to see others posts that I've missed.
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Good Luck today rcr!!!!!  Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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Hi all. Thanks for the good wishes. It went well. They got 6 eggs, which is one more than expected. I feel fine, but dh. Just went to pick up ds. And rent a few movies for me. I can't wait for the fertilization results tomorrow last time I got a call saying that none of them fertilized, although later two did. So I am nerviously excited about tomorrow. I have a feeling that it will be good news.

Tdping from my phone, so I will make it short.
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YAH RCR!! Can't wait for the report tomorrow! Go eggs and sperm!

Blue, hope your bum is getting some relaxation from all the traveling! haha

Aura, hope you had a great time with DH and that you got as many martinis as you wanted! Big hugs to you. :oD

Gelly, I had a light FET prep. i used estrace vaginally. That was it for me.

Kali, let us know how your appointment goes! i hope you get good news about your frozen embies and that the RE gives you some hope for the future.

Silver, we missed you and we can't wait to hear more about you. Vegan cookies? mmm Hope time flies!


Hope everyone is doing well! I'm fighting a cold here (sigh, I was so excited to get through the winter without a cold!) so I am just hacking my lungs out but otherwise, things are good. :oD



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RCR: AWESOME news!!!! Praying for even more news tomorrow. :-) Enjoy the down time. 


Renavoo: Feel better!


Blue: I hope you're home safe & sound.



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RCR - I just had to thread crash and say...WhooHoo 6 eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That sounds great.  Hope the good news continues.  :)

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rcr, this is great!!! i can't wait to hear about your fert report.  keep those positive thoughts and have fun watching a movie with dh and ds tonight!

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Hi all,


Just a quick note to say that this is definitely a one day at a time type of situation, but we're hanging in here. If you want to know more about how the delivery went and everything, you can check out the Grief and Loss forum. Even through all this, I've found so much to be grateful for: the biggest one being the incredible bond I have with my DH.

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rcr - joy.gifjoy.gif  Wahooo!!!!!  Sending lots of good fertilization vibes to those 6 eggs!!!!  goodvibes.gif  goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifCan't wait to hear your report tomorrow!!!


renavoo - hope you get over that cold soon.  Tea w/ honey will hopefully help that cough!!!!!  The bum feels better now that I'm out of the car and sitting on the couch w/ DH and Abby girl watching the basketball game!!!


Vegan - home safe and sound!  Thanks!!!  Always feels so good to be in your own space.

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So far none of them fertilized. Bad news. They are going to check again tomorrow. Maybe they are just slow. Last time my fertilization report was zero but two fertilized by the next morning, so there is still hope.
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ugh, not easy news to hear. hug.gif I hope they're just slow growers! goodvibes.gifhug2.gif
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Rcr- I refuse to give up hope for your embries!! Come on embries, don't let us down!!!! Fingers crossed and praying for those little ones and a good report tomorrow!!! Hugs!!
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I'm holding out hope too!!!! Fertilize and divide eggies!!!

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