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Vegan - I fully admit this could be a stretch. This pic was taken with my iphone. The second line is more clear in person.



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Saphrons- that def a positive!! Congrats!!joy.gif
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Saphrons- I totally see it clear as day!!!!!!

AFM- BFN just like I thought. greensad.gif Sucks a little worse than normally bc I felt like I had a little more hope this time w all the extra stuff we did. I'm so tired of all these negative cycles and to think we still have 2 more frozen waiting doesn't give me much hope. I think I'm just ready to throw in the towel at this point. I'm sure next week will be better and maybe I'll change my mind, but this is getting old. Sorry to be the Debbie downer!! Wah Wah!!!!! Typing on my phone so I need to run and make dinner.
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Blue: Dangit! I so wanted this for you! I'm so sorry. I hope that you won't lose hope yet. You've only tried with the 1 on your new protocol. I hope when the dust settles you will find the strength to try again. I'm sending hugs your way!!


Saphire: I totally see it!!! My only concern is that it's thinner than the control. On a $tree I get a bit suspect. But I do think it's most likely real! Can you hold your pee and test again to be sure? :-) Yay!!!



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ugh blue, i'm sorry.  this roller coaster ride SUCKS.  knowing you have the two frozen embies is good security though, but i know it doesn't make today any easier.  i'm sending you many hugs!!


saphrons, as far as i know, a positive is a positive.  i'd test again tomorrow, but all signs point to yes!  also, what part of mass are you in?  my husband's family is all western mass, and i went to umass so i consider myself an honorary massachusetts resident. 


rcr- hooray for stims!  you'll be back in the two week wait before you know it. 



praying, i'm still holding on for you!  keep us posted. 


afm, procrastinating calling my dr to get my records transferred.  they have two offices that i visit, and i am contemplating calling the main office instead of the one i went to all the time, because i will feel less awkward.  everything is computerized anyways, so it shouldn't be too big a deal.  it's not like my folder is at one location or another.  other than that, exercising, and started taking new supplements.  i saw that Dr. T recommends inositol and pynogenol for increased blood flow to the ovaries (thus reducing excessive LH), so I am giving them a shot.  can't hurt.


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Blue I'm so sorry. It's so unfair. hug2.gif

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Blue and praying hug2.gif Can't think of anything else to say.

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Blue hug2.gifI'm so upset for you, Blue. I so wanted this to be a better month. 

Praying praying.gif i'm definitely hoping that it isn't your AF.


Saphrons, I see the line and I hope that tomorrow confirms it!


Silver, how are you doing? 


Hope, yah for starting the lupron!


Everyone, I'm using my energy in hopes that it generates some great results for you ladies. I want more graduates on our other thread!

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Blue - I am so, so sad for you. Keep your chin up lady.


Aura - we're right by Boston. What state do you live in now?


Vegan - I agree. I just tested again and it's a really faint line again.. even more faint than before but it's there. I'm hoping it'll be more clear tomorrow.


AFM, I am still having cramps that are coming and going. Twice now, for a few seconds at a time, I have had the most painful cramps of my life. That can't be a good sign. I am praying that everything is okay and will be okay, but my happiness is extremely guarded right now.

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Blue I am so sorry.
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Praying - I am sorry.


Saph - have you called the doctor? I totally see a line, but if the cramping continues you may want to call the RE. I hope it is nothing serious.

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Oh Blue, I am so sorry! hug2.gif It is so unbelievably unfair!  I think Vegan put it best, that it was just the first time with this new protocol.  I hope you are able to find the strength to try again with the intralipids.  Didn't your RE say the next cycle would be free?  That should help a little with the financials...although I know the emotional side is so much hard.  Hugs my friend.

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rcr, so glad you get to get started so quickly!!!!  Those first few weeks wasted on BCP always killed me!  Yay for a retrieval right around the corner!!  Fingers crossed for you!


Saphrons, that is definitely a BFP!  Yay!!!!!!!


Silver, thinking about you!  Glad you checked back in with us :)


Praying, thinking about you too!


Aura, it took me forever to work up the nerve to ask for my records.  Sounds like you have a great plan for moving forward!

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Blue - hug2.gif I'm so sorry.


saph - That is definitely a BFP!  Cramping is fine... bleeding is fine... but both together is usually not fine.  If all you've got is cramping, it could be your little embryos burying in deep.  I remember cramping quite a bit with my twinkies and it went on for weeks.  I had bleeding too, but that's another story.  I'm hoping everything works well for you.


rcr - Yay for getting started again so quickly!


praying - hug2.gif

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Hi Ladies!


Aura - Thanks for starting the new thread! My test date is on 3/27.  I am counting the days! =D


Saph - You are so brave!! I am trying my best to wait as long as possible to test at home.  I just keep praying.  I hope the test continues to get darker and darker for you!! you are in my prayers!! I have been cramping but they feel different lately.  Not the extremely painful ones I've had the last several days.  These ones are very mild and I feel them in a lower area. Since I got my transfer Ive been telling my tummy "grow baby, grow!!" winky.gif  How have you been feeling? 


Blue - I'm praying for you!!! 

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I tested this morning and the line was really faint.. to the point where I think I may have imagined a slightly pink, faint positive line. It was definitely more faint than yesterday. Bummed, but still slightly optimistic. The cramps have mostly gone away. Other "symptoms" - I've been getting a headache each day for the past few days.


If this doesn't work out, we won't try again until after our June vacation.

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saph - did you test again this morning?  It looks like a BFP to me!!!!  I hope it continues to get darker!

praying - keep up the hope, it could just be some breakthrough.  i'm keeping you in my prayers...

blue - I'm so sorry hun.  hug2.gif  Big hugs.  I'm hoping that another cycle on the new protocal will get you your BFP.  Just needed a cycle to perfect it.  Give yourself some time to grieve, then make the decision about trying again!!

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Blue:  I am so sorry.  I really thought this one was it.  You get a free try now, right? Maybe now that you have a protocol more secured, and everyone feels more comfortable with it, things will go perfectly.  This is so unfair.


Saprons:  You were not imagining the pink line.  It is so there!  When was your trigger?  You said you think the line is getting lighter, could it be from that?  I think it is a positive!


Thanks everyone for your kind words and well wishes....


AFM:  Just got off the phone with my RE's office.  Beta is 56....POSITIVE!  joy.gif  I guess the bleeding was from implatation!  I am so stunned I can hardly believe it.  You would think I would feel better now..and to a point I do.  But now the worrying about sustaining the pregnancy starts!  OMG..I'm pregnant!  God bless you all for your prayers!!!  Go tomorrow for lining check..then ???  Maybe another beta on Friday.  Should find out tomorrow!  partytime.gif


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Praying: OMG - congratulations!!! Yay!!! How many dpo are you? I had implantation spotting right around my beta too.



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Praying - broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif  Awesome!!!  Congrats!  Can't wait to hear what your next number is!  Do you have that test on Friday?  That was from an IUI right??  Sorry, I keep getting things kinda mixed up, since there was so much going on a few weeks ago.  Keep us posted.


Saphrons - I thought you said you tested and had a BFN showing that the trigger was fully gone from your system, NO????  I'd try again tomorrow and let us know.


rcr - how's everything going w/ your cycle?


Hi to everyone else!



AFM - Thanks everyone for all of your kind words.  I'm feeling some better today, still super bummed and disappointed, but life will go on just like it always does after a BFN.  You'd think it would start to get easier to get BFN's after having so many of them, but it doesn't seem to work that way.  I forgot to tell you all what happened.... Remember how the plan was for the nurse to email me if it was negative and call me if it was positive?  Well, i was on my way to my little side job i do every Tues afternoon and the phone rang and the caller ID said my RE's office name.  I got this rush that came over me and was like "holy crap, is this for real".  I answered the phone and the nurse said that she isn't a big email person, so she was calling me instead.  My heart dropped and then she gave me the bad news.  Ughhh!  Not the way I wanted it to all go down, but oh well.  The other thing is I think I now have like a cellulitis in one spot on my butt from those stupid progesterone shots.  It is all red, elevated, hot and sore from the shot from this past Sunday morning, I think.  Ughh!!!!  Anyone else have this and find anything that helps? Not sure about the free cycle and if that really means it will be totally free or if that just means he won't charge us his portion and we will still have to pay for all the other fees which would still be over a grand or more.  I guess that is a question i need to ask at my f/u phone conference w/ my RE on the 5th of April.  With our chances in general being so low I'm not sure if it is worth it or not.  We will see.

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