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Oh, and Vegan, I just looked back at their site and I think I read it wrong. They have a guarenteed baby program (up to 5 cycles) for one cost, and that is where I read that it is for people without insurance converage. I think I was wrong about the two blast guarentee, hopefully. .



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Blue- The Peri's partner (who was actually the one there when I went in to L and D) called to see how I was doing and while I was on the phone with her I asked about when we can DTD again and she said 6 weeks because of the fact that I may have had an infection in the hospital, but if my Peri says 4 weeks is okay then that's fine (LOL). RCR- I'm sorry things didn't work out with your embie :-(. AFM- Doing pretty well today and really excited that my writer's studio is coming along nicely. If anyone is interested, I can post progress pictures. Peaches did great at her class last night and even got to show her skills off to the class :-).

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I just went back and looked at our old thread when I first found out I was having the twins last year.  My first u/s I was 5w4d and all they saw were 2 sacs and 2 yolks.... no fetal poles.  When I was 6w4d, they saw fetal poles and 2 HBs.  Just as a frame of reference...  

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I've been quiet because I've been waiting for our first ultrasound which was at 2:30 today. I'm currently at 5 weeks and 5 days. The doc said we have one yolk sac that he thought had a flickering heartbeat. He said this is about as early as you could ever see that. But get this, he also saw another sac with nothing in it. So ladies, what are the chances that one will develop? Could it possibly just be too early and the twin is just lagging? Here's the link to the photo he gave us of the one with the yolk sac:




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rcr - I'm so sorry that it didn't work out.  I'm amazed at your positivity though, and you seem to have really grabbed the bull by the horns and accepted what you see as your next step!  I imagine that was a tough decision to make, but you seem at peace with it.  I hope that they can get everything done before your DH loses his job.  I hope you can make that happen!!  Out of 4 RE's that we talked to, 1 RE mentioned it.  To be honest we didn't discuss it with the RE we ended up choosing. It would have delayed things quite a bit, and when we went through IVF in 2008 we did have (If I remember correctly) 11 eggs fertilized with ICSI.  Granted, they weren't all great (I think 5 of them were fragmented or just didn't fertilize great), but the rest supposedly did.  I think if we had gotten the testing we may not have given this one last try, and we really wanted to.  But this is it when it comes to us for IVF with his sperm anyways, so if it doesn't work we'll move onto donor sperm again (but no known donor this time).  I'll be curious to what they find.  I would talk to RBA before making any decisions for sure.  I'm amazed at their high success rate, and while I like to think I'm optimistic, I have to wonder when the rate is that high...

Deborah - you also sound so positive!  I love it!!  It gives me hope in all of this...  I'd love to see pictures of the studio!  That's SO exciting!!

Blue  - how did the phone consult go?

saph - I'd say it may just be a little early.  But either way - yeah for seeing one!!!


AFM - was out of town yesterday for work so I didn't get a chance to check in.  I rode to our meeting with my boss, and she shared with me that in the next few weeks or so she will be taking on a new role at the company and her current position (director) will be open.  I will apply, but from the sounds of it our VP already knows who he wants (coming from the outside).  I really love my boss, so I'm not sure how I feel all about this.  She's been great with the whole IVF thing, and she's just, in general, great to work for.  There's so much more to the story (another manager that could apply that I've worked for before, and she is by far the WORST leader I have ever had.  I wasn't a manager at the time but I am now, but I REFUSE to work for her again, so I'm HOPING she doesn't get it (she has quite the relationship with our VP, I think bordering on inappropriate) because I don't want to have to be looking for a new job.  Especially since hubs is only kind of working, so I carry the income as well as the benefits.  So I'm in a little nerve wracking time right now. 


On the IVF front, I start stims tonight, FINALLY!!!  I'm SO excited.  First u/s is Monday morning at 7am, which can't come fast enough!!!


Happy Good Friday everyone, may this be a start to lots of good news this month! 

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hope - Yay for starting stims!  Good luck on monday!


btw, I peeked at your blog.  Your little girl is so cute!!

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Check it out: https://plus.google.com/photos/112949134437985540063/albums/5728346470249451905?authkey=CPqWy4P9x8zhGg. Hopefully you all can see it. I still have to remove some of the stuff on the walls and then paint the walls. I also need a couple more pieces of furniture and some added decor pieces.


I forgot to add that we got some much needed good news last night: DH's company is doing the best it has done in at least a year and.... hubby got a promotion!

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Deborah - Looks like the room is coming along.  What is the wood trim around the middle of the room for?  


Hope - Hope that shots are going well and that you are having less headaches by now!!!!  Hope things work out on the work front for you.  Be sure to keep us posted on your appt on Monday.  Thanks for asking about me.  See my AFM.


Saphrons - congrats on the u/s!!!!!  I know w/ our first U/S w/ our twins they first thought one might turn into a vanishing twin and then did another u/s a wk or 2 later and the hb was nice and strong and he caught up to his brother.  Sounds like you will just have to wait and see what happens.  When is your next u/s?  Sorry I can't look back right now.  Keep us posted. 



AFM-  Well, I had my phone consult last Thurs and I will be starting Lupron next Friday (the 13th - should I be worried. LOL) and it looks like our ET could be mid May.  The only bad thing is that I have to have another intralipid treatment and I'm scheduled to work full time for someone going on vac the first week in May, so I'm hoping it won't fall on one of those days like it did last time I was working at this same place.  I just have to keep my fingers crossed that AF shows up after the 24th to help me out since the IV session has to be like 7-10 days before my ET.  We will be doing the same protocol as before, but not doing the HCG uterine spray/injection right before the ET like we did last time.  I guess they haven't had many great results from it so they aren't doing it anymore.


On a side note, we found all of our little baby bunnies dead this morning.  All 4 of them didn't make it.  So sad!  We were going to take care of them, but i wanted to wait until tomorrow so the mother could say her goodbyes late tonight (not even sure bunnies have feelings, but made me feel better) but then when we came home from taking Abby to the park we found Crows digging them up and flying away with them.  Poor little bunnies!!!   Happy EASTER everyone!!!!!  Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!!!

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Sorry not up to personals right now. Have any of you had flu like symptoms from follistim? I'm running a fever, muscle and joint aches, headache. I called the re and (not mine) called back and said he just thought it was a fluke, but if it kept up til Monday that I needed to be seen. I had to take a cool bath just to bring it down to 102.4. Just wondering if anyone else has had this?
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Hope - I used follistim for several of my cycles and never had any symptoms like that.  Maybe you just caught a bug, I think it is going around unfortunately.    So sorry you are feeling so awful, hope you feel better soon!

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Hope~ I have never had any symptoms like that with follistim...I hope that you are feeling better.


Deborah~ Room looks great...and Congrats to your DH on his promotion.


Blue~ Yeah for getting started on your stims...and here is hoping that your intralipid tests doesn't fall during a time when you have to work.


Sap~ Congrats on seeing the little bean. When is your next u/s?


AFM~ I had my 1st beta...and I didn't get the results, but I took a HPT this morning (12dp3dt) and it was a BFN...so we are out for this cycle. I still have to go back on Monday for a 2nd beta and then they will call me to tell me what I already know that its a BFN. I'm not sure if we will try another IVF cycle or if we will wait a few months and work on droping a few lbs, and try another IVF cycle in July.

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Blue- The wood trim was from crappy shelving- I'm planning on removing that. Gelly- Thanks!

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deborah - The room looks great.  What kinds of things do you write? COngrats to DH and his promotion!


blue - sorry to hear about the bunnies :( poor babies


hope - I've used follistim for all my cycles and never had anything like that. Could you have picked up a virus?  Hope you feel better!

gelly - Sorry to hear about the BFN :( 


everyone else - wave.gif

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Blue, oh no :o( how sad about the little bunnies. I would have been devastated. I know it's the circle of life but DH always says that i'm too soft to actually be able to accept the circle. haha. But i hope your holiday continues to go well. And YAH to getting a schedule although ugh to the added stress of it perhaps falling in a busy time for work.


Gelly, sorry about the BFN :o( I hope that things turn around and maybe you'll get a BFP anyway. 


Hope, I think you probably caught what is going around. I took Gonal f, which is the same thing as follistim, just a different brand, and didn't experience flu like symptoms either. I just got sick though and I know a lot of people in my office have been fighting colds/flu as well. I hope that you feel better soon! And, i hope everything at work end up working out. It's always tough when there is a shift in your manager, especially when you liked your previous manager very much. hopefully, whomever steps in is great. Or even better would be if you got the promotion!


Rcr, oooh I hope that wherever you go, you get a guarantee! That's what I did with my IVF and although it took me one fresh cycle and one frozen cycle so presumably I actually overpaid, I am happy i did it. I just didn't feel as stressed when I ended up getting the BFN as I know i would have if i paid for one cycle out of pocket. Hope things are well where you are!


Hi everyone else! If you celebrate, happy Easter! i hope you all find many fun filled (and preferably chocolate filled) eggs! :oD



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Hi all,


rcr: what a rollercoaster! I'm so sorry it didn't work out.  That frozen egg program sounds good if you can get on it soon.


Blue: glad you are getting going again and I hope it works out with work.  sorry to hear about the bunnies.


hope: glad your getting started.


rena, belly, kewpie: hello!


Debhoura: thinking of you.


AFM: nothing to report.  more waiting.  horrid cold.  loads of spots and greasy hair from the deah.


hope everyone one if having a nice holiday if you get one.

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Happy Passover to those who celebrate (and of course, the same to those who celebrate Easter)! Kewpie- Primarily I write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content in both English and Spanish. I sometimes also do marketing materials or edit other people's work. Right now, I'm planning on doing some writing just for me for a little while. I have a couple of books I started but didn't get very far with and I'd like to at least get a little further than I have. Blue- So sorry about the little bunnies :-(.

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rcr - sorry I forgot to comment yesterday on your earlier post.  So when will you hear about your DH's test results.  I'd say that is for sure the first place to start but then you will have more decisions to make but if it comes back positive I'm sure you will be pissed that you didn't have it done earlier.  You've never tried donor sperm w/ IUI or IVF have you?


Silver - sorry to hear about your cold!!! Yuck, you just can't seem to get over those colds this year.  I think the weather has something to do with it this year.  Hope your wait starts to go faster!!


Renavoo - yep, that is what DH said too "circle of life".  Hope you are getting over your cold and feeling better!!


Kewpie - always good to see your name pop up here.  Love your profile pic... too cute!


Gelly - I hope that your next beta brings you good news!!!!  Fingers crossed even though you got a BFN at home.  hug2.gif


Deborah - Where is your studio at, is it in your house or somewhere outside of your home?  I'm sure it will be a great space to go to get some things accomplished!!!


Hope - I hope you are feeling some better!!!!! 


Hi to everyone else too!!!!!!


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It's actually a shed in the backyard that we're converting. It has a neat embellishment on the door; I'll make sure to take a picture of that next.

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It's actually a shed in the backyard that we're converting. It has a neat embellishment on the door; I'll make sure to take a picture of that next time. I have no idea why it posted 3 times. Weird.

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Gelly - I'm so sorry about the BFN.  Big hugs to you.

Silver- Oh waiting sucks, especially when you're sick.  Hope you feel better soon!

 AFM - Thanks for all the well wishes.  I'm still really sick, but tried to come into work.  Getting ready to leave soon as I'm not getting ANYTHING done.  Ohhhh I just want to feel better!!!!!  I went for an u/s and bloodwork today.  2 follies at 10, and 20 or so less than 10.  I'll hear about my bloodwork this afternoon and any changes if necessary.   

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Gelly - Very sorry about the BFN.  Sending lots of positive energy your way.


Hello to everyone else.


Sorry for my long absence.  After the last loss I needed to take a break but have started following along again in the last couple of weeks.  We are in the midst of an FET cycle.  The transfer was Friday and, other than some low key Easter festivities yesterday, we spent the weekend trying to take it easy.  Beta is not until the 17th and I am hoping to make it through the next 8 days without going crazy.

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