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Though it is a strange A.F., I am at least grateful that I seem to have somewhat of a cycle at a reasonable time after delivery. Here's hoping things get easier for all of us.

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Though it is a strange A.F., I am at least grateful that I seem to have somewhat of a cycle at a reasonable time after delivery. Here's hoping things get easier for all of us.

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Aura - Hey, I hope you are getting started soon, so we can be cycle buddies! I get my calander tomorrow. Wow, are they super-efficient! At my old RE I had to wait weeks for a calander.


Silver - hi!


Momalexis - thanks for popping in. I do remember that you went there for your cycle. I hope I have good luck too. I have lurked a bit on the SRAM forum, but not too much.


Deborah - gah, whats up with MDC. I never get notifications, and your posts always show up twice. Weird.


AFM - I paid sher $500 today to hold my place. They cycle lots of people together, so I guess you have to hold a spot. I have an appointment tomorrow evening to go over my calander and logistics of going there. I am nervous about going out there and having my cycle canceled. We are going to talk about the logistics of going out there this weekend - when to go, how to get there, when DH will come, etc. Fights to Vegas are not as cheap as I thought, so hopefully I can find a cheaper flight. Maybe I have miles to use. I'll have to check.

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 Silver - HI!!!  Finally, your appointment is almost here!  I feel like it's been forever!  I'm sorry about the babyshower, make sure you take care of yourself and only go if you feel you can.


aura/rcr - this estrogen priming intrigues me.  I'm going to have to google it.  Why do they think it helps with the egg quality, do you know? 


deborah - I keep thinking about you, hoping that things are going well.  sorry it's a strange cycle, but like you said, it's good that it came in a reasonable amount of time after delivery!


rcr - Wow, you get your calendar today?!  That's awesome!!!  I can't wait to hear about your cycle.  $500 isn't too bad, it's just a little strange to hold a place for IVF LOL. 


AFM - Last night I started getting what feels like some round ligament pain.  I'm not sure, but it made me that much more hopeful. 


OK, so I've mentioned before that I've never been a POAS'er.  I mean, in basically 5-6 years of trying (between TTC 1 and TTC 2) I think I've POAS less than 10 times - 3 of those were when I was pregnant with DD, 2 were from IVF cycles.  So, yeah, I don't do it regularly.  I have one at home, but Hubs knows its there.  So when we moved I found some random OPK's.  This is funny because I haven't used OPK's since before we knew we needed IVF, so back in like 2007.  These puppies are old.  They expired in 2009.  Yeah.  Well, I've heard that you can use them as pregnancy tests, so even though they were wayyyyy expired I decided to pee on one this morning.  Totally positive.  The control line showed up first, and then the test line, and it was just about the same color as the control line.  I don't know if I should believe it!  I mentioned to Hubs about POAS this weekend, and he's suddenly wanting to wait till beta day.  He's said it's like Christmas and waiting for the excitement, so I told him Christmas is Saturday!  He just laughed.  I know he's trying to protect me in case it's negative, and he asked 'what if it's negative' so I told him that we'd know it's still too early to tell, which I know may not be the case, but I was trying to convince him, you know?  The problem is that I know if I do an actual pregnancy test without his blessing and get a positive (or negative) I won't be able to keep it from him.  With the OPK's at least I can take the positive and hope with it but since I don't know it's for sure..... you know?  I don't know what to do!  Do you think it could really be positive??  I was in tears while I showered, so excited that this really may have worked!!!  AHHHHHH!!!  The PIO couldn't cause a false positive on an OPK, could it?


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Hey RCR, we drove since it was about 4-5 hours away from us; I can definitely see flying being a bigger issue. And yes, we stayed in a hotel room. It was cheap for 4 of the 7 days but then much more expensive for 3 of the 4 days. We ended up spending about $2300 for hotel rooms alone. I also ended up having to order drugs while at the hotel so the drugs were shipped there. I'm not sure if that is feasible for you but it may be better to do that. Otherwise, i think flying with drugs isn't too bad as long as you have a prescription. The needles are the worst part but I doubt they will give you much of a hassle. Perhaps you can fly with some needles to get you through one or two days and then get the rest from the clinic? That may be a good compromise. 


Honestly, after that failed cycle, we had to go back for our FET and I resolved that if the FET failed, I was going to revisit a NYC clinic because the travel was too difficult due to work. DH went with me and we decide to treat the time away during the fresh cycle as a vacation. (And I can imagine that Vegas will be a lot of fun!) I was worried about having to do a full cycle again there, if needed because I would not have had the time necessary to take off again. The doctor did say that the next time, i wouldn't have had to stay as long because they got used to how my body reacts to the drugs so they were better equipped with timing. But I just want you to get your BFP on your first shot!! 


Hope OOOOOH, i think you should get a test and just go for it!!! It sounds so positive and while I know your DH is trying to protect you, i can't imagine how you're going to concentrate now!!! So just get the test :o) I am with RCR...everything seemed SO perfect this cycle that I can't imagine it wouldn't be a BFP. how many days past transfer is it? I remember, my DH was the same way about me testing...he wanted me to wait for the beta but one night, I couldn't sleep and ended up just testing. It was 6 days before my scheduled beta, i believe (I tested on a friday (actually, technically Sat morning at 3am), my beta was scheduled for the following Thursday) and when I got my BFP, I just jumped on the bed, on my poor sleeping dh and started yelling. haha scared the poop out of him but he was happy. GOOD LUCK!!


Silver, Aura, Blue and everyone else, HI!



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rena - I swear I think I'm going to walk over to the CVS at lunch and just get a test LOL.  I am 8dp3dt (you don't count the day of transfer, right?).  So I know it's a little on the early side, but that means I'm 11dpo, which should mean trigger is out and HCG should be just high enough to catch on an HPT, I think!  And yeah, you're right, there is NO way I'm going to be able to concentrate today!!!!!

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RCR- I don't know, but it's pissing me off. Everyone else- Thanks for all the hugs.

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Those of you looking into and/or using SIRM- I noticed their EZ IVF option which seems like it would be quite appropriate for me and has me quite excited actually. The problem is it seems to only be available in their NY office (I live in CO). Anyone know if they offer it somewhere else or know other clinics that would consider it? When we are ready to go the treatment route again, I will talk to the doc who got me PG last time (since we know she knows how) and see if she'll consider it. I think I read that CCRM does it too, but it isn't on their site.

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Ugh. It won't even let me tell you all it's a repeat. 

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Okay- I'm sorry to fill up the thread, but I'm excited! DH and I have lodging for our romantic getaway in the black hills of SD! We're going June 8-13.

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Deborah, yay for a great trip!  I know my clinic also did EZ IVF under the "mini-IVF" title.  I think a lot of clinics call it mini IVF, so you should be able to find a clinic close...I am sure CCRM does it!


Hope, when I had my ectopic (and didn't know it...was in the midst of my next cycle) I was using opks and sure enough they were positive and kept getting darker.  Sounds like a BFP to me!  Did you ever test?


Blue/rcr/silver/aura, can't wait to follow all of your next cycles!


Hi to everyone :)

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Thanks Belly! I want to see if Conceptions will do it first, though they don't list it- I know they have gotten me PG before and they are warm. I've heard mixed things about how people are treated at CCRM. Anyone have experience with CCRM? I looked up Mini-IVF too and nobody here lists it, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't consider it.

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Deborah - Congrats on planning a trip. What a nice place to go! I don't know anything about mini IVF. You can call them and ask - they are really responsive.


Hope - I am anxiously waiting for you to test.


Rena - I have the summer off, so it is not really a time issue for me, but it is a cost issue. The cost to fly to vegas, get a room there, and rent a car, etc is a lot. Plus I am taking DS with me because I don't have anybody else to watch him, so that is an extra flight.  Anyway, hope it is worth it like it was for you :)


Blue - hope all is well with your meds.


AFM - just booked a hotel. Boy, are hotels cheap in Vegas. The big casinos have hotels for like $30.00. I booked a more expensive hotel for $44.00 because I wanted an extended stay hotel with a kitchen so that I would not have to eat out (I know Vegas is really expensive for food). Plus DS is picky, and I hate spending money at restaurants only to have him not eat his food. I am looking at flights, but I think I am going to check back next week becasue they are pretty expensive. I got my calendar. This protocol is really complicated. I am suppressing for a LOT longer than I ever have before. So hopefully that will mean better quality. I am nervious about my meds, as it is usually a pain to get meds and have insurance pay for them - and there are a bunch of meds that I have never used before.

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Deborah: I did mini-IVF of sorts. The clinic I used charged me a cheaper rate for it. My old clinic that I had used for my IUIs reccomended the exact same protocol - though they didn't offer a discount for mini-IVF. That's why I switched. I hope you can find a clinic that does it and charges less for it near you. But if not, I'm sure you could find one much closer than NYC! I'm so glad you and your DH will be getting a vacation!


Hope: I hope you got your BFP!!! Or get it tomorrow if you held out. :-)


RCR: It's so exciting how fast this is coming up! So is your retreival that week in June? What does your protocol look like? (in a nutshell so you don't have to type too much)



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Thanks Vegan! I believe the clinic in Las Vegas did a mini-IVF of sorts.I think that's how I started researching it actually. Also, thank you RCR. Mmm... My dad bought me soy-free miso so I'm making polenta with garlic red pepper miso, daiya and sheep's yogurt (faux sour cream). 

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GRRRR...  Just typed a response to a bunch of people and accidentally hit the wrong button and now it's all gone.  irked.gif


Hope - Did you test this weekend yet??  Can't wait to hear!!!!  I think the opk is right and you are pregnant for sure!!!!  Keep us posted.  I LOL when i read your comment about tell DH that Christmas was this weekend.  Hahaha Love it!!!


rcr - can't believe how fast things are getting started for you!!!! I'm really excited to cheer you on and follow this next cycle w/ you!!!!  Yay!!!!  Did you decide if DH will be flying out to spend a week out there w/ you or what are you guys going to do?  What meds will you be on?  I know you said there are some new ones that you never have taken before.


Deborah - thanks for sharing that article.  Interesting to read!!!!


Renavoo & Belly - good to see both of your names pop up here. 


April - are you still around?  Hope you are well and any news on the adoption front???


Aura - how are you doing????  Haven't seen your name in a bit!! Hope all is well.


Hi to everyone else and the rest of you Grads too!!!!!!


AFM - Those of you that asked a little while back... the indian food was good!!!  Always is, just don't get enough of it!!!!  My E2 and thyroid levels all came back fine so i was able to drop my Lupron down to 10 units instead of 20, so that is good.  I start estrace on May 1st and will have my first U/S & intralipidis  on Friday May 11th and then the FET is set for Friday May 18th.  So things are moving right along here.  Going to try and change my profile pic to one i just took today when Abby decided to "help" w/ laundry.  She is a little sock thief and she knows she isn't suppose to.  You can see it in her eyes that she knows she is in trouble.  She loves to grab my socks and run around the house like a crazy woman!!!!  LOL

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Another trip in the works with a possibility of a 3rd. Boy am I going to be busy this summer! DH and I will join my dad in Nova Scotia in August.

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Ok so I'm posting from my phone so ill have to catch up on personals later. Hubs was really unsure about me testing and was still saying he didn't want me too. But this morning DD woke me up earlier than normal, and hubs is a little hungover from too much to drink last night and needs to sleep it off since he has to work today. So I said screw it and tested. 10dp3dt and I got a positive! OMG I'm pregnant! I climbed into bed and whispered in his ear that he could be mad at me if he wanted and he was like what? So I said I'm pregnant babe, you're gonna be a daddy again! I proceeded to cry while he smiled so big. It was awesome. It's light but there is no mistaking it, its not so light that you're like is it? You know? It's there, for sure. Wow, I don't even know how to process it really!
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