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blue, i had the same thing from the shots.  they thought it was cellulitis so they outlined it, but it didn't grow in the way they thought it would if it was indeed cellulitis.  instead they felt i was having an allergic reaction from oil.  heating pads are good if it's a reaction, bad if it's an infection.  can your DH circle the spot and keep an eye on it?


praying, hooray!!!! i moved you to our first SPRING BFP list.  this is great news, and i'm elated for you.  hopefully you will be the first of many with confirmed betas.  


rcr- stims today, right?   i'm excited for you!!!


afm, finally called the RE's office (main office, not the branch i go to) to find out what i needed to do to request my records.  they do charge for them ($25) but were very nice and faxed me over a release form.  my question is this:  i would love to be able to go over my records prior to sending them to SIRM.  do dr's release records to patients?  or do i have to have them sent over to Dr. T, even though my consult with him isn't until May 8th?  I'd hate for them to get lost in the shuffle.  plus i'm nosy!



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Aura - thanks for the info.  Yes, the nurse said to draw a line around it and make sure it's not getting bigger.  I did use heat on it yesterday morning and it seemed to make it worse so tonight i think i'll try cold.  I also took some ibuprofen so hopefully it will help some with the pain factor.  Yes, you totally can pick up your records.  I did that when i switched OBGYN's and i just told them that i wanted to pick it up myself and just wrote the release to myself and not the Drs name or practice you are switching to.

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Praying - I am SOOOO happy for you. Congratulations!!!!


AFM, I took a pee test when I got home from work. Another faint line and then it gradually developed into a thicker one (but after 10 minutes). I have no idea what to think at this point. The bottom test is from yesterday morning, the middle is from this morning, and the top is from this evening. Still having cramps. 




Someone tell me if the top one could be an evap line please!

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I'm totally behind because our laptop was out of commission for a while, but I wanted to give a BIG hug to rcr and blue. hug.gif And now I have to go....darnit! I'll catch up more later. hug2.gif
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Praying - Wow! Oh my gosh! Congrats!joy.gif


Sap - I think you are pregnant. That line is darker. When is your beta?


Tear - hi! (and thanks)


Aura - I can't believe that REs are charging for records. I wonder if my RE charges. That is so unfair! I mean, $25 is not too much, but still... Anyway, yes, I think that you can see them.


Blue - I am sorry. What a terrible way to find out. She really should have known better. I don't know what to say. BFNs never get easier.


AFM - I had a strange shot tonight. I am taking way less meds than I was before (300 follistim and 150 menipur). I injected the follistim into the meniur, and let it dissolve, then sucked that out with a Q-cap (does anybody else have those?), and injected it into the second menipur bottle. Then when it dissolved I used the q-cap again to put it in the syringe. After injecting myself, I noticed that the syringe was to big and there was so little meds, the about 1/4 of the meds was still in the syringe because of the space between the little plunger and the needle (kwim?). So I didn't want to use less meds because I am on so much less than I normally take anyway, so I sucked it out of the big syringe with a little allergy syringe and got most of it out, but I am afraid that I still screwed it up and wasted a lot. ugh.

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RCR: How annoying! Sounds like you got most of it though. Ahh the stress of injections!


Saphron: It looks to be getting darker to me! I say if there's any question, take a different brand. First Response never lets me down. And tests definitely get darker as time goes on. When I was testing out my trigger for my IUIs, it would sometimes take until 10 minutes or longer for the line to show when the trigger was almost gone. But it def wasn't an evap line. 



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Praying, YAH!! Let us know how things go!!


Aura, when i switched, i wanted to get my records for myself, just in case I needed to switch again. I picked them up and then I went and scanned them in so I have a copy on my computer. And, although I didn't get my records from the new clinic, I took really good notes, in case i needed to change too. (But I probably would have them mail my records to me anyway too.). When I learned I had to pay (I think for my, it was 30 cents a page) I was so annoyed! 


Rcr, I had an experience where I used too much drug and one where i used too little drug. At the end of the day, it didn't matter. :o) Hopefully, you'll find that is the case with you too! I'm so excited about next week for you! When is your first check in?


Blue, thinking of you. hug.gif


Saphrons, DEFINITELY a line!! Keep us posted!

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RCR - That happened to us as well. I can't say it all worked out (because this is our first IVF cycle and we don't know the results yet) but I wouldn't be concerned if you got as much out as you could.


Blue - I missed the information on the free cycle. How did you get that?


My trigger shot was on the 10th. The preg test is next Tuesday, the 27th. I just woke up and tested and there is a noticeable pink line the same thickness as the control, and it appeared within 3 minutes.  The cheapo in me is going to splurge on a FR test, but I want to wait a day or two. Is it safe to assume that if it's showing up as a positive now on the Dollar Tree test, the FR test will also be able to pick up the HCG?

Edit: the trigger was on the 9th. The retrieval was the 10th. I had a five day transfer of morulas on the 15th.
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praying - OMG I am SO excited for you!!!!  I can't wait to hear that the second beta is doing awesome energy.gifjumpers.gif


blue - I imagine how hard that was when you expected the call to be a BFP and it was a BFN.  They really shouldn't tell you one way and then do it another - I can imagine how your heartrate jumped all over the place!!! 

aura - I'm glad they don't charge much!  Yes, as a consumer you have a legal right to your records (they are just allowed to charge for them LOL). 

rcr - I'm sure that your meds are fine!  What is a Q cap?  I've never heard of it.  Strange that they would give you such a big needle.  Is that how you're going to have to do it all the time??!!

saph - I think that it would pick up the HCG!  I'm so hoping this is it for you!!!

AFM - well, I'm 3 days into suppression, and yep, I'm starting to feel it.  It was almost impossible for me to get up this morning!!!  I've been trying so hard to cut out caffiene too, but I'm having a hard time with it.  I don't drink tons, but a cup of coffee every moning gets me going.  Ugh.  Last night's shot DH managed to hit me just right and it drew a little blood.  Oh well, I'll get used to that over the next few weeks LOL.

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Hope4 - I have orderwd meds for, um, 10 cycles at this point - either injectible IUIs, IVF, or canceled IVF. I am a drug hoarder, because I am always worried that my insurance coverage will go away, so I just order more drugs even if I have some leftover. At this point I probably have enoughh meds for another cycle or even two. Since I am only paying co-pays ($100) each time, it makes sense to me to get as many drugs as I can now. Anyway, the point is that I have a huge supply of needles and stuff, so I think I just used the wrong needle.


Saph - I think you have a BFP!


Rena- my first check in is on Sat. That is also my birthday and the anniversery of when we conceived DS. If this IVF works out they will have similar birthdays!

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Saphron: 13 days past trigger and it's coming up in 3 minutes? DEFINITELY real!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I had trigger last 13 days for an IUI - but the line took 10 minutes to come up at that point and was barely there. I definitely think that if $tree has been picking something up for a few days that FRER will show something too! :-) Yay! 



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I'm right there with you - in the past I always ordered new and kept, just in case insurance stopped covering.  This time around when I had the meds shipped to me they actually marked each bag of needles with specifically what it is used for (mixing novarel, giving novarel, like 2 or 3 for progesterone, etc).  It was kinda nice, easier to NOT mix them up that way LOL.  That would be awesome if you would conceive almost the same time this time around!  How very neat would that be!!


I just had to say, the extra tired this morning, then I realized that I'm eating more (like a lot, last night DH was like 'are you really still eating?') and now constipation.  Oh suppression how I love thee.



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Blue:  Still thinking of you.  Have you and DH made any plans for what is next?


Saprons:  I think it is a definite positive!  Congratulations!


Hope:  Your last post made me giggle!  I was always hungry during my 2ww, and still am, but I think it is all the progesterone.  UGH!  I just noticed your DD's birthday.  My DS was born 7/23/10..


RCR:  Thank you.  I don't blame you for hoarding meds at this point.  You are so lucky to have the coverage.  When I was stimming, I was paying $600/day in meds and it was killing me.  Hopefully you will only need a little more and will get your BFP.  Then you can donate the rest to someone who can't afford it any other way!  My RE always gave me the q-caps, but I never used them.  When I was in college I worked as an IV tech in a hospital so I am pretty comfortable with mixing the meds, just not so good at the injection part!  I am sure everything is fine.


Aura:  You have every right to your own medical records.  It is legal for them to charge you for the copies, but they can not deny you your records.  Thanks for the kind words!


Renavoo:  Thanks.


AFM:  Had my lining check today.  Up to 10mm which is the very lowest that he wants me soooo... looks like I am not going to be able to avoid the progesterone shots after all.  He wants me to start them once daily.  DH surprised me and took the day off and met me in the parking lot of the Re's office.  I was shocked.  I thought it was sweet.  When the doctor told him he would need to give me the injection, he turned bright red...  medical stuff is so not his forte.  I work until midnight tonight and the idea of waking him from a dead sleep to give me a very painful shot for the first time ever does not appeal to me, so I broke down and asked on of the nurses here that I am good friends with to do it tonight..and keep my secret.  I should know how well I do in about 30 minutes....  UGH!  But, anything to hold on to my little bean.  I would love to hear anyone elses information on how their lining trended through the first few weeks of pregnancy!  I would really appreciate it.  Go back monday for another u/s and another beta....  Very nervous! 

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Praying: No one measured my lining, as far as I know. Or if they did, they didn't tell me - and they walked me thru everything they did as I watched. Mine was only about an 8 at transfer. I'm sure yours is more than fine! I'm sorry you have to do the shots.I actually didn't think the shot itself was that painful. It's the soreness 12+ hours later that sucks! I don't know if you can do this at work, but try and get a heating pad to put on there for 10-15 minutes after.


Blue: Thinking of you!!



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Sad news- We lost our two little boys this week. I'm delivering tomorrow. When we're ready to try again, we'll be back- maybe not in the same capacity, but I will check in when I'm up for it.

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Deborah:  I just don't know what to say.  I am so very sorry!

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What? Deborah, NOOOO!!! There are no words!! I am beyond sorry. :-( I wish I even knew what to say to help ease your pain. You are in my thoughts! Do they know what happened?



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Oh deborah, my heart dropped to the floor seeing your message. I am so, so sorry. I'm hurting so much for you right now. Please take care of yourself and lean on us as much as you need. hug.gifmecry.gif
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Oh no  deborah what happened? I'm so so sorry. You and your DH are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Deborah - I am so sorry and my heart truly aches for you!!!!! mecry.gif Feel free to PM me if i can answer any question or help in any way.  I know how badly this situation heartbreaking and just know that those two boys will always be a part of your heart no matter what and w/ time things do get easier.  I know it is very very hard at first and I didn't know how DH and I were going to get over the huge heartbreak of it, but things do get better as time goes on, so just keep the hope.  hug.gif  Like I said, PM if you have any question I can help w/ and also don't be afraid to take the epidural if you want/need it (they told me it wouldn't hurt b/c they would be small, but in my case it wasn't true).  I will be thinking & praying that everything goes smooth for you and your DH tomorrow.  I am truly very sorry!!!!   candle.gif   candle.gif

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