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hope - glad it is coming back nice and dark! don't worry about coming here and getting a BFP right away. We are all really happy for you, and there is never a "right away" when doing IVF, or even with IF. We have all been through it. Even though some of us have been on this thread longer, it doesn't mean that your struggle is any different, or that the joy of you getting a bfp is any different.


Rena - thanks for being around for me. I appreciate it. I would miss you a lot if you were not still around here.


Aura -yes, my schedule is insane. I ordered my meds today (see below), and it was double the cost of what it usually is. Thank goodness I don't have to pay the full price because it would be crazy expensive. I can't wait to hear what you find out from SIRM. I am glad that you are going there.


Blue/Silver - you ok? I haven't seen you around much.


Laggie - are you still around? I was just thinking about you.


AFM - I got a blood test (theromobophilla, whatever that is) that SIRM ordered. It was 12 vials of blood! They also put me in contact with the lab that does natural killer cell testing, and they are sending me out a package to take to a lab and do it. Dr. Fisch wanted me to do it since my last m/c was unexplained and they did chromosome testing but it showed nothing. I also got my meds ordered. I am always really anxious about meds, and I am always worried that insurance will not cover them for some reason, so I have them sent to me right away, as soon as insurance approves them. The ganirelix had a quick expiration date, so I did not get that ordered yet, but they are sending everything else on Monday. I forgot who asked, but yes, I am doing some monitoring here. In fact I called my old RE and asked if I could do it there. I was really worried what they would say, but they were totally fine with it. Thank goodness. I will have to bring DS to some of the appointments, so I didn't want to go to a new RE who doesn't know me because most have policies against children in the back. My old RE also has that policy, but they make exceptions all the time (or at least they make exceptions for me). Anyway, I have so much to do for this protocol, I have a folder of stuff, and a list of what needs to get done, to check off.

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rcr - glad things are moving right along for you!!  It will all be here before you know it.  Glad you can do some of your monitoring in your home area and that it works out good to bring DS w/ you.  Thanks for checking on me.  I'm fine just been crazy busy w/ work and lots of evening commitments that have been keeping away from my computer and up way too late at night so i'm just dead tired.  Oh.... i just asked about the dexam. b/c I was wondering how long you would be on it b/c I know that Dr. S had recommended that for me as well as the intralipids so I just wanted to compare.  No worries!!!


Hope - I'm always glad when an IVF works for anyone b/c it actually gives me hope that it could work for all of us.  Glad to hear that your line is getting darker.  Can't wait to hear your number on Friday!!!  Wahoo!!  Hope your day away went well.


Kali - hope that spotting leads to AF and you can get things moving!!!


Deport - glad you are having more peace w/ your situation and not letting it get to you as much.  Praying that it continues and that God blesses you w/ that little one soon.  What is next w/ your IUI cycle???  Where are you at?  Sorry I"m probably a little behind on posts.


Praying - glad things are still going good for you.


AFM -I've just been really busy w/ work and other commitments in the evening lately, so i haven't been on much lately.  Today is our little Abby girl's 1st Birthday!!!!!! Can't  believe she is already a one year old. We are so blessed to have her in our life and so thankful that she is ours.  I got her a little doggie cupcake type cake and she celebrated w/ her BBF, but b/c she is so dainty about eating her food and analyzes everything she eats, so her BFF ate her half b/c she was really not interested in it.  She must take after her Mother (me) b/c i really don't care much about cake either!!  Ice cream or cookies is another story!!!  Hope everyone is well!!!  Hello to everyone else!!!!!

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hope - When you feel ready feel free to come join us on the grads thread.  Some like to wait until they reach a certain week, and that's totally fine.  No pressure at all, but just wanted to let you know that it's here for you when you need it.  Some of us are still pregnant and some of us have had our babies and so we can offer a variety of support.



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blue- no, you didn't miss anything with me. I am still waiting. Trying to wait patiently, I made an appointment with RE on the 6th. Than I should be on my way to start meds. I also need him to give me all of my tests results. I am deathly afraid of losing another pregnancy! But, I guess I am even more afraid of not getting pregnant again at all. I think I feel lucky that I have been able to get pregnant before, if I never have gotten pregnant I think that might have been worse. I don't know. It's painful either way. The waiting is hard.

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 rcr - Ugh, 12 vials?  That's insane!!! That's nice that your old RE is going to do some of the monitoring for you!  At least that shows that they understand why you left.


blue - Happy Birthday to Abby!!!   I hope I can give hope, especially since I did have cancelled and negative cycles before getting my positive!!


Kewpie - I will join you soon!  I've been lurking there, but I want to make sure how my second beta comes back before I take the leap!


deport - oh for the love of waiting.  NOT.  Hang in there, just a couple more days!!


AFM - You ladies have been so amazing, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  My day away yesterday was good, except in the last couple of days my bloating has gotten worse and I've gained some weight.  So yesterday on the way home I called the RE and they added in some bloodwork and an u/s to my beta this morning. 


The great news is that my beta came back at 488.2!  YEAH!!! 


The not as good news is that I have a moderate case of hyperstimulation.  My ovaries are still insanely swollen and they could see a bunch of fluid in my abdomen.  So they had me wait at the office until the complete blood count came back, and luckily most of the numbers looked good.  My Albumin was low though, so they did an IV drip with two bottles of Albumin.  The RE said it might help my discomfort because the Albumin helps the body to rid itself of fluid.  Said something else in there about lack of sugar and salt, and I thought to myself that explains why I've been craving salt so much, and in the last day or so sugar too.  It's not been good for my eating habits ha ha ha.  I'm so bloated now that I look about 6 months pregnant.  So, guess what question I got asked today by one of my staff.  Yep, she asked if I was pregnant.  Of course, I lied, not ready to tell yet.  I just explained that I'm having some issues with retaining fluid due to high hormone levels and pretty much left it at that.  I'm hoping that the bloating will go down soon and I won't have to worry about it anymore, but we'll see. 


My next beta won't actually be until the end of the next week, which is actually oddly OK with me.  Then the first ultrasound a week and 1/2 after that.  I think I'm still in shock.

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RCR - Wow, that is a lot of vials.  I am glad things are moving for you though.  I always have issues with the whole insurance things...sucks.


Hope - That is fantastic news!! I hope the bloating goes away as well...I remember when I went through that and it was so painful.  I am happy for you!!

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It's really early and I'm typing from my phone while laying in bed!!! It's so not far that it's the weekend and I can sleep in, but am awake at 5am!!! Grrrrr!!!!

Hope- awesome number!!!!! Congrats!! If I was on the comp I'd add jumping fruit but it will have to wait. Sorry to hear about the OHSS. The only tying I've heard is to drink gatoraid and to eat protein. Hope you are feeling better after that IV though. Wow, that was pretty bold of your co-worker! Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear what next wks beta number is.

Rcr- did they say when you will get your results back???

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!! Going to try and go back to sleep now!!
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hope, sorry to hear about the OHSS, but HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy for you, it seemed like such a perfect cycle that the outcome could not have been any different.  i wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!


blue, happy birthday to abby! she's such a beautiful girl, i love all the photos.  keep them coming!


rcr- did SIRM help you find local monitoring or did you just choose to go to your old RE?  Did they specify anything? 


afm, my appt with dr. t is tuesday at 5.  i'm leaving work at noon, i'll probably come home and rest for a bit, and then drive into the city.  af is coming any day now,  it may be just in time for me to get day 3 bloodwork done this week if i can find a place to do it.  for those of you who did local monitoring, who did you go to? i figure i could always get blood drawn at a lab around here, but where do you go for ultrasounds?  your obgyn? another re? i realize i was very spoiled having my RE on my drive to work.  the only inconvenience i had was to wake up an hour earlier in order to get on line at the office by 7. i am nervous.  very nervous.  do i tell him my sister has offered eggs? i don't think i'm a hopeless case, i just think my old dr was using the wrong protocol for me.  i hope i'm not wrong...

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Hi Everyone, I would like to join this thread.  AF came today and our journey to IVF begins.  This month will be more testing, etc and then next month... ivf.  I'm excited, scared and hopeful.  I have read through your journeys and look forward to being able to come here during mine.

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Aura - They didn't specify. I actually could have just gone to my regular doc or my old OB (from when I had DS), because all they wanted was a baseline follie count and regular bloodwork (which any doctor or lab can do). I chose to go to my old RE because they know me and are experts in things like u/s. the only u/s clinic in my city (non-RE) is where I had a horrible experience with when I was having a m/c. I actually drive by there every day on my way to my moms house and I still remember every day how I was treated. Anyway, totally OT. But yea, to answer your question, you can get your labs done at a lab, and u/s done at an obgyn, at least that is what SIRM told me. I can't wait for your appointment.


Blue - happy bday to abby!!


Hope - sorry. Hope you are feeling a little better now.


AFM - I am still debating on how to get to Vegas. One option is to fly, of course. The other option is to drive. It is a long way, but if I drive we can make a long vacation out of it (DS and I). I was thinking that we could drive straight there (staying at hotels, because I would be doing meds), and then on the way home take a few weeks to see stuff and enjoy ourselves. It sounds like fun, but to do it we would have to camp at least part of the time, and that means giving my PIO shot while camping. The shot I am not too worried about, but I do get nervious about not being able to ice my butt before the shot. Although I guess I could just make sure to have ice in the cooler at all times. Either way, DH will have to fly out to meet us for transfer and retrieval. Any thoughts?

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gtree, welcome!  all the ladies here are amazing, i hope you find it a comfort to join us!  what's your story? 


rcr- thanks for the info.  i don't have that close a connection with my gyn because i haven't lived in nj all that long, but it's good to know i have options.  i can't really imagine calling my old RE.  the one dr was really nice to me, but the head dr at the clinic wouldn't even turn around to say hi when i came to pick up my papers.  awkward!  your family trip sounds like fun! i personally don't know if i'd feel like camping so soon after a transfer, but i'm also a bad judge as i rarely go camping!  i'd probably fly there (for the sake of having regular fridge for meds, less stress, and being able to keep active.  sitting in the car for 12 hours a day probably isn't great for blood flow to the uterus!) and then do the trip on the way home?  that way you can relax with your family and it will be a great distraction during your two week wait.  keep us posted! when do you actually start meds?

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gtree - Hello!! you will love it here.  All the ladies here are great and so comforting and inspirational.  Helps tremendously while going through your journey.


I had my doc appointment yesterday and it all went well.  I bleed enough to shed my lining and get ready for implantaion.  I will start taking endometrin tomorrow (Tuesday) twice a day and Sunday they will thaw out two of the embies.  I am excited and nervous about all this.  I pray they survive the thawing process.  If all goes well by mid day Sunday they will be transferred.  Does anyone know much about the thawing process?

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kali - Aw, thanks!  I don't know much about the thawing process, but wanted to wish you luck.  Less than a week now!!!


blue - Ohhh I hate it when I can't sleep in on a day I should be able to. 


aura - thank you!!  Tomorrow will be here before you know it!  I can't believe it's finally here.  I'd wait to hear what he says and then go from there on your sister offering to help. 


gtree - welcome!  I hope that your stay here is short and sweet.  I agree with PP, this is a great group of women and they will help you get through the rough times!  Let us know your story, how you ended up here, etc.  We're curious!


rcr - I like the idea of flying out but then maybe driving back (rent a car?) and take your time and do some sight seeing.  To be honest I don't ice before the PIO and after a couple of weeks I'm getting almost numb to the shots, they hurt much less now then they did at the beginning.  Are you going to do your own?  How does that work???  I've hit up my neighbor (a nurse) when the husband hasn't been home to give me my shots... I hadn't thought about you having to do your own until just now!!


AFM - Doing pretty good, drowing in gatorade LOL.  Still very uncomfortable but the weight gain has slowed down. 

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Aura - yea, I can see why you don't want to ask your old RE. I wonder if you could just ask a different local RE? When we were out of town visiting DHs parents, we had monitoring done with a local RE there (we were 1000 miles from home), and they said that they do it all the time around xmas for out of town people. I start meds in about 3 weeks. It is moving so fast.


Hope - glad to hear you are doing good.


gtree - we cross posted before. Welcome!


Kali - congrats on starting. I don't know anything about FETs. I have never done one.


AFM - I decided to just fly. It was not really because of comfort - we go camping all the time, and have all kinds of comfy car camping gear. It is more about lifting. We have a small car with a roof rack, and when we go camping we keep a bunch of stuff on the top of the rack (there is no other place for it), so I would have to do a lot of lifting. Even a cooker full of ice is more weight than recommended after IVF, I think. anyway, it would have been fun, going on a trip with DS, but I would rather fly and not worry about it than go camping and worry that it is affecting the outcome somehow.

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rcr, I hadn't even thought about the lifting, but I think when that is considered too, flying is really the best option.  You have so much invested into this out of town cycle, it would be hard to look back and wonder if it had any affect (I know the lifting and bed rest is very subjective still).  I can't believe it's only 3 weeks!  Can't wait.


Blue, happy be-lated birthday Abby!!!  It's getting so close to your transfer too.  Glad you are staying busy :)


Kali, I have done 5 FET's so if you have any questions, I might know the answers.  We switched clinics for our last (successful) transfer, so I have done a couple different protocols too.  How exciting yours is so close!!! 


Aura, I wouldn't want to go see my old RE, but that's just me.  I hope you can find another place to monitor, and I am so excited about your appointment tomorrow!   I hope it's the beginning of your BFP!  I forgot how sweet your sister was to offer her eggs!  Hopefully it doesn't come to that though :)


gtree, welcome!!


Silver, hope you are feeling better, it's almost time for you to get started again too!  Yay!

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RE update- So, things are not going at all the way I had imagined or expected! I am kind of freaked out right now. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or have a better idea what to do?


I went to the specialist this morning expecting that we were going to move forward this month with IUI. The RE told us that DH has a sperm count of less than one million and the one that were there were so inactive that they were basically not moving at all. He said that there were not enough at all to even try doing IUI and the only chance was with IVF. Than he said we shouldn't try doing IVF until we see if we can raise his sperm count.


It will be about four months until he he sees a urologist and gets any results!! So no baby this summer. He also didn't even seem very confident that IVF would work out for us because of his sperm. I am so freaked out right now. Didn't expect this at all.  I figured maybe he had a low count but not like this. It just kind of seemed like with the conversation we had it would be a miracle to even get pregnant with IVF.


Any one have this experience or thoughts?


I just feel incredibly defeated right now! I have to start saving in the next four months for IVF and after that who knows! I do want them to freeze the rest of my embryo's though, I don't want my eggs to keep aging while I wait. Also, If I am fortunate to have a baby at all with DH, I want to have them for if I try again!



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Deportivo my DHs last SA showed 29 motile sperm not  29000 or even 2900 just 29. As I type this I'm nursing one of my little miracles conceived with DHs sperm so don't lose hope.

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wave.gif Hi all, sorry for being MIA, I think I said I was going to be a bit busy.


Blue: Hope your cycle is going well.  It's near et for you isn't it.


rcr: Glad you've got your vegas cycle sorted.  I hope it all goes well. Thanks for thinking of me.


Deportivo: I'm sorry you've had bad news.  As far a I know sperm probs might rule out IVF but shouldn't be a problem for ICSI.  They can do ICSI with one non motile sperm extracted from the testies even if a man can't ejeculate.


Belly: thanks for thinking of me, I've still got a few months to go I'm afraid. See AFM.


Gtree: Welcome


Hope: Congrats on the pregancy and I hope you feel better soon!


AFM: I had my appoinmnet at my new clinic on the second.  It went well and they seemed nice.  They are going to do a short protocol same as before but have ICIS, shots for progestorne and estradol.  My difficulty is the timing.  They have told me to call in to start after my period in July which should be July 18.  The difficulty is that I am suppost to be camping july 21-25.  It's a camp for famlies who practice natural parenting and I really enjoy it and look forward to it and obivously it can't be moved.  There is a fridge for my drugs and I'm looking into the possibility of doing a scan locally if needed.  It would be a bit difficult which might be stressful but it's also so relaxing with lovely healthy food cooked for me.  There is a possibility I might put the treatment back but I'm not sure about that either as I've been waiting so long.  So any input is welcome.


Good luck all you lovely ladies!

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Deportivo - There is someone in the Trying to Conceive forums who is dealing with this now.  I think her username is LilacVioletIris, and her photo is a butterfly.  I'm not sure which exact thread it is.  There seem to be some other folks dealing with it too in that group.  They discussed supplements to improve the count.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this unexpected problem, but there are other people in the same boat on here.

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hi ladies, i'll be back for personals later but i'm having a bit of a meltdown at the moment.  got my insurance verification back to find out that i basically am out of insurance benefits.  i thought i had another try at ivf covered, but it looks like all the pointless IUIs at my last RE used up everything.  i was NOT prepared to pay out of pocket for SIRM.  the idea of taking out $20k in loans makes me want to jump off a bridge.  truly.  has anyone done a shared risk program?  i know renavoo did, anyone else? is it worth it? with two failed ivfs behind me i have no illusions of anything working out the way i want it to.  i am feeling lost right now.

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