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Deportivo: Honestly, I have no idea why they think he doesn't have enough for IVF? My husband contributed 4 sperm to our IVF try that got me pregnant. His sample had more, but that is all they used/needed. I highly doubt they would need more than 20-30 at the very max. And sperm don't have to be able to swim for IVF. Plenty of men who have had vasectomies have sperm removed from their testicles and they are incapable of swimming - but they ARE capable of acheiving pregnancy via IVF. Honestly, I don't know if I would wait to see the urologist if I were you. Sometimes they do find a good, fixable reason for low count. But in our case, the urologist was not able to find anything that was fixable that would be able to improve DH's count. As for supplements, I doubt they will make a huge dif either. I had my DH on all sorts of supplements from March of 2011 when we found out that he had a low count thru when we did IVF in Jan 2012 - and his count was almost always the same at every test, IUI and IVF. I'm sure you are shocked - it's overwhelming to take in! I am sorry you are dealing with this. But please do not lose faith that IVF would still work for you!! Perhaps you should call or email your doc and ask him to clarify - or look for a 2nd opinion.


Auraleigh: Hugs! I'm so sorry! I hate so much that it costs so much money to battle infertility!!! It's just so unfair!



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Keria- thanks, I was hoping someone would answer that they have a baby this way too! Do they have to be moving much? Cause the RE said the ones that were there were not really moving or doing anything! That was the count so I dont know how many were alive and how many if any moving!


Silverbird- Do you know what the cost difference is between ICSI and IVF?

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Deportivo: In the UK ICSI is between £0-£900 in addtion to the IVF package cost.  So not much help to you your'd better off looking at costs of clinics near you.


Aura: I'm so sorry to hear that! In the UK you can sometimes get free IVF if your willing to egg share.  No idea if this runs in USA and ofcourse only certine people qualify.

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Deportivo: I think ICSI usually adds around $1500 to the cost of IVF at most clinics.

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Deport - like others said, I don't understand why the RE would have said that. It makes no sense at all. You even need a few sperm, and they don't have to be mobile, they can have two tails, etc. Count does not matter at all. For your RE to say that is just strange. Also, what do you mean you want ot freeze your embryos? Do you mean eggs?


Aura - oh, no! I am so sorry! That must be really hard. Did you call your insurance yourself? I know my insurance told SIRM that I only have one more IVF try left, but I really have two. I called and asked about it and they said it was coded wrong and giving the wrong info in the automated system. I have not done the shared risk plan, but if I had to, I would totally do it. Seems to take the stress of financial stuff out of it, in a way (I mean, once you pay the amount). It sucks so much that IF is so expensive.

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Deport - ICSI is just an extra procedure where they inject the sperm directly into the egg and I have seen a couple different places where it can run from 1200-1500 dollars or so in addition to the cost of IVF.  I can't believe that a RE would tell you that he didn't think that IVF would work for you.  I think you should get a 2nd opinion if this is the route you are going to have to go.  Don't give up hope, I know there are a lot of cases out there w/ MFI that got pregnant w/ IVF.  Also, there are supplements that your DH can take to help and other things he can so too to help w/ counts (boxers, avoid alcohol, exercise etc.).  Keep us posted.  grouphug.gif


Aura - oh no!!!!!  I'm sorry to hear your news.  Are you still going to go to your appt tomorrow?  If you do go I'd for sure tell them that your sister offered to be an egg donor.  Also, I just go to a local RE in my area for my monitoring and they said that they have people that do that a lot, so even if you didn't want to go to your old person maybe you could find another place.  The hard part about just going to any lab is that you have to make sure it is connected w/ a hospital so that you can get the results STAT (or at least that is the problem i found here).  I wish we would have done one of those plans where you get your $ back if you don't get a baby b/c then we would have some of what we spent back.  The only problem we found w/ those plans (like Attain) is that you still have to pay out of pocket for all your meds in addition to what you pay up front.


Silver - Your trip sounds like a nice thing.  Have you done it before?  I guess the only tricky part would be if you wanted to kinda keep it under wraps and not let others know what you are doing.  It'd be easy to just sneak off and give yourself a shot in the stomach but if you have to be sneaking to the community fridge to get your meds out it might be harder.  If that is the case then maybe taking one month off might be best.  It's totally up to you.


Gtree - Welcome!!!!  Sorry you have to meet us all here.  I hope that your stay here is short and sweet!!!!


rcr - glad you figured out the whole camping/flying thing.  When do things start to up for you?  I actually found that not icing worked better w/ my PIO shots and the nurse actually said it's better to not use ice when I asked her. Just my 2 cents.  Did you get your test results back yet or is it like a 2 week wait?


Hope - glad that you keep feeling better w/ each day.  Next beta Thurs or Friday?


Kali - glad that things are starting up for you.  Don't know too much about the thawing process but if you have questions?


Belly - good to see you around here.


AFM - not much going on here.  I've been feeling like I'm having ovulation pains which seems kinda weird since I'm on Lupron, but the nurse said that maybe it's just a small cyst or something causing the pain.  Anyone else have those pains????  I have my U/S scheduled for Friday morning and then I have my intralipids scheduled for 12:30 that day too.  FET still scheduled for the 18th.

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The RE said there wasn't enough sperm to do IUI. He said we can do IVF, It just seemed like he wasn't to enthusiastic about that working either. He was going to do IUI up to six cycles. But after he got the count and mobility he said there isn't a chance with IUI.


After doing IVF if there are good embryo's I wanted to have them frozen.

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Hi ladies, justchecking inquickly.

Deportivo, i am ith the restof the ladies. At worst, i would think that you need ICSI. Peronlly, i would get a second opinion. I m not sure that your doctor has the right information if he is giing you the impression that ivf wouldn't work for ou. As ohers have said, people have gotten prgnant with fewer sperm!

Aura, big hugs. I m so sorry. Maybe Rcr is right and you have another try because of incorrect coding? As for shared risk programs, i bet SIRM has a variation of the shared risk program, like my clinic in NY did...it just may be significantly more expensive. My clinic in MD cost 19k for 6 tries or complete refund back. My nyc clinic would have cost us about 30k for fewer tries. If you do a shared risk progrm, i suggest the one in MD. Since you are in Jersey, you would be facing similiar travel times as me and it really wasnt too bad. But all costs are out of pocket so DH and i paid 19k for the procedure (monitoring was covered by insurance and i did that in NYC unti lthe last few visits) 6k for drugs, although it ended up we had some coverage, and travel costs including hotel (stayed 2 weeks so hotl costs were about 2k) after my FET, i had decided that if it didn't ork, i was going tocancel the plan, get my money back and come back to nyc though because i was having trouble with taking time off, especially if i needed a fresh cycle. Happily, it wasnt an issue but it is something to consider.

Ok will check back later. Typing on an ipad is not helping my carpal tunnel! I will do more pesonals later because im following alon and just excited for the upcoming cycles!
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By the way, sorry for the typos. Ipads are really quite difficult to type on!
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rcr - I hadn't even thought of the lifting, it's probably a good idea that you decided to just fly.


deport - Wow, OK, I have to agree with all the PP here.  We had crap numbers.... we were lucky to have a few hundred thousand swimmers, they didn't swim and those that did didn't swim straight.  A large portion of them had two heads, or two tails.  They were bad.  Not as bad as others, but it wasn't great.  For us, this all stemmed from a health issue as a child, so all the supplements in the world wouldn't have helped.  Back in 2007 when we first dealth with IF, we got that same blow - IUI won't work.  To be honest, the urologist that we met with basically told us to move on to adoption.  We made the choice to do IVF.  It didn't work the first time around and our daughter is from a donor.  However, this pregnancy that I am just beginning?  Is with DH's sperm.  So long as there is 1 you CAN make it happen!!  If it were me I would switch RE's.  Our first one we weren't all that comfortable with and we dumped a ton of money into something that didn't work and almost tore up our marriage.  This one we LOVE and have from the first appointment, and it has worked.  Sometimes your gut instinct about how you feel about a doctor is for good reason - and it may be worth looking around.  I remember this RE reminded us when we questioned making it work with DH's sperm that he HAS sperm, and that's what matters.  For ICSI they don't have to be moving at all!  They don't even need to be able to penetrate the egg since the embryologist is taking care of all of that for them.  If there's sperm, he could make it happen.  At my clinic there is no additional charge for ICSI.  The charge for IVF is the same across the board, and if ICSI is needed it is done.  Period.  I agree with whoever suggested not waiting for the urologist.  They'll tell you to add in specific supplements (you can find all that online and add them in yourself), only boxers, no bike riding, no hot baths or whirlpools, stay away from environmental issues, etc.  There are things that can be done.  (unless it's a varicole, is that how you spell it?  I don't know anything about those, but I know a surgery can help...).  Big Hugs to you.


Silver - Good to see you!!  Timing is always such crap in this journey.  If you are worried about this group of people possibly figuring out what is going on, then waiting another month may be worth it.  If you think that they may be a good support at the beginning of those fun fun shots, then maybe starting would be good!  What meds would you be doing during those days?


aura - Oh No.  Like rcr said, make sure that YOU call and verify as well, maybe it's not as bad as it sounds.  I didn't do the shared risk so I can't say anything about it.


blue - next beta is Thursday!  That's strange, I don't remember feeling ovulation like pains, but I do think I remember hearing that your body could be going 'through the motions' so to speak, so maybe that is it?  Not quite the same, but I know before I got back my PPAF I would feel my 'cycle' every month, it was kinda strange, and I was breastfeeding, which does a very similar thing to your body as the Lupron.  Can't wait to hear that all is nice and quiet on Friday!!

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ok, I woke up today and my eyes are all puffy from crying yesterday. I am just trying to adjust to this news. I am going to look into other clinics to do IVF. We have to wait about four months anyways to save up enough for IVF. I know there are many different options etc. I think just the more complicated things get the more it costs. We are not exactly super rich. I will do what it takes, I am just overwhelmed right now.


When I went to the RE yesterday morning I just expected to go through with IUI. I guess no one really expects this news really!


It is good to know that others have gotten pregnant with less. I asked the RE if we couldn't just start doing IVF because I know pretty much that they don't need that much. I wasn't sure about the quality, and him fertilizing an egg. But I did know that they do ICSI, I guess I am just overwhelmed too with the cost!


Doing IUI was easy enough for us to manage. IVF worries me because there is no guarantee that it will work for us. So, after the initial cycle, and I don't get pregnant or what if I lose that pregnancy, than what!!!!!! To me it seems a lot more daunting than doing IUI. He said that after the initial cost, with that cycle I could have extra embryo's frozen. With following cycles I would be able to do more IVF cycle with those frozen embryo's for only an additional cost of 1500.00.


So, what are the chances of having extra good embryo's to use in following cycles. How long can they stay frozen? If I want to try in the future will I still have those embryo's

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Hugs Deportivo! I wish someone had told us to go straight to IVF - instead of letting us waste 3k and 4+ monhts on IUI that was never going to work. Consider that they are likely saving you money that you can no put toward IVF. It's all a lot to take in! Whether or not you have embryos to freeze depends on a lot of factors - how many eggs you produce, how many embryos fertilize and how many keep growing - then it depends on your clinic - some are SUPER strict in what they will freeze whereas others will freeze anything left over. Have you had an antral follicle count done on day 2 or 3? That is a decent indiicator of how many eggs you could produce. You should talk to your clinic about their standards for freezing. But once embryos are frozen, I believe they can stay frozen indefinitely. I have a friend who is now pregnant with an embryo frozen 7 yrs ago!

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Vegan- Oh, ok thank you for that info. Yeah your right if there wasn't a chance or didn't make sense to do IUI than I am glad he saved us from going through that. It just isn't fare. Guess it isn't fare for anyone. Sucks. I don't know what the protocol for freezing is at that clinic for sure, I will ask. But it sounded to me that they would just freeze whatever was left. If they wouldn't do that, he would have said that right? At least I would have hoped to.


I will see about a different clinic! Just getting to this one will be more difficult.


Since we have all this time to figure things out for four months. I need this time to save our money! Does anyone have suggestions to try getting his sperm count up or better quality. Anything there DH has tried that seems to have helped. I want him to start doing acupuncture. I think he has a problem with his hormones especially in the lst few years.


I just don't want to spend all this money and then have it not work. And run out of options. But if I don't try I guess I don't have that many options anyways.

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RE mentioned I could buy fertile one for DH and his sperm. Does anyone now how to get it online. I can't find it anywhere from googling it! I keep finding other supplements but not this one. Has anyone else tried this one???

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Hi! Could I be added to the list? I've been over on the Infertility ONE Thread, but it seems I've graduated to IVF - for better or worse. Not sure where on the list I should go.... I'm on birth control right now with protocol scheduled to start on 5/21. A little background on me:


Me (32), DH (46), TTC #1 since 4/09. Unexplained infertility. I failed Clomid cycle with IUI. 4 failed Femara cycles with IUI.


Went in today for a saline ultrasound, but my RE couldn't complete it as he had trouble getting the catheter in. On the third catheter, I nearly passed out so he stopped the procedure. We'll try again on Monday, but if he can't get it in on the first try, then I'll have to cancel the cycle. I'm kind of devastated. On the good side, I just got a call from my insurance company authorizing an exception for one of my medications (Cetrotide - apparently it's on national back order, but a non-insurance-approved pharmacy had one dose left - I've spent a total of about 7 hours on trying to get this med since Friday!).


Do you think feeling anxious, scared, and kind of negative can impact your chances of IVF working? Sigh. I want to be hopeful, but I'm just feeling so very overwhelmed right now. I'm not always a debbie downer, I promise!!!!

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Teresa: Welcome. Your experience sounds awful today! Did your RE use some sort of speculum on your cervix? I'm sorry, I don't know what it's called. But I recall them using something to open my cervix a little. I also had that used once when my old OB was cutting the strings to my IUD (little did I know at the time how unnecessary that IUD was!). Anyway, if he didn't use it, perhaps he could and would have better luck? Good luck with your cycle!! 



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teresa, welcome! it's absolutely okay to feel all those emotions.  hopefully we can help you through it!  i think between all of us here we've at least earned an honorary degree in reproductive endocrinology, so feel free to ask questions, vent, rejoince, and just keep us company.  i also had a really painful saline ultrasound experience, you're not alone! i had a cramp in one of my fallopian tubes that they kept trying to force liquid through.  i saw stars it was so painful.  i hope your dr is able to get it done on monday, maybe he just needed a fresh approach.


deportivo- i agree with vegan! i wish my dr had not made me go through those three iuis that were never going to work.  if only i could get all those months back, and all that money! drs can work wonders with ICSI, with one single little sperm.  i'm surprised your doctor is so pessimistic.  have you met any other doctors in your area?


blue- i've only had a cyst once, from clomid, and it definitely gave me sharp, painful menstrual cramps, but i don't know if i felt anything during ovulation.  so weird! do you normally not feel ovulation?  how long have you been on the lupron now?  only 10 more days until transfer!!!


silver, so glad to see you back! how are you feeling?


renavoo, thanks for the info! it's scary how much money these programs are.  makes me feel a little like fainting.


afm, i called the insurance company and it's true, i'm out of benefits.  actually, i have $1600 remaining, so that should cover my consult and maybe my initial blood draws if i'm lucky.  however, i had my meeting with dr tortoriello today and i am so glad i waited to meet him.  so glad.  he was refreshingly honest, practical, and made me feel like he was actually tailoring an approach just for me.  he also wants to do an endometrial biopsy just to ensure that my uterus is receptive.  blue, am i remembering correctly that you did a biopsy?  did it hurt? 


my protocol will be something along the following lines:  day 3 blood work to do full check on my androgens, and an ultrasound with dr t so he can fully inspect my uterus.  he wants me to use an opk, and 10 days after the surge i am to come in for the biopsy, which he will send to yale.  around that point i will start lupron.  we will do an estrogen priming protocol, and he also wants to add in hgh, which he says has shown to be effective in his experience.  he also said he prefers to do a 5 day transfer, which i have never done.  his point of view is that if the embryos can't make it to day five in the lab, they probably wouldn't make it in me either.  he believes this way he can better judge the quality of the embryos, and if none make it, well, then it saves me from paying for a transfer.  it's a harsh way to look at it i suppose, but looking back, the two week waits after my ivf cycles were intensely painful and emotionally draining, and could have been prevented.  if anything comes back weird about the biopsy, then we can freeze the embryos, stay on lupron for three months to reset the proteins, and then do a fet. 


when i asked about the shared risk program, he was refreshingly honest.  he told us to buy the one ivf plan.  if it doesn't work, he wants to do the next cycle as  more natural, minimal stim approach.  but he said that we could at that point "opt in" as if we had chosen the two ivf package, and the second ivf would be half price.  since we are out of pocket, he told us he doesn't want us to have to put so much money out up front.  i also told him about my stockpile of drugs, and he said to send him an inventory and they would work with what i had to save me money.  i've never heard RE and "save money" in the same sentence before!  can i say again how much i like him?


in any case, he made me feel that i had options, and that we were going to explore them.  i think i'm ready to go into this with a new hopeful mindset.

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yeah there is another clinic that I like. I am going to get a referal to. So, and I looked into the cost of ICSI that they do at that clinic. they are very nice there and I would feel a lot better if I get some more info. I almost felt like I was getting kicked out of his office, like here ya go this is it and now go on your own for four months. I think there a lot more that I need to know. Also, because of my history of miscarriage I need to know that my chanced of keeping the pregnancy would be good. I also needed to know how many embryos they would or could freeze.


Anyways. I came to the conclusion I need a lot more info and going to talk to another RE that is willing to answer all my questions. I feel more confident about this clinic and I am going to set up an appointment. Since it will take us a bit to put the money together, I have time to explore all of our options. When DH gets another seminal analysis if things do not improve than I will definitely do ICSI! oF course I am sure they can let us know if thats what we should do.


I was bummed about not being able to move forward with everything. But yeah your right about time and money wasted on IUI. I am glad that I didn't feel hopeful for doing that and end up finding out it never would have worked anyways. Because of my desperation, I probably would have just kept going and wasted thousands of dollars and months of our time.


I have come to my senses. Such a roller coaster ride! Hopefully I will get a lot better answers from the next RE and that may give me some more confidence back. DH wants to talk to someone else about our chances and options anyways.


So, I will stick around here for awhile and update everyone on how this progresses. Will be in waiting for a bit.


I would like to know things that others have done to prepare for there IVF and how I could help DH as well if anyone has anything that has worked for them.

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Deportivo: I'm glad you're getting a 2nd opinion and glad that you sound a bit more ok with it - even though no one should ever be totally "ok" with this crazy process! I had DH on a bunch of supps. I think maybe fertile one may be a combo of the vitamins I had him on individually. I think I had him on: a multi, flax oil, vitamin c, vitamin e, zinc, selenium, l-arginine and l-carnitine. I think that might be it. But like I said, for him, it made no difference. His motility went up when he drank coffee before donating. And his volume went up (thus his total number went up) when he made sure to drink tons of water for the day before. His hormone tests were all normal so there wasn't anything the urologist could reccomend. If you do think your DH's hormones are off, they should test for that and hopefully that is something they could correct that could make a difference! I've heard of men taking clomid for months at a time to correct hormonal imbalances and seeing drastic improvements in their sperm counts. As for you. I had my own host of issues with diminished ovarian reserve - so what I did was probably dif than what you should do. I took coenzyme Q-10 and DHEA to improve egg quality. I also downed 2 ounces of wheat grass/day to lower my FSH. And I did acupuncture weekly. I also tried to eat healthy, take my vitamins and drink as muhc fresh fruit and veggie juice that I could. i just wanted to try and be as healthy as possible. Oh and I got myself off of caffeine and gave up my rare glasses of wine before I started my IVF cycle. So I'd suggest just taking vitamins and trying to eat and be as healthy as you can. But it's debatable how much that stuff actually impacts IVF. Plenty of women don't do any of it and still get pregnant on their first cycle. For me, it made me feel proactive and that was important to me - I liked knowing I was doing something during my time between cycles.


Aura: I'm sorry your benefits are indeed almost out. Sounds like you had a great consult though! I'm excited for your cycle!



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Vegan- Yeah thats how I am too, I just want to feel like I am doing everything in my power to be healthy. I have a list of vitamins and pre-natals etc. etc. that I have been taking for awhile. It makes me feel pro-active by doing those things that I can do .  Yeah, I found some supplements for DH I think I will try. the list is similar. I don't know if this will make a difference but we have time to try! If anything maybe I can get him to be a little healthier and it could help him to be more relaxed relieve stress by going to accupuncture and eating healthier etc.

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