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Teresa - glad it went better this time. Natural killer test is some kind of immune disorder. I am not exactly sure, but I think Blue could tell you more, as she has it, I think.

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rcr- no natural killer test for me.  i have yet to ever be pregnant (chemical, miscarriage, or otherwise) so i don't think that's even a concern.  but we are going to do the endometrial function test which will at least put that fear to rest. 


teresa, so glad the saline ultrasound went better!  did they say how your cervix was weirdly shaped? that's so strange! the body is a crazy thing, but i guess that's why they do test transfers and all that.  one step down! what is up next for you? also, glad your boss is so easy about taking the time off!  i work in a small office, and everyone knows everything about everyone's business.  there would be no way to hide it, so i figured i'd just be honest.  one of my coworkers went through the ivf process seven years ago, although her cousin carried the baby for her, so they were kind of familiar with the process.  


blue, how was mother's day?? are the intralipids this friday?  the transfer is coming up so soon! 


afm, when i went to the dr's office on friday, it was just the standard blood draw and ultrasound.  i traveled two and a half hours for about 20 minutes of dr time! looks like i will be trying to do everything else locally.  hahaha.  i got the req forms for the big blood draw, and went saturday morning.  SIXTEEN VIALS!!!  miraculously my vein held up for all 16 vials, but by the end the woman who was taking my blood starting complaining that HER arm was hurting from holding the needle.  it was pretty funny.  i could see her arm shaking even, but i just had to laugh and drink my apple juice when i was done.  i don't know how long it takes the dr to get results, but i will ask tomorrow.  i also had a one hour consult with the woman who handles the financial side of things, and got an exact breakdown of how much it will all cost.  i am paying my deposit tomorrow, and have a 1 pm appt to talk to the head nurse about my protocol.  once i pay the rest of the money, they will actually schedule my cycle, so tomorrow's protocol is more of the what and where, but not the when. it will be interesting to hear what they are doing, since i have never been on lupron before.  other than that i'm just counting down the days until i need to start using the opk. dr t said to break it out around day 9 or 10 of my cycle and then to call when i have a surge.  i've never used one, and i'm nervous that for some reason it won't work.  

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Aura - huh? I am confused? why are you using OPKs? I thought you were doing IVF this cycle?

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rcr- the opk is just so we can track when i ovulate.  10 days after ovulation is when we have to do the endometrial function test.  that's to test the proteins to makes sure my uterus is receptive.  i think i also start lupron around then too?

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Aura - glad you are getting things going!!  16 vials is a lot and I thought it was funny that the tech was complaining when it was your poor arm that was being stuck!!!!  Keep us posted.  OPKs are really easy.  Did they tell you what time to do them at?  I used to use them between like 2-4 and not drink a lot of water an hr or so before you test.  I used to buy them at the $ store but don't know if they sell them there anymore. Did you and your DH do the DQ Alpha testing?  I know you said you didn't do the natural killer cells right?  For dinner we just did marinated chicken and asparagus on the grill w/ cous cous and then choc cake for dessert.


Teresa - Glad to hear that the test went better today.  Glad you are getting started on Monday.  Deep breath... it will all be okay and we are all here if you have any questions or problems. See my AFM to answer your questions about dinner and mother's day.  This is my understanding of the natural killer cells....The natural killer cell is actually a K-562 target cell test which tells if you have elevated natural killer cells in your uterus.  If you have these inc. cells then your body will attack an embryo and basically prevent it from becoming a baby or maybe even implanting.  If you have it they in turn give you an intralipid IV treatment which will help to dec these killer cells and prevent your body from attacking the embryo.  That is about the basics of what I understand.  I have other immune issues (+ ANA, and thyroid antibodies so it didn't surprise me) that they told me I had inc natural killer cells.  From what my 2nd opinion Dr said there are only like 2-3 places in the USA that have the right lab to test for these.  Seems kinda weird but who knows.


rcr - So fun that you are keeping the ducks!!!!  Can't wait to hear about your blood work.  When do you get your results?  You did the natural killer cells test too right?  Did you and your DH do the DQ alpha test too?


Hope - great numbers!!!!!  Can't wait to hear this weeks.  How much longer do you have to keep getting them checked??  They only made me get my checked until we hit 1000 and then i just had to wait for the u/s.  Keep us posted.


Hi to everyone else.  Just looking back on the past page here.


AFM - Just realized i didn't update after my u/s and intralipid session on Friday.  We had a busy weekend w/ going out of state to visit my parents, so it was kinda crazy. Our dinner w/ my MIL/FIL/BIL last Thurs evening went fine and then our visit w/ my parents this past weekend was nice as well. Anyways, my u/s went well and my lining was at like a 9 so that is good and the intralipids went fine too.  The only thing is that today i just had to have my platelet count done b/c I've had some really weird bruising lately and this morning i woke up w/ a black eye too.  My poor legs look like my DH beats me (his words not mine) b/c they are so bruised too and now with this black eye (which i accidentally did to myself while emptying the mower grass bag and it hit me in the cheek yesterday evening) it really looks bad.  I'm on prednisone for this cycle as well so they are thinking that maybe that is the problem and it is making me bruise more easily, but my RE said he'd check my levels just to be safe. Don't know what that means if they are off or if they will do anything different, but we will see.  They are suppose to call me on Wed to let me know what time our FET is suppose to be on Friday morning so we will see.

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hello ladies!  


blue, i don't think we did the dq? honestly, i've done so many tests i lose track.  it doesn't seem to be on my current req form though.  the bruising sounds horrible!  and a black eye! at least you can make up funny stories about it.  let us know what the doc says about it, i'm so curious. i can't believe your transfer is this friday! i'm so excited, i will do a little transfer dance for you!


okay ladies, i have questions!


i got my calendar from SIRM.  i start out with the usual bcp for two weeks, and i start lupron (10units) four days before stopping them.  once off, i switch to 5 units of lupron.  after 5 days of the lower dose of lupron, i stop that and start cetrotide, which i will be on for 12 days.  six days in i start stims (gonal f and menopur), but i stop the stims after five days and kind of coast until trigger.  i'll also take dex starting when i start the lupron, and that goes until i start coasting.  i also will take the hcg while stimming.


this is TOTALLY different than any cycle i have ever been on.  i've never been on lupron, and i have only ever been on cetrotide at the very end of stimming to suppress ovulation.  i've also only taken a steroid for a few days.  obviously since the last cycles didn't work, i hope this total change gives me different results.  I think they call this the LA6?  The only thing that confused me was that I thought Dr T had mentioned estrogen priming, and there is no estrogen on the calendar so I emailed him to ask about it.  I also asked about my sperm donor.  it was SO hard to pick someone, and i've grown rather attached to the donor we chose.  he does have proven pregnancies, and when we used his sperm for ivf, we had almost total fertilization (with no icsi) and i think the failure of the embryos to grow was more egg than sperm related.  the nurse said that she thinks the dr would say to just chose a new donor since i'm not pregnant yet, but i wanted to hear it from him directly.  i'll start over if i have to, but i REALLY don't want to.  

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Aura - my calendar is crazy with SIRM too.  Not too similar to yours (but kinda), but also really complex and crazy. I am on dexam. for a long time, and I start gannirelix way before stims, along with lupron. Looking at my calander is a little daunting.  I am doing estrogin too, which I have never done before. I guess I would go for a new donor too, since it hasn't worked. If it works you will be son happy that you switched.


Blue - I can't wait until Friday! DS is having a thing at school, so I will be thinking of you during it. The brusing is crazy. I don't even know what to say. That  must be horrible. I don't think I am doing the DQ alpha test. I don't know what that is. I did the NK cells test today, and shipped it off via fedex. I have not heard about my 12 vials of blood, so I am going to email SIRM tonight and ask if they got the results. Otherwise I will call the lab.

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rcr- they have estrogen on your calendar?  there is none on mine! how do they have you taking it? orally or through injections? i don't know if this is an oversight or if he decided not to do estrogen priming... although i could have sworn he said we'd be doing it?  i emailed to make sure.  it makes me nervous. 

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I am doing it both ways. IM injections only three times, and the rest is orally, with a dosage change. Actually, they have be doing estrogin after transfer, I think.

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rcr- so interesting!! my last clinic was going to have me do estrogen orally only.  and i was reading up on SIRM's website and it said something about twice weekly shots.  i think i've always taken estrace orally post transfer?  never pre though.    what do you think is the main difference between our calendars?  i think they treat poor responders or DOR very similarly to PCOS patients, it's so interesting to read up on it.  

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It is so complicated, I have a hard time writing it out here, but here is a try at writing out the specifics:


BCP now until 5/24

5/25 - 5/29: BCP, dexam, lupron 10 units

5/30-5/31: dexam, lupron 5 units

6/1- 6/9: gannirelix 125, dexam. plus, in that week, estrogen 0.2 ml on Tuesday and Friday (6/5 and 6/8)

6/10: gannirelix 125, dexam, 2 mg estrogin supplement

6/11-6/16: gannirelix 125, dexam, estrogin supplement 2 mg, folic acid, follistim 600. Plus in that week, Luveris 1 vial on Wed. and Friday (6/13 and 6/15)

6/17: follistim 375, gannirelix 125, luveris, dexam., estrogin supplement 2 mg, folic acid.

6/18: appointment in Vegas.


They aren't telling me what to do after the 18th, which is when my first appointment is. I also have a baseline scheduled with my old RE on June 4th.


Does any of that make sense? It makes a lot more sense to see it written on a calander, which is color-coded and very readable.

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rcr- makes total sense, i'm looking at the same color coded chart!  i start my folgard (folic acid) same day as lupron and take it the whole time.  you start midway through?  your gannerelix is my cetrotide, and instead of follistim i have gonal f... what is luveris? i have never been on that one and it's not on my calendar now.  it looks like i'm taking menopur again though, for five days.  is that similar? i can't believe you start so soon!  when you fly out to vegas is right around when i start my bcp.  you're paving the way! hopefully your bfp will lead the way to mine :P  and of course blue's is going to start off the summer for both of us!

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also, i'm so curious of how they will trigger you.  i have this weird three day gap of no meds before trigger, which i've never seen before.  i wonder if they do it for everyone? or just me? 

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Luveris is meniour.


I have a three day gap on my calander too, but they told me that it is because they will tell me what to do when I show up in Vegas for my first appointment. Maybe they just left yours blank because they are going to give you further instructions. So are our protocols similar minus the estrogen?


I love the calander, btw. It is so easy to follow with all the colors. The only problem was that the color printer is a public printer at work (shard with like 300 people!), so I had to stalk the printer to make sure nobody was printing anything, and then run there and get it before anybody went to get something (there is always somebody printing there). Now I wish I had printed more copies, because I like to hang on on the bedroom wall too.


Anyway, glad we are cycling together, and right after blue!! And hopefully others (Silver? Teresa?) will come along too.  Hopefully this is the start of a summer BFP wave.

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AS for triggering, I will have to look back at my meds (which are in the room where DS is sleeping, so I don't want to shuffle through the closet right now and wake him up).

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Hi new IVF friends.  I promise to be a better poster and less of a lurker and also write personals.


Right now, I am struggling a bit because I can't seem to figure out what my time line is for IVF and I continue to read different things online.  AF started on May 8.  The plan is for me to take 10 days of BCP (which I have been spotting every day on).  I get my saline sonogram on Thrusday (hopefully it won't hurt?) and take my last BCP on Saturday.  Next is to get AF on May 24.  Do any of you know what the next steps are from there?  do you think retrieval could be 2 weeks later, 3? 4?


Should I just plan not to do any traveling at all for the next two months?


Thanks so much in advance for your advice and help.  I don't have any friends that I can talk to about this.



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privateeyes.gif Sending healthy sticky baby vibes to blue, rcr, and aura as they approach their cycles! Blue, good luck Friday! Lurking along and rooting for you! goodvibes.gif
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teresa - I'm so glad the second attempt at the saline u/s went much better!  Strange that he said your cervical canal is a strange shape... I wonder how so.  Just 2 more days for supproession check!!!I'm so excited for you!!


aura - Wow, 16 vials is insane!  I'm laughing at the tech that was complaining about HER arm being tired.  That calendar sounds crazy.  I haven't ever done anything like it!  For me we switched to the lower dose of Lupron once I started Stims, but that's about it.  I'm hoping that this huge change and strange protocal will give you your take home baby!!  I would ask about the estrogen priming too if that's what he originally mentioned.  Have you heard back from them?  On the sperm donor thing, that's a tough one.  I bet you have gotten attached, but it may be worth changing since he hasn't gotten YOU pregnant yet, you know?  Maybe the two of you aren't good matches.  Like rcr said, if you change and it works you'll be so glad you did!


blue - no more beta's.  The u/s tomorrow, and if all looks good they'll release me to my ob.  But I do have to continue the PIO until 10 weeks.  The bruising sounds really really strange.  Let us know what the RE thinks, I've never heard of it before.  So, you better let us know when you hear what time the FET is Friday!  I can't believe it's almost here!  Finally!


rcr - yeah for getting things moving!!! 


gtree - It really depends on your RE and what protocal they are planning on using.  When I did IVF with BCP's we didn't stop the BCP's until after we had started the Lupron, which I think I was on for about 10 days maybe before starting stims?  This time around we didn't use BCP's, just started the Lupron and I was on it for a few weeks, but that was in part because AF didn't come when she was supposed to.  So, if they do a long Lupron protocal, they will probably have you start it soon, or wait until after you ovulate one more time and then start it.  If it's an antagonist protocal it's different though because you'll jump right into the stims.  I would just be careful about your plans until you at least know what the protocal is going to be and the basic timing.  Have you called them to ask yet?  I'm surprised they didn't let you know what the next steps would be after the BCP's.


AFM - just patiently waiting for my u/s tomorrow!

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Hi all,


Blue: Good luck for Friday.  Sooooo hoping this is it for you!


Deportivo: The finances of IVF are pretty hairraising! From what I've read IVF is finicaly a much better shot than iui becuase it's so much better odds so you get better odds for IVF than the same cost of mutlipul iui.


Aura and rcr: good luck with your new sheduals.


gtree: welcome, it's proably best to ask your clinic about the time line, different sheduals can be so different.


Hope: Enjoy your scan!


AFM: I think I've decided to go on the trip during my IVF.  It wasn't so much other people finding out that worries me but the logistics of scans etc.  But I've found a local clinic that could do a scan if needed if I can rent a car.  Another of my friends is pregant and I really don't know how much more of this I can take.


anyway lots of luck everyone and I hope your right about a summer bfp wave, blue your up first!

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hi gtree!  in the past i did antagonist cycles, and started up on stims pretty soon after getting my period after bcp.  i'd say a few days before i started, 10 days of stims, then trigger, then retrieval, then transfer.  maybe three weeks? a little longer?  however my protocol now is a lupron antagonist cycle, so it looks like it's a week or so longer than before.  it really all depends on what meds they will put you on, but it's not terrible.  


tear, thanks!!! 


hope, can't wait to hear how the us goes!! i can't believe you'll be graduating, how exciting. 


silver, i think the camp will be such a loving and happy place for you to be during your cycle.  


afm, i emailed the dr last night to ask about the sperm donor and the estrogen priming.  his email back said that it's hard to say, but he feels that since i haven't gotten pregnant so far, it may be better to pick a new donor.   then he cc'd the nurse and had her switch me to an LA_E2P protocol. 


this makes me a *wee* bit nervous.  i mean.  i just paid them thousands and thousands of dollars up front.  and i had to remind them to put the estrogen priming in?  i know dr t comes highly recommended, and i loved him at the consult, but it does shake me up a bit.  i was blindly trusting my first RE and wasted so much time and money, so now i feel like i am going to have to micromanage everything more so than before.   i also just got an out of office email response saying he would be out for at least one week for health reasons, so perhaps he was distracted?  someone please reassure me that it's going to be fine.  


...and he totally just emailed me back and said he preferred califonia cryobank or fairfax.  back to the drawing board.  i was SO ATTACHED to my sperm donor, i am really reluctant to change.  it's sad that i'm almost more sad about this than i was not being able to use my dh's sperm?!  with dh i knew it was going to be tough, and with his personal and family history of diabetes it was just better to move on.  but this donor was perfect!  he was charming, smart, and had a familial resemblance to my dh.  i may pout for a little tonight!  ahhaha

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