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Hope - thanks for sharing your info. about your embies!  I feel much better after reading what everyone has said about their grades. 


Aura - did you figure out what is going on the the opk's???  Hope you heard back from the nurse.


Teresa - The transfer (at least all of mine) have only taken like 5 mins or a little more once you get in there an they get the u/s zoned in on your uterus the just insert the tiny catheter and then send those embies into the right spot.  Afterwards they would make me lay there on my back w/ my legs elevated for like 45- 60mins and then you leave.  Pretty simple compared to the ER.  I only had to drink like 8oz of water before my transfer if that and they just told me not to pee for an hr before the transfer so it wasn't too bad but i remember one time when i was dying b/c i think i drank too much and they actually drained my bladder before I had to lay there for awhile after the transfer (not sure if all RE's will do this or not though).  Nope, don't have any feelings what so ever unfortunately.  I keep wishing I felt something, but I don't. 


rcr - yay, for summer break!!  Hope you have fun at the zoo.  I've never been to the zoo here in my city (only lived here like 9 yrs though) and this yr through DH work we got free passes so we are going to go this summer some time.  I'm excited about it!!!  Hope your Lupron shot goes well on Friday!!!  When do you fly out to Vegas?  I don't think you ever told me when i asked last time or if you did sorry I missed it.  Do you have DS and your tickets booked already?  Does DS know what is going on and why you guys are going?  Is that going to be hard to explain to people in your home town of why you are going or are you just going to say you are going to visit friends or family or what will you say???


Deborah - Yay for being able to try again soon!!!  Glad you are feeling better about it all!!! 


Laggie - Glad things are getting moving for you.  Yay... I'm glad to hear that your DH did end up getting that job.  Maybe i had heard that a while ago but I think the last i had heard was it was still up in the air so congrats to him!!!!!!!  Keep us posted on how everything is going in your cycle.


AFM - Not much going on here - don't feel anything at all.  I took a couple days off work since I'm not suppose to be lifting more than 10lbs which I have to do a lot on a daily basis, so I'm just enjoying this time off and trying to get some things done around the house. I have been making crock pot meals at least once a week and I'm hoping tonights turns out good.    Tomorrow I am suppose to have a physical for another job that I'm picking up and I'm not sure what to tell them about the whole IVF thing.  If it was my choice I'd just not say anything at all b/c i really don't feel like it is any of their business at this point in time b/c I don't even know if I'll get a BFP w/ this cycle or not.  The problem is that I have to have a drug test and I'm thinking that the prednisone may show up on it as a steroid so then I feel like i need to be honest about that, but i'm sure they will ask why am I on it. Also don't know if they will ask me what drugs i am on and normally i'm not on Estrace or Progesterone either.  I guess I'd be fine telling the physical people the truth as long as it doesn't get back to the employer that we are trying to get pregnant b/c that always kinda seems tabo.  Any thoughts????  Always something!!!!!!!

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Aura- Just going to do things the old fashioned way and follow the doctor's prescription to DTD a whole bunch throughout the month. We also have our romantic getaway June 24-29 though I expect that to be about a week after O, I at least won't be bleeding. Speaking of which- finally no more spotting!

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laggie, i have no idea.  the dr twice told me to use fmu.  but i have read other places it should be around 2pm.  i am clueless.  and slightly exasperated as the nurse has not called me back or emailed me in 48 hours and this is a time sensitive thing.  dr t always emails back within a few hours, but he's out this week and i'm unsure of what to do!  in any case, i'm now on day 14, pretty sure my surge has passed, and don't know if they can just generically schedule it for day 24 or whatnot.  i emailed her again and hopefully will hear something tomorrow.


when are you taking the cetrotide this cycle? before like lupron? towards the end? i start my bcp right around when you start your stims, so i'll be following in your footsteps! i'm glad so many of us are cycling, it was so quiet in here for a while.  action is good! i'm also glad you don't have to wait... and congrats to your dh about the new job!


blue, it's hard to say! i don't think they'd be running tests for your hormones, so i don't know if they would even know that your estrogen and progesterone levels were elevated?  also, you could easily say the steroid is for your thyroid and end it at that.  i think the less information you offer, the better.  i'm jealous of your time off, enjoy it!  


rcr, hooray for summer break!  when do you fly out?  i can't believe you're starting up already, this is so exciting!! i'm still a month out, i expect a full report so i know what i'm headed for :P  i hope the zoo was lovely, sounds like fun.


afm, question for ladies who had to buy meds out of pocket... where did you buy them? did you just let your dr order them for you or did you shop around? i don't know what the right thing to do is, and the nurse wants an answer this week.  other than that, just so anxious.  so. very. anxious.  my mom asked a question of me about the dr this afternoon on the phone while i was driving home, and i instantly burst into tears and had a panic attack.  she keeps telling me to relax, but i can't.  especially not when i have so many failed cycles under my belt, and the fact that this is out of pocket. it's easy for her to say, she had two kids!  i'm broke, and babyless.  it's hard to relax.  i wonder if xanax interferes with ivf?  heheheh

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blue, people take prednisone for breathing reasons when they get sick with a cold or infection. They have no business asking why you're taking these meds. You can offer to provide a doctor's note proving that you're taking them for medical reasons without an explanation. Just my 2 cents. I know it may feel less awkward to explain why, I just wanted you to know that you don't have to. I'm SO holding my breath for you!!!
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




I have been a little overwhelmed these past couple days. Spent the weekend at cottage with PIL and SIL and her boyfriend. Left feeling like I just don't want to participate in family functions. I don't get to see my family and get no support from anyone really. I ended up getting in a tiff with MIL. Me and DH had a tiny little argument before leaving cottage. She didn't even hear it she just saw that I was a bit annoyed with him. So, she decided to rudely say to us that "You guys have problems". Shaking her head. I was pretty angry!!! We decided to have a long conversation. Among some of the things I have been told this weekend include; You need help(in a way that was like I am a crazy person,which am not), a lot of people don't have children and are perfectly happy(they choose to not have children, and we clearly want children), Just relax, you'll get pregnant when you relax, the more time you wait to have sex, the more sperm he will have!, What are you going to do when you see a pregnant women at the grocery store?(happens all the time and I deal with it just fine!), What if you experience post-partum depression(what the heck does that have to do with anything?), Do you know what post-partum depression is?(uhm, yeah, duh have a pretty good idea!), Are you going to be like this forever( well no I am just getting used to the idea that we need to do IVF with no other choice), Why do you even want kids anyway?(well why would anyone want kids?), I bet his sperm count is low because of all the hores he slept with in my bed as a teenager(HUH!), well if it happens it happen, if it doesn't o well!(oh thats a nice thing to say), we don't even talk about our daughters pregnancy(uhm yes, you do non stop!), but you have to be at my daughter baby shower(MIL crying) Kind of a nightmare. Complicated, and I am overwhelmed. Oh, yeah, I was also told well I could just adopt. Well, no it isn't that easy. May not be able to adopt otherwise I would have tried already. Its just not that easy. Would it kill anyone to have a little compassion!  

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Kali: I don't see anything in the spoiler???? I hope it's good news!!

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Thanks everyone for the info on transfer. I feel a little better. I drank about 32oz before my cath check, and it was barely enough. Apparently, I'm a camel :) Hopefully, they'll give me more specific instructions on how much to drink as I get closer!


Aura: it may be too late for this, but I could never use the regular OPKs - always had to get the electronic ones. I know they're more expensive, but either I wasn't good at reading the lines or my pee didn't make dark lines!! Fortunately, insurance covered my meds so I'm not help there. I know my doctor likes King's Pharmacy in Brooklyn - they'll ship to you/your RE. I was able to get my Cetrotide through them, and they were really terrific. Not sure what their OOP prices look like though. Good luck!


rcr: How was the zoo? I'm jealous - I love the zoo near us! Also pretty envious that you're off for the summer. I'm just hoping that our boss gives us summer Fridays (the College only gave us two last year!).


Laggie: Yay for starting a cycle!! Sounds like you're on the same protocol as me. I'm starting the Cetrotide when my estrogen reaches 400 - same for you? Are you having any issues ordering your Cetrotide? Apparently it's been on nationwide backorder - I had to battle my insurance company to let me go out of network to a pharmacy that actually had it.


Blue: I agree with the PPs - I don't think it's any of their business why you're taking meds. Lots of people take steroids under the care of a doctor for a whole variety of reasons. I say keep it close to the vest.


Deportivo: You are a saint. I would have thrown the whole family out the window. Can you avoid spending timing with them in the future? Does your DH understand how horrible they were to you??? I am so, so sorry. Sending you a huge hug.


AFM: My belly looks like a pin cushion! Lots of little bruises - is that normal? I go in for my first blood and u/s check tomorrow AM - very excited! Not sure what to expect from it, but hoping that something's already started percolating :) A little nervous about all of the blood draws. I don't have terrific veins, so I'm not sure how they're going to do this every day! I think my side effects have been OK - I'm super tired (actually took a nap this afternoon for nearly 2 hours) and have a lingering headache. I also burst into tears at something totally innocent that my DH said last night. He kind of had to laugh at me, and then I kind of had to laugh at me, so it all ended fine. Otherwise, I think I'm doing OK as a newbie!


One random technical question.... my RE said to let the Gonal-F pen stay in the Menopur vial for a few seconds after I squirt it in to make sure all of the meds get in there. But, no matter how long I leave the Gonal-F there, I still end up with bubble of the meds wasted when I pull the needle out - is this normal? Thanks!!


Hope everyone has a great Wednesday :)

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Aura- that is great about the donor sperm.I never thought of just googling a sperm number. Kinda funny. I think we decided against donor sperm. See my AFM. You have such a postive attitude lately,it is wonderful.


Deborah - do you have a plan for what you are going to do after you are cleared to TTC again? Try naturally? IVF? I think maybe you said this on the grads thread somewhere, but I forgot. Anyway, I am so glad to hear you are feeling ok about holding babies. That is very positive! ETA - just read down to your post, and now I see that you are TTC naturally.


Teresa - gald you started meds and that it went ok. I was really scared at first, but adter the first few shots it got to be no big deal. Sorry about the test in CT. What a pain.


Laggie / hope/ aura/ all - how much water do your REs tell you to drink? Mine says 24 oz (my old RE. I don't know what Fisch says).


Laggie - yay for getting started. It is so nice to see you again. We are doing our cycles at the same time, almost.


All - Maybe  I am being silly and superstisous, but I have been on this thread for a few years, and almost every time there is a new thread it starts off with a rush of BFPs (right Blue and Silver?) With so many of us going up soon, I think we need a summer thread. Hopefully it will be good luck. In any case, it is almost June, and it is in the high 80s where I love (ok, its the south, so it is always that hot, but still...).


Blue - Yay again for feeling great. The zoo was a lot of fun. They have peacocks walking all over the place, and we stopped to look at one sitting on the ground, and she got up and was sitting on like 10 babies. She walked away and they all ran to be under her again. It was so adorable. DS had a great time. Sorry I never answered your question about flying out. I am not on the computer consistently, and when I am, I really only have time to read and not respond much. DS and I are flying out on the 17th. DH is joining us on the 21st. Probably egg retrieval is the 22nd or the 23rd, with transfer on the 25th or 26th. We have told everybody that we are going to the grand canyon, and that DS and I are flying out there early to stay with a cousin in Vegas, and DH is joining us later to go to the grand canyon. I have been telling lies about fertility treatments for so long, it is second nature to come up with lies now. lol. What did you do about the physical? I would just tell them what drugs you are on, and not say why. I don't think that they usually ask why anyway.


Deport - I don't see anything in the spoiler either. Is it good?! As for all the comments, I am sorry. You seem to be dealing with some very unsympathetic people. I get some of those comments sometimes, but really, not all at once. I imagine that is really hard. Is there any way you can just distence yourself from them?


Teresa - I don't understand the question about the pen. Are you injecting it into the menipur? I did that before, and I was never told to let it stay there, but It can't hurt. I do let the shots stay in me for a few seconds after I am done, because otherwise a drip or two of the meds will come out of me when I take the shot out.  The zoo was lots of fun. We have a membership. It is small and there is almost never anybody there.


AFM - got a call from my old RE saying that once I schedule an appointment with her I can begin to start receiving profiles of donor embryos. I guess I finally made it to the top of their list. I am going to make an appointment for after I get back from Vegas, just to have all bases covered. If it is a BFN we plan to go for it (donor embryos). We will still have one more IVF try left under our insurance, but we are saving that for donor eggs anyway, so if we can get donor embryos, why not try that. It is cheap too. Funny timing though - I have been on their donor embryo list for 2 years I think.

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Oh, and one more thing - we decided to not go with donor sperm. No specific reason, DH was actually ok with it. It is just that I get so few eggs, it doesn't make much sense. We'll use donor sperm for at least half if we move to donor eggs at some point.

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rcr - good to read you update and glad you had fun at the zoo.  Sounds like a blast.  So excited for you and this cycle and glad you got your back up plan if needed but i have a good feeling you won't need it.  Fingers crossed for you!


Teresa - Yep, little bruises all over your belly around your belly button is totally normal and might even take a little bit to go away.  I can't help with your drug question b/c I didn't use those drugs but i'm sure someone else may know the answer on here.


Deport - Sending lots of hugs!!!!  You shouldn't have to listen to those awful comments.  That is one reason we kept all of our IF issues kinda to ourselves and only very close friends that i trusted.  Everyone always has an opinion and wants to share and sometimes it is just not appropriate, which all of those comments you got were very inappropriate!!!!


Tear - thanks.  I actually have been on prednisone several times for sinus issues so I might just go with that b/c I always have some kind of sinus thing or allergy thing going on so it's kinda true.


AFM - don't have much time b/c i need to run off to this physical.   I think i'll just list the drugs i normally take (asthma/thyroid basically) and not even list the progesterone and estrace.  Still deciding about the prednisone.  Maybe if it comes up on the drug screen i'll just say i forgot i was on it b/c of sinus issues.  We will see.  Gotta run.  Hope everyone has a good day.

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RCR-Yes, we will TTC naturally for 3 or 4 months and then go back to the artificial route. I don't have a ton of time b/c I have aging eggs and I don't want Endo growing back more either.

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teresa - the bruises are totally normal - sucks, but normal. Try to be well hydrated in the mornings, it will make the blood draws easier. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but it is normal for there to be some of the gonal-F sitting in the tip of the injector thing after you use it. The dosage is still correct.


I normally just get my meds from the RE, so I have no idea about the cetrotide - but this time I was looking at ordering them online. I'm not sure how to go about that, though, since they usually adjust the dosage day by day. I might end up ordering too much (or too little), and that would eliminate any savings.


rcr - My doctor just says to have "a full bladder" and doesn't give any specific amount of water. Which is frustrating because how full is full? Painfully full, or slightly annoying full?

I hope you do get to enjoy some of your "vacation" even if it's mostly a lie. My parents went to the Grand Canyon last month, although they only stayed for a couple of hours because there was a foot of snow in the forecast.


It's pretty far from summer here in rainy Vancouver, but if a new thread brings good luck I'm all for it.


dep - your MIL sounds like a real piece of work. I would be sooo mad at DH for not telling her to STFU. Luckily my inlaws live in Holland, but they are very supportive. It's hard, though, because DH's brothers have two kids each and we've been trying for number 1 for so long.


aura - I was looking at ivfmeds.com, they seem to have everything. Can you ask what they would cost directly from your doctor? I'm perplexed with mine, because when we saw the RE for a consult he said that for this next cycle they would give us the meds "at cost" to make them cheaper - but the nurse is telling me that they already ARE at cost (which I doubt.)

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Teresa- Thanks for the support. yup I am frustrated and at some point in that conversation I felt like hitting one or both of them with a frying pan! But, I just calmly and collectively explained my position, and why should I have to defend myself all the time anyways. I wish I had some advocate for myself rather than just myself, you know.


Blue- thanks so much for the support. Yeah, we did have everything to ourselves but ever since DH's sister got pregnant things have gotten a little out of hand. Even if I did not struggle with infertility issues I would still find it hard to deal with them and there take on her pregnancy and what my role should be. I think what really pushed me over the edge with everything was, before she announced her pregnancy we announced our getting married. yes, I know we are not legally married yet. We wanted to go overseas. We, told her and she didn't even congratulate me, she just said "huh".  Than I had to choke down my tears as she jumped around and showed me her belly, ultrasound and announce her being eight weeks pregnant! Ever since than, I have been told that we shouldn't even get married. Why would you get married you would be miserable. She, and her boyfriend parading around saying,'Thats why we are not getting married so we can stay so happy!"


FIL even told me that I needed to pack a lot of her baby things in my suitcase to go overseas, for my wedding! Can you believe that, like I wouldn't need room for wedding things in my bag. I had to save room for diapers and baby items, when I am going away for my wedding and honeymoon, WTF!

On top of that MIL told me I had to choose a different resort that was baby friendly, and I would have to reschedule our entire wedding according to her recovery after the birth. Keep in mind SIL has a hard time even saying hello to me.  Than after all that, she tells DH that they can't come to our wedding anyways. Now they all could care less about my plans to get married or even attending. So, that is what finally had me brake down and tell them, hoping they would be more understanding or compassionate. That has not been the case at all.


Laggie- yeah, I just could not believe she had the nerve to comment on our relationship issues. I don't even know when that could have been appropriate, definitely now and not in that situation. I could maybe understand if she mentioned something if we were like screaming at each other in the middle of dinner or something! But, far from it. Was so inappropriate. Thanks for the support.

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Bleu / others - I have elevated natural killer cells. 13.5 was my number, and they like to have it closer to 9. I am actually really happy about this, as it may explain my m/c. I am doing the interlipid thing before I go to vegas. Blue - was it painful? How much did it cost?

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rcr - That is GREAT news!!!!  Well, you know what I mean!!!  It is good that they found it before you do your transfer and they will probably put you on Dex or prednisone for a longer period of time as well just like they did for me.  I paid for the intralipids out of pocket and ordered them from Freedom and they cost like 28 dollars and then the place that did they IV billed my insurance and I don't know if they paid for it or not yet, but I think they did.  It doesn't hurt at all it is just like have an IV of saline b/c that is all it is, the lipids mixed w/ a bag of saline and it takes like 3-4 hrs that is the only bad part b/c it is boring just sitting there. I brought a book and had my phone to play on too so the time went a little faster.  Did they check you and DH for DQ alpha matches too or no, i think you said you didn't do that, right?  They would have had to take both of your blood to do that one.  We did that one too and have a partial match there as well.  Yell, if you have any more questions I can help you w/.  It is really no big deal at all just 3-4 hrs of your day and i think they like to do them like 7-12 or 14 days before a transfer.




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Bleu / others - I have elevated natural killer cells. 13.5 was my number, and they like to have it closer to 9. I am actually really happy about this, as it may explain my m/c. I am doing the interlipid thing before I go to vegas. Blue - was it painful? How much did it cost?

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rcr- hooray!!! not that it's great to have the elevated nk cells, but knowledge is power!  i am so excited that this was figured out, so much to look forward to.  also, the timing on the donor embryos couldn't be better! i hope you don't have to end up going that route, but having a feasible backup plan is key.  the image of the baby peacocks melts my heart, i love sweet moments like that.   i'm glad you and ds are getting so many opportunities to spend quality time together. also, in response to your water question, i feel like my old RE used to say 24 oz.  


blue, good luck at the physical!  how are you feeling? 


teresa, sounds like you're doing great! bruises are normal, just wait for the PIO! as far as the meds, don't worry about losing a drop here and there.  the manufacturers always put extra in the bottle or pen, for example my gonal f in a vial is supposed to have 450units, but really has 600.  they expect you to lose some.  like rcr, sometimes a few drops of the meds seep out after i inject them, but my dr said it doesn't matter.  i think as long as you and your dh can laugh about the side effects, you'll do just fine.  be good to yourself, be good to each other, and take the rest day by day. 


laggie, in the past i used freedom and mandels for my meds but that was with insurance.  i know both of them offer cash discounts if you have to pay out of pocket.  i really liked the service i got with freedom, and i'm considering using them this time.  the head nurse who is ordering my drugs basically told me i could pick where i wanted her to order them from.  she gave me a couple of ny/nj places, along with freedom.  i'm going to check out the place you mentioned, and see what their prices are like.   luckily a lot of these places list their prices online so at least we can compare!

i'm confused by what your dr said... do they order them and you pay the dr?  i've always paid the medicine company directly? 


deportivo, sorry your inlaws are so insensitive.  maybe it's better to distance yourself from them for a while.


afm, i FINALLY heard back from the nurse! now they want me to come in for bw and us tomorrow to see if i ovulated.  i'm pretty sure i did based on cm and ovulation pains, but i guess they need proof.  the only appt they could get me was 11:45, which stinks because i miss out working in the morning, and miss out working in the afternoon.  i think i'm going to take it easy in the morning, drive into the city for the appt, then drive home and try to at least make it in for a few hours of work in the afternoon.  i could take the whole day (my boss was amazing and said "life comes first, work will always be here") but i hate wasting the vacation time when i know i'll need it more when i'm in my cycle.   in good news though, i finally called another local RE clinic and they said they could happily do my local monitoring.  i just have to give them my insurance info and they can set me up.  phew!  they are also an ob/gyn group, so if i like them, i may consider switching there for pregnancy (fingers crossed).  when i called my own gynocologist's  office they were so rude! the receptionist gave me attitude and said that they couldn't "just take blood" because another dr wants it, and that i'd have to set up consults and whatnot.  well, i guess that's the last time i go there.  


and finally, if you're still reading all this, WHO WANTS TO DO THE SUMMER THREAD?  i agree with rcr, every time we switch the thread over for the season there are a rush of pregnancies.  anyone? anyone?  it's super easy!

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Aura - I'm glad they are having you go in to get checked.  Crazy that those OPK's were being all wacky!!! I'm going to pass on doing the Summer thread b/c I've never had thread-keepers luck and if I get a BFN I'll be only around now and then to just cheer you all on.  energy.gif  I'm feeling okay, but kinda been feeling like AF is on her way b/c I'm on CD 30 today which is when AF normally shows up, so I'm hoping that it is more like implantation pains and not AF type cramps.  I know it would be weird being on progesterone, but who knows.  My body is kinda like clockwork normally, so it might be thrown off.  We held off on this cycle a bit so it is the latest transfer we have ever done so I've never been this late in a cycle w/ a FET.


Depot - Wow, I hope you can get away from all those negative people and just stay in a happy place.  So did you already book your get away wedding?  Maybe just you and DH should go and then just have a reception when you get back home for family and friends to avoid drama... just a thought.  I just wouldn't want drama at my wedding and things sound kinda crazy for you right now.  Sending you lots of positive vibes and happy energy!!!!  goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

Laggie - i have used Freedom or Walgreens specialty pharmacy when ordering my meds.  Usually whoever has better prices.  I forgot to mention that before.



AFM - i had my physical today and they didn't even ask me what meds I was on.  I did have to pee in a cup and they are going to send it out.  I did notice that there were some interesting things from the vag. crinone progesterone in there, so I hope that doesn't mess things up.  I'm sure the nurse was like gross. I don't even know if she saw it or not but it was in the part that she had me dump that she didn't need so i'm hoping it wasn't in the 2 samples she sealed up and sent away.  The nurse said if they find anything and it is prescription that the Dr would call me and i just have to show up w/ a script that says it is from a Dr I guess.  We will see.

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I'd be happy to start the new thread unless someone else is dying to take it over!

rcr: Yes, I'm injecting the gonal into the menopur. But, my RE changed my protocol for tonight/tomorrow am based on my morning bloods. So, now I'm just on menopur! All that worrying for nothing! I love your story about the peacocks - so sweet! I'm with the others in thinking it's great that you are at the top of the embryo donor list, but I think you won't need it! Sometimes life works like that for the good! Sorry about the elevated NK cells, but I'm glad that Blue seemed to have a lot of good info to offer! It's nice to know that someone has walked this path before, too! Watch out Vegas, here you come!!!

Blue: Glad the physical went fine. I'm sure the nurse didn't even notice the crinone ick. How high a dose of prednisone are you on? Maybe it won't even show up? Sounds like it's a pretty simple fix if they do find something though!

Laggie: Well, I hope you have better luck with the Cetrotide than me! I actually was only able to buy one dose (though it's a higher dose, so I'd be covered for 2-3 days with it). Luckily, my doctor has some at his office that I can "borrow" while I wait for a new order. I never realized how complicated all this meds stuff would be!!

Deportivo: Boy oh boy. I really just want to drive/fly to wherever you are and give you a big hug. Your in-laws sound like really awful people. Just remember to take care of you first and foremost. I know it sounds selfish, but sometimes we need to be selfish.

Aura: Thanks for the good meds info! Fortunately, my RE stopped doing PIO about a year ago. He calls it barbaric smile.gif Glad I'm missing out on that!!! I think I get to use a suppository instead. I'm so glad you found someone to do your monitoring closer to home. I would definitely switch OB/GYN practices - I hate bad customer service - especially related to healthcare!!! Your boss sounds totally amazing; have I said that already? It's supposed to be a little less rainy tomorrow, so enjoy the scenic drive into the City - nothing like a colorful stack of shipping containers on a sunny day. Something about the way the light glints off the edges smile.gif

AFM: First u/s showed 4 follies on one side, and 3-4 on the other. The tech said it was still early and that there should be more popping up soon. AF has been dancing around since Monday (I've never had this much spotting - I guess my body's not sure what's going on!). RE switched up my meds. Doing 3 Menopur tonight and tomorrow AM. No Gonal-F. Does that mean that I'm likely done with the Gonal-F or is it possible to add that back in later? So glad the week is almost over!!! Found out today that the President is giving us a half-day Friday - yippee!
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Bleu / others - I have elevated natural killer cells. 13.5 was my number, and they like to have it closer to 9. I am actually really happy about this, as it may explain my m/c. I am doing the interlipid thing before I go to vegas. Blue - was it painful? How much did it cost?

treehugger.gif  I hope this makes all the difference for you!  Blue, I'm thinking of you too.  MWUH!

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Blue - I had 2 frozen and one was thawed and transfered.  The grade was B11. I hope I am saying that correctly. I am so happy to hear you are doing great after the transfer! Cant wait to hear more about this cycle!


Aura/Teresa/RCR/Hope - Hi ladies! For both my transfers I was never told to have a full bladder. I have always been told to use the restroom before I scrubbed in.  Is that odd??? They do, do the ultrasound before the transfer though.  I remember reading about it before I did my first transfer because I was trying to be prepared but like I said it never happened.  Maybe there are different protocols considering I am not in the US?


AFM - I have 2 days and a wake up before I test.  This morning when I woke up for work, my breasts were soo sore! I didnt even want to stand up...I probably made the mistake of sleeping without my bra last night and I am sure it doesnt help that I am not very small in the chest area. I also felt a little nauseated and I am still cramping throughout the day.  I dont want to get happy because I totally know this can be the side effects of the endometrin.  I also dont want to be negative but I honestly dont feel like I am pregnant.  I am also worried because the last two weeks have been a very unsteady for me.  My husband and I have not had the best of relationships lately and we argue so much now.  I mean its almost everyday that we are arguing.  I am so sad because I know that I have been extremely stressed out.  My body has been so tense and I know a baby cant live in a that type of environment.  shake.gif

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