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rcr - I am so glad that they found something that they can now treat!!  I hope hope hope that this means your Vegas trip will bring you your BFP!! 


Kali - I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!


teresa - sounds like a good start to everything!!  I had a real small number like that at my first u/s too, and they ended up getting 25 eggs, so yeah, the first u/s doesn't tell a WHOLE lot.

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Blue - yea, I am excited about it to. they did not check us for DQ matches. I wonder if that is because we already have DS together. What exactly is DQ alpha matches? I should ask them about it. They already have me on predsonone for a really long time. I start it on Friday. Do you remember what your natural killer cells level was? I am curious if NK cells can make you not get pregnant at all - or just not implant. Do you know? How far along would you be before the NK cells cause a m/c?


Deporto - I agree with Aura - any way you can distence yourself from your inlaws?


Aura - wow, that is a lot of driving. Glad you found a place locally to do monitoring. Strange about the old doc saying they can't just take blood. I have done that a few times and never had a problem. I thought doctors all did it because eventually their own paitents may be the ones who need out of town monitoring. In any case, glad you finally got the test done. When do you hear back?


Teresa - I think you should just go ahead and start the new thread. Thanks for offering! Your cycle is coming on so fast!


Blue (again) - I wouldn't worry about the cramping.  I have had cramping just like AF when I was pregnant (with DS and with my m/c). You never know what it is for. Keep positive. What bad timing about the physical. At least you have a plan for what to do if the drugs show up.


Carlyle - thanks! Nice to see you!


Teresa - do you work at a university? I do too. I don't know about switing meds, I have never had to do it, although I think it is quite common.


Kali - I think the full bladder thing was to help them see better, since they use an external u/s instead of a vaginal u/s.  IF is stressful for couples. DH and I have gone through some pretty rough spots int he last 5 years, much of which was because of IF I think. We even went to a counselor for a while. She helped quite a lot. I would give yourself a break and not stress out about stressing out. I have read that stress actually makes very little difference for IVF anyway.


AFM - shots start tomorrow. So excited to get the ball rolling.

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hello ladies!  i'm exhausted from driving so much today.  i drove an hour into the city (in a thunderstorm), spent thirty minutes at the dr, drove an hour to a specialty pharmacy for meds, then drove 40 min to work, to spend 2.5 hours there, and then finally drove home.  i. am. pooped.  


i had dr t do my ultrasound today, and it was really good to see and talk to him again.  there is something about his personality that totally sets me at ease! i had one follicle at 17mm, and it appears that i haven't ovulated yet.  this of course got me panicking why my ovulation is either a) late, or b) not happening?  i've never had a scan mid cycle when not on suppression, so now i'm curious if i haven't been ovulating regularly.  i always assumed i had been since my period was so regular, but i guess i'll have to ask dr google to fill me in on the details.  in any case, dr t prescribed an ovidrel trigger to force ovulation, so we could schedule my biopsy, which is going to be June 4th.  i then had to drive to mandels, which isn't too far from me in nj, to pick up the ovidrel.  i'll take it soon, the nurse said it didn't really matter what time i did it.  one step closer now! 

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On my phone so bear w/ me and this quick post.

Kali- I have never heard of that gradIng unless the. Umber part is may e the number of cells? Good luck w/ your test! Sure sounds promising! Sorry to hear about you and your DH issues. I'm sure being a little one into the world won't make those things any easier! Hopefully you guys can get things worked out. Would he be willing to do counseling?

Carlyle- good to see your name pop up!! Thanks for your thoughts.

Rcr - I'm not 100% sure about the m/c part, but I think NK cells can for sure prevent you from getting pregnant for sure.

Aura- ugggh to all the driving!! Glad they are on top of it giving you the trigger shot. Keep us posted.

Gotta run bc DH wants ice cream!
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Ok, I took rcr's advice and just created the summer thread. Hope no one minds! I'm heading over there now to write personals :) Here's the url:


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kali, i somehow missed your last post!  these are all good signs! i can't wait for you to test.  we want you to get your bfp!!   that's pretty interesting that they did the ultrasound before transfer.  for mine, they had me all strapped in to the table and then used an ultrasound on my stomach to help guide the catheter in for perfect placement.  i believe they used the ultrasound on my stomach for the mock transfer as well!  i figure, none of it matters if it gives you the results you want!

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Kali- I know how you feel. IF can put so much stress on a relationship. Give yourself a break. Also I agree with rcr and have also read that stress has little to do with affecting IVF. Many women experience lots of stress and still get pregnant and stay pregnant. I think its kind of worse when some people mention stress and not getting pregnant, it just makes you stress even more because your worried about your stress level. Many women get pregnant through IVF and I am sure most if not all of them endure stress through the process.

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