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Typing from my phone. All is well. Three measurable follies. On both sides plus a few small ones. Bloodwork came back normal and I am starting.g gannirelix tonight. My next appointment is Monday morning.
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rcr, this is great!  sounds like the protocol is working so far!


i went to visit my best friend today, who had a baby a week ago.  her daughter is perfect, and tiny, and is so sweet.  i came home and cried a bit out of frustration.  i am trying to find my patience. 

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rcr- good to hear that things are coming along nicely!!!  Keep us posted after your Monday appt.  Fingers crossed for this cycle!!!  You are due for a BFP!!!!


Kali - All of your symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms for sure, but they also could be progesterone symptoms as well it's really hard to tell.  If you can, I'd try to use FMU for your hpt.  They say you will get better results if it is FMU, but I realize you have crazy work hours so maybe that is hard.  Fingers crossed for you for sure!!!!!


Aura - hug2.gifI always try to absorb all that cute baby energy when i get to hold a newborn!!!! I know it is so not fair. 


AFM - AF showed up today!!!!!  I have a phone consult w/ my RE on April 5th so we will see what the scoop is and where we go from here.  I'm just ready to use our last two embries (well we will thaw both, but only be able to transfer one) and move on and be done if it doesn't work!!!  If we didn't have these 2 frozen left, I'd be ready to throw in the towel now and move on w/ life - whatever that means.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Deborah:  Still thinking about you alot and praying for you and your DH.


Kali:  Isn't it terrible that every possible pregnancy symptom you feel can be atributed to the progesterone?  I have always HATED that part!demon.gif  This stuff can literally make you go mad.  I have my fingers crossed for you.  Best of luck!



 RCR:  clap.gif  Everything sounds like it is going really well!  I am so happy for you.  You will have to let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow! 


Aura:   I went to lunch last week with a good friend from work who is out on maternity leave.  Her DD is about 7 weeks old.  She was just so tiny and perfect and beautiful  I went home and cried too....so I know what you mean.  Soon it will be your turn!


Blue:  Your next cycle just has to work.  There are so many people here, including me, who are pulling for you.  I want this so much for you.  Try to stay positive and feel us around you supporting you!  grouphug.gif


AFM:  Nothing new here.  I am taking the suppositories twice a day, the prometrium 3 times a day and the IM progesterone once a day.  I am a complete basketcase!  wild.gif  I am so drowsy from the prometrium.  I wake up every morning feeling like I have a hangover from it...dry mouth, headache and exhausted.  But whatever it takes...I'll do it.  I have myself in a complete panic that I am going to lose this baby.  I hold my breath every time I go to the bathroom (which is a whole lot) thinking I will find blood.  I will feel better after I can see the heartbeat, but I will continue to worry....I POAS last night so that I could see an actual positive sign for once (and to make sure HCG still measureable).  I see the doctor tomorrow and get scanned and bloodwork.  Very anxious...  Then my parents come Tuesday.  I am not sure if I mentioned that they had to cancel their trip last month because they both came down with the flu.  It will be really nice to see them, but I am so tired, entertaining will not be easy...  And they do not know about the pregnancy.  We will not share that info for a few more months.  I would like to wait until after the amnio, to make sure the baby is ok, but DH may push me to tell before then.  Not until we are past the first trimester though...  I am soooo happppy..but sooo scared.


To All:   wave.gif


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I have a question for all of you who know how these boards work....  how do you put the little "blurb" about yourself that pops up under your posts?  Like where Blue talks about being a mom to her wonderful dog?  I will never figure these sites out!!!

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Praying - look at the top of the page, there is a purple bar. The last button on that bar is "my profile" you can change the blurb if you go there.


Aura - hug2.gif We have all had expriences like that. A woman at work has had 3 kids since I had DS.


Praying - my DH always pressures me to tall the world before I am read too. Next time I am not telling anybody until the baby is crowning. Seriously.


Deborah - hope everything was ok. I am thinking about you too.


Blue - I guess yay for AF arriving. Now that you know how the interlipids works, and have that all settled, it should be a pretty fast cycle, right?


Kali - those sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me too!


Sap - Congrats!!!!


AFM - I am nervious about rising progstrone with every appointment. At this point my last cycle was still ok, but it would have been canceled tomorrow. The cycle before that was canceled on stim day 5 (today). If I make it past tomorrow without rising progestone I will feel a lot better.

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rcr - That is great news!! You are in my thoughts!!


aura - I have experienced the same before.  A cousin of mine just got pregnant and I was sooo happy for her but it made me cry cause I have been trying so hard for so long.  Its hard not to be frustrated sometimes.  


prayinghard - Yes!! I am not getting my hopes up just yet because I know it could just be the medication I am on.  =(


I started spotting this morning.  It is 11 day past my transfer, I am a little discouraged but trying to stay positive.  I am thinking of taking a pregnancy test but not sure yet.  I have an EPT at home but I don't have the instructions for it cause I threw it away after I used the first one a few months back.  I have done a google search on how to read it and got mixed results as for what a positive is supposed to look like.  Are any of you ladies familiar with the EPT??? I want to know before I test.  

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RCR, yah to everything going smoothly!! I hope the gannerilix works and keeps the eggs where they should stay until retrieval! Did they give you an idea as to when they think retrieval will be? I'm so excited for you and following your week anxiously! Are you getting your progesterone level tested today? let us know how it goes!


Blue, yah to AF and to speaking with the doctor on April 5th. it sounds like this month is a natural month without intervention, then? I'm with Praying...we're all waiting for this to work for you!


Praying, UGH to oral prometrium! I took oral prometrium for my first IUI and that was the only drug in the whole bevy of drugs I took that kicked me in the bum. In those 1.5 weeks I took the prometrium, i had more mood swings and I felt more exhausted and dizzy than my whole current pregnancy combined! I begged my RE for another option the next time around. They suggested crinone but it was like 300 a tube for a week at that time so I ended up using prometrium vaginally. My gosh though, you are definitely getting a huge dose of progesterone and basically, in every route possible. They are definitely keeping you covered! Can't wait to hear the results of your US! Don't let DH push you until you're ready. My DH told all his friends about my pregnancy weeks before I ended up telling my friends. I just wasn't ready. In fact, I JUST posted my belly shot on Facebook on Saturday because before then, I just told a select group of friends. I'm still nervous and will probably continue to be nervous until my babies are in my arms. And then I'll be nervous for another reason, I'm sure...haha


Aura, hug2.gif. I think we've all felt that way before. It's just such a tough experience, especially if the other person didn't have fertility issues. You know the worst part? I don't know if it is me being extra sensitive or catty, but i just found out that a friend of my DH's is pregnant and I was still bothered. They didn't take long to get pregnant and are due in September. All I could think is thank goodness I'm pregnant now or I would be in a funk the size of Texas! It doesn't mean that I'm not happy for them. In fact, now that i had time to process it, I'm really very happy for them and excited but my first reaction was one of defense. But i love Blue's suggestion of just absorbing baby energy.


Kali, isn't it the worst that pregnancy symptoms are very similar to those you get with progesterone supplementation? Ugh! And don't count yourself out yet! I bled a little during the first few weeks of pregnancy too so it could be normal spotting. I don't know much about the EPT brand :o( I hope you figure out how to use it though and that it shows a BFP. thumb.gif


Everyone else, HI! Just checking in and stalking you all. I'm hoping that the end of March and the rest of Spring brings us a lot of wonderful news to celebrate!



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aura - I'm cracking up at the obvious hints that ended with roses!!  Some men just don't get it!!  Seeing new babies is both so hard, and so wonderful.  I like the thought of using up all that good baby energy too.

saph - that is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Congratulations!!!  I can't wait to hear the beta numbers!!!  jumpers.gif

kali - Ugh, I hate that the symptoms could be either or!  I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it's your BFP!!  Let us know tomorrow night.  Spotting still could be implantation! 


rcr - Sounds great, I'm hoping that this mornings appointment shows all remains good, let us know! 

blue -  Yay for AF and a consult coming up soon!  Why would you thaw both but only transfer 1?  Just curious.

praying - Wow, that's a TON.  I imagine you ARE exhausted!  Keep the news to yourself until YOU'RE ready.  I think I was 15 weeks before all but about 3 people knew.  We just weren't ready to share the good news!!


AFM - Just hoping that AF shows up in the next few days as she is supposed to, but I have NO symptoms that it's going to happen.... hmmm....

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Hope - Don't trust symptoms. :)


AFM - appointment went well, but the big anxiety is the progestrone level, which I won't know until this afternoon. 5 nice eggs plus some little ones. One is a bit larger than the rest, so hopefully it holds out and lets the others catch up. I am so anxious about my progestrone level I am having a hard time working. I haven't made it this far without it rising.

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RCR: I hope you get good news this afternoon!!! I have a good feeling for you this time.


Kali: Fingers crossed that it's implantation spotting!!! I think EPT is the + or - test. So if the 2nd line shows up, it will look like a +. At least that is what mine was like. I think most tests have 1 line mean neg and 2 lines is positive - they just sometimes differ in where that 2nd line is. Good luck!!



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RCR - here's hoping the progesterone level stays where it should be and that you get good news from here on out.


Kali - good luck! I highly recommend the Early Response test.


AFM, I've been BAD. I went to my pcp on Friday because I developed a rash. She said she was going to do bloodwork, so I asked her to throw in the preg test. Well, she just called back and said the bloodwork looks good and the test came back positive. So I inquired more.. what about the beta?? I need numbers! And she said the test was just qualitative, not quantitative. She's calling the call to see if they will be able to convert it but no guarantees. This is what I get for trying to be sneaky. On the bright side, my "real" preg test is tomorrow.



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Sap! Yay!!!!! Can I post jumping veggies now, or are you waiting to call it until tomorrow.


Vegan - thanks. I hope your good feeling is right!



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RCR - definitely waiting until the official test/results tomorrow. I can't be happy yet because I feel like all of my physical symptoms are not normal (cramping, twisting, pulling..). I don't have any spotting though.

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rcr - you're so right.  since I've got my PPAF back it's been so all over the board in terms of symptoms it's not even funny.  Although I will say that I typically spot for DAYS before she comes, so of course I haven't been, so I keep thinking she's not coming yet.  BUT, I know that Lupron is wreaking havoc with my system anyways, so who knows!!  OMG, I can't believe that you haven't heard on the progesterone yet!  It's killing me!!!

saph - I so want to be doing the happy dance right now for you, toasting with champagne and jumping smiley faces.  I'm having a really hard time keeping it under control!!!!



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Saphrons - An early congrats!!!  Nice job getting your PCP to order the beta on the side!!!  Could the rash be from the progesterone or the other meds???  Can't wait to hear about your beta numbers!!


rcr - Did you get your numbers??  Fingers crossed for you!!!  Your egg numbers sound good though!!!  I'm excited for you to finally have a good cycle and to get your BFP!!!! 


Hope - it took me like 12-14 days on the Lupron before my AF showed up I think it was.  We are thawing 2 b/c our last 2 are frozen together so they have to be thawed together and we can only transfer one b/c of our partial matching genotypes... kinda confusing but the short story is 1 out 2 of every embryo we make will be faulty b/c of this match so we can only put one back in at a time.  So that is the scoop.


Renavoo - Yep, it's a "try" for a free baby month for us this month I think.  Not sure when my RE will start me on Lupron again.  Don't want to think about it.  I'm just now weaning off the prednisone right now so I'm not sure how that will work either.  I've been on it for a month now...yuck and i will have to start again when we do our next cycle.. double yuck!!!  So i'm not sure when it will all go down but i hope to figure out the plan.


Debroah - thinking of you and hoping you and your DH are spending some time together healing!!!!


Praying - hope you survive keeping your secret from your family while they are visiting. It is going to be hard to keep the fatigue under control when they are around.  Can you ask to be switch to a different kind of progesterone?  I've only ever used Crinone and PIO and never had those crazy symptoms but maybe they are advanced b/c you are pregnant now!!


Kali - fingers crossed for you!!  When is your beta again?


Aura - how are things going with you??  Things are coming up here soon right?  Keep us posted!!  Thinking of you!!


Hi to everyone i missed!!!!!!

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Everything is fine. Progesterone is fine. so far so good. My next appointment is on Thursday and retrieval is probably on Saturday if everything goes well.
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rcr - That's awesome news!! So glad. I can't believe how soon your retrieval is. You are really flying through this cycle. 

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Yay RCR!!!!



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Saph~ Yeah...congrats on your BFP...I will hold off on the parade until you get your beta numbers back.


Blue~ Good luck figuring out a plan going into your next cycle.


rcr~ Awesome news...so happy that things are going well for you. FX'ed for a good appointment on Thursday and for a great retrieval on Saturday!


AFM~ We had our FET today. The embabies (3) were 3-dayer's...#1) 8 celled, that after the thaw was 7 cells, #2) 6 celled, that after the thaw was 5 cells, and #3) 6 celled, that did not make the thaw. So we transfered the two...we were told that they were grade 2, and had some fragmentation.So, I'm in the TWW...more shots, PIO & E2V, and progesterone suppositories to take these next two weeks. I will have my first Beta 4/5/2012 (but they don't call with results until after the 2nd Beta), and my 2nd Beta is scheduled for 4/9/2012, and I won't get the results unti 4/10/2012. I'll probably take a HPT on 4/7/12. So now I just take it easy for my 24hrs, bed rest...and for the next two weeks don't do anything crazy. Please keep your fingers crossed and send up prayers for us.



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