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Thought today was baby day

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I think my body wants to join in the fun of all the early labors we have here.



we've had a fun last 36ish hours. 


Last night at about bed time I thought I was going to be sick again. Well that turned into intense pain above my belly button that spread through out my whole stomach and a very hard stomach. That went on for about an hour last night, then I fell asleep with scary thoughts of waking up to a new crying in our bedroom. 


Sara went to work this morning and all was fine. Then at about 3pm, I went to lay shay down on his play mat, and the super sharp pain was back and harder. It lasted for about 2 minutes, and then came back a few more times. I told Sara and she said I should call the ob and talk to them, incase I was in early labor or just having a bunch of contractions. So I called at 3:45 and they said to be there by 4:15 at the latest because they can't make the doctors stay late. So I woke up shay, put him in a diaper, threw milk into the diaper bag and threw him in the car. He wasn't thrilled I woke him up. 


I got there 5 minutes late because the short cut road to town was closed (I think because of high water). I got in, and Shay hung out with the nurses while I was examined. My cervix was a little soft but not open at all. She saw a bit of funneling and called for an ultra sound to measure my cervix. Well its starting to get a little shorter, which if I were anywhere farther along they wouldn't be worried, but because I'm 31wks and 6 days, they had some cause for concern. 


They said I had to have a FFN test run (to see if I'm in danger of having the baby in the next 2 weeks) and I needed to be monitored while they ran the test. I had to also call someone to watch shay during it. I called my MIL and she came racing to the hospital. I had to be wheeled next door to the hospital and hooked up and I think that freaked Shay out about. Poor sara had to hear all of this second hand via the phone or texts.


So if I passed the FFN, then I'd have to have steroids for the baby to make his lungs mature and stay over night to be monitored. If I failed, it meant no need to worry because they were 100% sure I wouldn't give birth in the next 2 weeks. OY!


After about an hour more, the test came back negative and I was free to go with strick instructions to come back if my water breaks. 


That could have been really scary. I'm thrilled it came back negative. 

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Geesh Sara.

Sounds like it was a very alarming ordeal for all involved. Do you think it could have been due to dehydration at all or over exertion? You do sound like you have a lot going on physically with work and taking care of baby Shay and everything.
I am so thankful that you didn't deliver little guy early ((hugs)), but take comfort that if you did - chances are good that he would totally be ok after some time in Nicu...

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glad it was all negative! 

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Scary!  I'm glad everything turned out okay! 

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I'm so glad everything was okay! Isn't the fetal fibronectin the worst test? The wait for it is horrific when you just don't know what is happening.

I'm so glad everything is okay. :)

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They said it was probably from the baby growing so much this week and my uterus not knowing how to handle it. They said some women experience more pain and contractions than others do and I'm one of the luck ones. They didn't say anything about my fluids being low or not being allowed to take care of shay anymore. 


It is an awful test to wait for and I really thought it wouldn't take so long, but it took nearly an hour to get back. It was scary. Lots of thoughts about how we'd take care of Shay and visit the new guy and be near him (the nicu is about 90 minutes from our house). It was stressful, especially for Shay. 


I'm now 'high risk' and on weekly appointments. Good fun, but I'll take that over the baby coming soon. I'm not going to have him for at least 2 more weeks, and I'm happy with that information. They said no sex (because semen softens the cervix) and I said 'oh we have to buy that'. The doctor got confused for a second and then laughed. He was really cool. 


We are thrilled the baby is still in me and he is now grounded until the end of april at the earliest. They said if I feel like I'm doing too much, relax for a while. My ob practice as a whole doesn't believe in bed rest, but the doc I saw today said if it was just his practice I'd be on bedrest until baby time.


The bright side of everything is that I now feel more comfortable with the nurses in l&d at the hospital, so when I go there, I'm not as stressed about it. 


Thanks for all of your wonderful thoughts for us!



Oh and today, on the way home from my 'regular checkup' at the ob, we ran out of gas. So funny! What's going to happen tomorrow I wonder!

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WOW so glad everything is ok! I think we are in that period when babies are growing really, really fast. Take it easy and I'll hope for your sake tomorrow is a fairly boring day smile.gif
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What a scary day! So glad that everything is ok and baby is still inside you!! Keep us updated! 

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Just popping in to say glad all is well!
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