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Motherease One-size vs. GMD Workhorse...Opinions?

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I am planning a few stash alterations for baby # 2 and can't decide whether go get a pile of MEOS dipes, or to go with the GMD workhorse fitteds.  We love prefolds the most and plan to use those mostly as we did with DD, but my mom, who is around a lot, can't stand them and wants us to get some diapers that are easier for her to use.  I have a friend who uses the workhorse fitteds and loves them, but they seem super thick and bulky, and take a while in the dryer, though they are very absorbent.  I have used the MEOS before, but sold them because I had a skinny baby and thought the fit was a bit wonky sometimes.  I don't know if the benefit of the one-size over buying multiple sizes outweighs the bulkiness of the MEOS on a young baby. I loved the MEOS and really wanted them to work, which is why I have circled back around to them again.  But, I love the idea of an all cotton, prefold-like fitted.  I am on the fence.  Thoughts?

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I have really enjoyed the workhorse. I didn't start till 10m, when dd was outgrowing the gmd yellow I got a dozen brown workhorse and a dozen brown prefolds.
I used the meos on my oldest and never liked the fit (sagging in the middle). I always use a snappi for the workhorse even though I got them with snaps. I find the snaps hard to do and find the snappi gives a better fit.
I have never been able to get a nice fit at the legs with covers/diapers that snap at the waist.
I love the me airflow covers for the leg snaps.

I know use the workhorse with just a snappi and no cover as trainers when out and about. Dd still has poop issues and it's easier the change than pull on trainers
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