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A flats folding question

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I really want to love flats, and have attempted to use our huge pile of receiving blankets as flats, which actually worked pretty well.  My question is, if you do a fancy fold like the origami or kite fold, do you fold all of them when they come out of the dryer and have them in a folded stack all ready to go? Or do you fold at each diaper change?  That is what got me stuck with flats, I couldn't work out a good system that made it seem like anything but a huge hassle.  Help me to love them!

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I folded them in a stack when they were dry, partially prepped for the origami fold (made into a square), or completely folded for the kite.  My wiggly LO would get away if I took time to fold at each change.


For me, other advantages of flats balanced out the hassle of folding. ie, I REALLY liked putting a stack of useless receiving blankets to use  :)

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I would get them ready after coming out of the laundry.

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