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SeattleMommy, they're gorgeous! Congratulations!

What are their names?

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They are Rey and Leo. We were in the NICU for 3 weeks, and they did great. They were 4 lb 7 oz and 4 lb 11 oz. 


Now the challenge is breastfeeding. I'm exclusively pumping now and we are nursing twice a day. They really don't get much milk in those sessions, but I'm hoping that in a couple of months they can nurse. Pumping for two is a lot of work!

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Congratulations SeattleMolly!  They are so sweet! 


I remember the early days with my breast pump - I was so happy to see it go lol  I totally agree that breastfeeding is way easier than pumping, hopefully you can make the transition sooner rather than later :)  And think of all the wonderful mama milk they are still getting in the meantime :)

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SeattleMolly!  They are gorgeous!  Congrats!  Hang in there with the breastfeeding.  With patience and time, they will get it.  Ours had a rough start, (lots of pumping and supplementing) but they got it and breastfed until 2 weeks shy of their 2nd birthday. 

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I'm also expecting Di Di twins 14th feb 2014. Very excited and happy to be having twins as it was not expected! I am 37 years old and these will be my husband I and i's 3rd and 4th child. Haven't asked the sex yet although the doctors know as I had to have an amnio due to low papp a. FISH results were clear but still waiting on full panel. So far so good health wise- still have a bit of morning vomiting but otherwise all good. Anxiety is my main problem, worrying about both twins making it I guess, just hoping soon I will be able to relax and enjoy the pregnancy x would love to connect with other mums expecting twins x
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Bantamchick, just came across your post! Looks like those before you have had their babies by now...I am currently pregnant with twins, however! Due march 12 so about four weeks or so after you. Don't know the sexes yet, but they are didi, that I do know. We are going on the 13th of this month to find out. So far I've had a fairly I eventful pregnancy, other than already feeling huge and often exhausted by the end of the day...I have a daughter who will be four next month and I watch my friend's son during the day four days a week, he will be three in a couple weeks so the combo of the two can wear me out! We are planning a he birth w a midwife experienced in twin and breech deliveries and who is a former l&d nurse and neonatal rescucitation specialist...we are truly blessed to have found her! So you are around 21ish weeks now? How is your pregnancy going?? Glad to have found another mama pregnant w twins at the same time!
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I'm 31 weeks with twin boys and over 45 years old! I'm very excited and the pregnancy has been uneventful except for the sleep. Since month 4, I've had trouble with the size of the belly and hip pain. Finally a few weeks ago the hip pain almost disappeared but the belly has gotten sooooo big that I can't sleep on either side and it is very uncomfortable to switch from side to side. The Braxton-Hicks have been very present and I just wake up for no reason. Well, we got a recliner/breastfeeding chair and I finally got some sleep for the first time in months! We put it in our room, so I can still be with my hubby.
I highy recommend to get a recliner chair!
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Congratulations boricua! I heard the recliner suggestion once before, from another short twin mama like myself, and I've already asked my mom if we can borrow one of hers (she hates them anyways, lol) so I plan on sleeping in that at some point! So far I have been dealing w the giant belly beginning to get uncomfortable, although when I read others' stories mine is not so bad, I really feel fortunate. My sciatic is beginning to hurt when I've been sitting for a minute then get up, same as last pregnancy just much earlier. I am beginning w the chiropractor this week so I'm hoping this will provide some relief and ongoing appts will help keep it somewhat in check. My daughter was posterior at birth and was 'stuck' on my pubic none until she finally shot out entirely in one push, and I also think something happened then that I've left unaddressed for too long...really hoping a chiro will be able to help deal with some of that too;) so glad to find other twin preggos to connect with! Continue to be healthy and bake those babies, and I would love to hear updates from both of you as time goes on:)
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I hope the recliner works for u. I'm dealing now with swollen feet for the first time. And they r swollen from the morning until night. I heard that they should be less swollen in the morning. Have u dealt with this?
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I'm 31 weeks and for the first time I'm dealing with swollen feet all day. Even first thing I'm the morning they r swollen. It worries me that they get progressively worse As the day goes by and I won't be able to
Function at night. I've been sleeping in a recliner and I'm wondering if that's affecting the swelling? What do u guys think?
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Not sure about the recliner, but I had the same thing.  Towards the end they just seemed perpetually swollen.  

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I haven't dealt with swelling yet, but I'm only 19 weeks. I DID have some swelling w my daughter at the end of that pregnancy and imagine it may be worse w twins. I wouldn't think the recliner, assuming your feet are elevated some, would contribute too much to that, but I don't know. I know that w my singleton I never had high blood pressure or any other problems sometimes associated w swelling, but I eventually had to go to the fire station and have my wedding rings cut off! I think it's fairly common 😕
I went to the chiro on thurs a.m. and found out my pelvis is indeed "all sorts of jacked up" lol! Was so lopsided that it has been pulling my right leg shorter than my left. Will be doing adjustments and some therapy for that throughout. Went to midwife same day and all looked good, measuring 26 weeks at 18!!! Oh goodness! Had an ultrasound today and babies looked great, measuring nearly a week ahead now, both of them! They were situated side by side and both head down (they are di-di) and their heartbeats were great, exactly the same:) Found out they're two boys!
How's everyone else doing/feeling?
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