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Losing weight now

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Anyone else?  I noticed yesterday that I dropped a couple pounds.  I've never experienced this before, though I've also never gained 50lbs before.  My eating is consistent so I don't think it's that and though I've been nesting I wouldn't think the loss is stemming from being up and about from that but maybe?  Oh and though I've lost weight, my belly is definitely growing ;)

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I haven't weighed myself in like a week, but considering how much I'm pooping lately I wouldn't be surprised if I've lost weight. Then again, I have some mild edema, so maybe not.

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I'm noticing huge fluctuations in water retention right now, depending on what I eat, drink, and my activity level. I haven't weight myself daily so I don't know how much the changes are in pounds, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm swinging up and down by several pounds. My MWs are unconcerned about my level of edema ("You still have ankles, we're not worried!"), but I can tell that my legs are carrying a ton of water today, they weren't yesterday, and they were four days ago...

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I lost about 2 pounds during the last month of both my previous pregnancies.  I've only weighed myself 4 or 5 times during this entire pregnancy (advice of my midwife to let go of #'s on the scale) so I'm not sure about this time.


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I have heard that it is normal within the last few weeks to possibly lose a couple of pounds. If everything seems healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. I have no idea if I have or did with DS, we don't own a scale. I have a mw appt tomorrow so I can let you know, definitely don't feel like I have lol.

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Yup! 4lbs lost in the last 3 weeks. I cannot fit anything into my stomach anymore. I'm eating about half the amount that I ate in the second trimester. It's totally normal to lose a few pounds near the end:)
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I'm at the same weight despite newly found edema in my legs and wrists, and I'm guessing that means that I've lost "real" weight and gained water weight.  Not surprising since food is not all that interesting to me at this point, and it's gotten HOT here.  

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I haven't gained any weight for five weeks, but my midwives are not worried--baby is growing.  I eat plenty.  Last pg I lost 5 lbs. in the last three weeks or so--but I gained 45+ and was working a lot, so I was retaining a bunch of water.  I think it sounds reasonable to lose a bit at the end.

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In this pregnancy, I was not my healthiest going into it and I was somewhat malnourished and very thin. I immediately gained like 30 lbs in the first couple months but then after than, I've consistently gained 1-2 lbs per month or so. In the last 3 months, I've gained 3 lbs. In the last 3 months, the BABY + placenta etc has gained 3 lbs. My breasts have shrunken (weird) and I've been told I look like I've lost weight. I eat very healthy and clean. My weight isn't going down on the scale, but it is barely going up even though baby is growing.

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I actually lost five pounds two weeks ago, but I attribute that to fluid since I had been in the hospital for dehydration and pumped full of fluids. The thing that got me though was that Monday (I'm going every week now) I actually had lost another two pounds. I am eating regularly and eating good things for the baby. But that means to date I have only gained 8 pounds. I am okay with it. My pre pregnancy weight wasn't what I wished it would be anyway. Baby is around 6 1/2 pounds as of Monday so I guess I am just doing well in keeping active. Although there won't be much more of that, I'm feeling super sluggish lately. But that is to be expected I guess.

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Nope - never had that problem last pregnancy and don't seem to have it this one. I wish Id drop a few pounds. Ive consistently been above what I "should" be gaining at every stage of this pregnancy. I'm steadily packing it on even though Im not porking out on food. I have stopped yoga and exercising though because of my terrible hemmies. I just can't deal with exercising with a painful mountain in my butt. Not sure if that is contributing to the steady gain. So far (Im 36w 5d) I have gained 35 pounds. Last pg I gained a total of 48. I would have to pack on 16 more before I deliver to make it 48 this time around. I don't think that will happen though - Crap I hope not!!

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I am not gaining and not losing at 35 weeks. :) I am eating well, just less. And my previous voracious meat cravings have been replaced with fruit. I am guessing that probably has something to do with it also. 

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My weight has seemed to fluctuate up and down over the past couple weeks I think... It could be that you lost some water weight, etc.


My weekly email from babyfit.com said this for 36 weeks today:


"Even though you have a few weeks to go, your weight may stabilize around this time, so you won't get much larger."


For whatever that is worth. I think last pregnancy, with DS, I gained about a pound a week the last trimester even through the very last weeks. I've gained less overall (and started off lighter) this pregnancy though, so I'm not surprised at not gaining much now. I haven't been eating less than I'm hungry for or anything, just healthier this time, I think. This pregnancy has been a lot different in many ways though.


I've gained about 20 lbs. I think so far... my goal was to gain around 25, so I think I'm pretty much on target. Last pregnancy, I gained 34 by the end. I think I lost like 22 lbs. by two weeks pp last time. I am curious how it will fall off this time, and how quickly.

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I lost a pound in the last week. I think it may have been a difference in clothing weight. orngbiggrin.gif

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