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family cow breeds

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what breed or mix is your family cow, what other kinds have you tried, I would love to hear your thoughts on what kind of cow to look at


I am looking at Dexters right now, but want a dual purpose heritage breed I am thinking

she will be hand milked daily, so a nice mellow sweet breed that my kiddos can enjoy too


i was thinking yaks even- but really don't have any experiance whatsoever with yaks

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My mom grew up on a dairy farm with Guernsey cows and speaks very highly of them. They give nice milk I've heard but I think are a rarer breed to find now, my mom always gets REALLY excited when we see some at a fair or pass a farm on a road trip :) She wants to get one again someday to add to our small homestead. I don't have first hand experience with the friendliness of the breed but I have read they are docile and my mom has many good memories and stories of the cow friends she had throughout her childhood :)

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