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Joanie that sounds very normal to me.  Try not to project how she is acting onto what you think the toddler years will be like.  She is not trying to manipulate or frustrate you.  She is frustrated because she is not as independent as she wants to be. She is excited because she has these new tricks to try out.  Have you read a book about development yet?  It really helps to understand what is normal and what the child is experiencing.  

Dylan sometimes does the same thing.  I lay him down after he dozes off, and his body automatically goes into crawling mode.  It's frustrating for me, sure, but I think the cause of my frustration is that I have a million other things to do (clean up the kitchen before bed, go do my work, go put my older son to bed, go to the bathroom, get myself ready for bed, etc etc etc)  So if he is not upset and just thinks it is playtime, I leave him in his pack and play to work out the giggles or whatever, and I go do whatever it is that I wanted to do. I leave the room dark so he knows it is nighttime, and that I am serious about bedtime.  I go wash my face or put son #1 to bed or *whatever* until Dylan is starting to fuss. Then I go back in and try to walk him to sleep again.  Rinse.  Repeat if necessary.  


If I just stay in there and try over and over and over to get him to sleep, I get frustrated and stressed out.  It's not worth my sanity to do that.  It's just not.  


On nights when he has taken 3 naps that day and there is no bedtime in sight, I let him stay out in the *dark* living room with me while I do my work for the evening.  Dh hangs out with him quietly for a bit, until he is ready for bed.  

With our first son we were VERY regimented about bedtime being bedtime no matter what.  And it drove me crazy when he wouldn't "comply".  But babies don't always comply.  And the point of parenting is not to get him to obey me or comply to my orders or whatever.  I am gently teaching and guiding him.  But if he isn't tired?  Like, truly is not ready for bed?  Well I'm not going to force him.  I still keep things quiet and calm and dark, so his body is still heading towards sleep, but I can't force him to sleep.  Same for my 3 year old.  He goes to bed at the same time every night.  But on the off day that he takes a later nap?  Well I still put him to bed at the same time but if he plays quietly in there before falling to sleep, I don't care.  I can't make his body tired.  shrug.gif


So anyway.... A very long-winded way to say don't sweat it.  Let her work out the urge to move or whatever in her crib while you go wind down yourself.  There's no way I'd be bouncing a baby for an hour and a half, if he wasn't upset.  I did that with #1 and it was a giant waste of time.  Sometimes being with your baby is stimulating enough for them that they can't wind down.  I've found that leaving them to play for 5 minutes or whatever without me in the dark room helps a lot.  


Good advice here! Also from Katie. I am so much more laid back about getting Jasper to sleep. If it's not happening, I give up and let him play downstairs with me. Once it gets too late, I put him in the carrier and bounce him on the ball. 

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Bedtime here certainly involves holding.  I really don't see it as a problem. I've been around enough babies now to see how universal these stages are. One of the children's librarians recently told me that she remembered when she finally had enough experience to recognize which traits were all babies and which traits were specific the individual baby's personality. That statement really resonated with me, I suppose because I've been staring at that line with S. He doesn't stress me out much because I know what the phases are, I know what the other side looks like. I know that there's nothing I can do to speed up his natural development, so I might as well just enjoy this stage. No age is a total picnic. The good always comes with bad.


I forgot, he does occasionally roll away from me to fall asleep, after nursing for a while, sometimes he will roll over so fast that his hands and feet hit the wall and he is dead asleep when he lands.  It usually makes me laugh out loud, so I'm glad he's really out.

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I thought this post about sleep was nice: http://nurshable.com/2012/07/19/the-wio-wait-it-out-method-of-sleep-training/


"I can wait it out so that you don’t have to cry it out."
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Omg Jaimee, I'm totally bawling as I read that. SO sweet!
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Awww... I loved that, Jaimee!

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I love being up before them (this is very very rare given their usual wake time) and I hope to do it more regularly if they start sleeping a little later in the winter.  Do you get up before your kid(s)?

Gosh, I would LOVE to be up before KJ. Can't see that happening any time soon though! She's been waking up at 6 pretty much on the dot, no matter how late she goes to bed. She usually poops first thing in the morning so I take her potty and then pray she will go back to sleep but she never does. Ever. Doesn't stop me from trying though, haha! Wait, what's the definition of insanity again...?
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Same here. Sora wakes between 5:30-6:00am every morning. Never ever sleeps in later. Then I bring her into bed with me to nurse and it's always a guessing game as to whether or not she'll fall asleep nursing for another 30-60 minutes or not. We're basically up for the day by 6:00-6:30 every morning without exception. *sigh* I used to be a total morning person but now I'd give anything to sleep in. It's weird how that changed!

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Shay will sometimes go back to sleep until 8 if I take him potty at 6. Mostly he is just up at 6, tho.

I let them all sleep until they wake on their own.  I rarely leave the house before 9.

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Conner usually wakes up at 8-9 to eat, so I change his diaper and feed him in his crib so as not to disturb him... He'll usually fall right back asleep until 11ish. Thank God. DH and I both work 2nds... If we had to get up at 6am with Conner, we'd go crazy. We usually aren't in bed before 2/3am.

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I'm never up before my kids. I will sleep as late as they allow! Jasper sleeps until 8:30-9, so that's when I get up. Dd1 usually wakes up around 8 and gets a snack and plays or watches tv. Dd2 sleeps until 9 ish. Dsd sleeps until 1-2.

Of course, school starts in a week, so we will all be getting up between 5:30-6:15, depending on the kid. Sigh.
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Sora is waking up more frequently in the middle of the night all of a sudden the past few days because she is soaking her diaper wayyyyy earlier than usual. She had been STTN with the same diaper lasting until morning, and now out of nowhere she's needing more frequent diaper changes. What gives? My friend told me her son went through a phase like that for a month or two. I hope it's just a phase. Anybody else experiencing this? We're kind of just at a loss and are dealing with the sleep deprivation that is coming along with Sora hating diaper changes and waking up fully. Even a size up in disposable diapers isn't cutting it. My bumGenius diapers that used to last forever when double-stuffed aren't even cutting it. This girl has a huge bladder, I swear! I don't think I've changed anything significant in her diet...

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Don't they make special overnight disposables? Jasper has been a super night pee-er since day one. I have no idea where the massive amount of pee comes from. I have to change him even though he is in a disposable, or we will wake up in a puddle.

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Yeah, we even have the special overnight disposables and she still soaks one of those by midnight lately. Oy.

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I bought him the Little Movers Slip Ons, so when I changed his diaper in bed, I don't have to make him move a lot. They're awesome... Like pull-ups for babies.

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They have doublers for disposable diapers, too.  You could use a cloth one in a sposie, or a disposable doubler.  They look like big pads, but without the plastic backing.


Shay no longer pees at night, which makes me pretty happy.

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Shay no longer pees at night, which makes me pretty happy.

KJ has been staying dry all night, too! Sometimes I take her potty just once, 2-3 hours after she falls asleep (usually 2 hours), but she pretty much never pees in her diaper at night anymore. Then I take her potty at like 6am, when she's up for the day.
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Audrey is still waking up at least 4 times a night crying and it is driving me nuts!  I have to nurse her back to sleep every time.  I've tried rubbing her back and humming to her but nothing works but the boob.  When does this get better?   Does co-sleeping have anything to do with it?  The lack of sleep is really getting to me and my three year old has been crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night too.  I can't sleep with 3 other people in the bed squished up on the edge.  I just can't.  I need sleep.  I'm starting to get really crabby.

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Jill, that sounds hard. If you have the ability to make your bed larger, that may help. We have 2 beds pushed together for the four of us and it's glorious. Both our boys wake to nurse once a night, usually, so co-sleeping doesn't seem to mean frequent night wakings at our house. How big is she? I seem to feel like sleep gets better at a certain weight for a lot of kids. 20 some pounds, tho there are obvious exceptions.
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