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oils and TED

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wondering what oil to use.  My newest diet venture do determine sensitivities in food for DDs eczema is down to this as i still have no clue what her food triggers are, (i just pray she is not sensitive to salicylates or anything else in this diet) but i dont know what oil to use.  Is there anything that is least allergenic

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Oils and fats are from seeds, nuts and meat.  So, nothing hypoallergenic, unfortunately.  Canola is from rapeseed, a mustard relative.  We use organic sunflower oil and bacon grease for most of our oil and grease needs, organic palm shortening for baking dairy free.  


Sunflower oil (organic is free of the weird stuff used to extract oil), and coconut oil are excellent for frying at higher heats.  Pumpkin oil is usually virgin.  Olive oil can be a good choice, but honestly it irritates me from the esophagus on through the other end, so it is also not problem free.  I have used chicken fat skimmed off the top of the pot, pork fat from a shoulder roast and bacon grease.


What is the best one to start with?  I have no idea.  As soon as I guess one, someone will mention they are their child are allergic.  Just pick one, add it to your food diary and stick with it for a while.  

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