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Has anyone else had dizziness upon standing? I didn't have this issue with DD but with this pregnancy I get dizzy when I stand up too quickly from a sitting or laying position. Any ideas why this would happen?

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Yep, definitely. I actually fainted around 26 weeks with DD while I was at the post office. My midwife said it was from low blood sugar, though I always thought low blood pressure must factor into it as well. This time I've been really dizzy on the stairs and when standing up. Mostly I just live with it, though there are probably ways to make it go away?

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I have been very dizzy.  I think it has to do with the increased blood levels in your body and how hard your body is working to pump blood through your veins that aren't used to that volume!

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Yes, I have been dizzy a couple of times. I think that if I'm hungry (which is all the time, unfortunately, haha!) it's worse, so I am trying to keep snacks close. I had a chair massage at work today and upon standing up after that, I felt really dizzy.

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Me too. Just started noticing it yesterday and it happens if I get up too quickly. I don't think it's a blood sugar issue for me--that feels different, if that makes any sense.

Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Dizziness?