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Birth & Newborn Wellness Kit

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I posted a variation of this in the Pregnancy Forum but didn't get much feedback, and wondering if my June mamas might have some ideas


I have a "kit" that I've been meaning to revamp for a year now (essential oils, homeopathic salves, band-aids, cotton balls, some homeopathic remedies, etc.). What I'd like to do is have a basic kit for home (kind of an emergency, everyday kit) and add to that (or make a separate one) for the birth and the first few weeks (during labor, after birth for healing--mama and baby, and some things on hand for mastitis--God forbid and baby care)


Some things I know I'll want on the list are:






Lavendar Oil

Clary Sage Oil

Shepherd's Purse

Dandelion Root

Milk Thistle

Wombstringe Tea (?)

Comfrey Salve

Calendula Salve

Tea Tree Oil


Here's some interesting links I've found: Postpartum & Homeopathy, Pregnancy & Childbirth Homeopathic Kit ($100), and of course, MRH


I'm planning my birth at a birth center run by midwives, and I've birthed there twice before. They don't really have any kind of kit, so I need to bring my own stuff. I'd also like to have some things on hand for emergency (like recusitation & PPhem.), and I see that there are some good homeopathics that are used for this, but trying not to go overboard as even the $100 kit seems like alot to me.


Is anyone else doing this and what will be in yours?

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I have put together something similar. It's already packed away in my birth box so that everything will be handy at the birth (I can't imagine trying to tell my partner while in labor "can you grab the brown bottle, on the shelf in the room with the label" lol with my apothecary I am sure he would grab the wrong one). Off the top of my head tho:

Arnica - 30c and 200C plus arnica oil (DON"T use on open cuts, but GREAT for sore muscles)

Hammemelis - hemmorhoids

Phytolacca - mastitisis (I also have poke oil, same plant, but not homeopathic that I could use if it's really bad)

cimicifuga (homeopathic) - labor

caullophyllum (homeopathic) - labor

rescue remedy

St. John's Wort Oil -sciatica

Echinacea tincture - umbilical stump ickiness, early signs of mastitis, general immune boost if needed

Motherwort tincture - helps expel placenta, good for hormonal shifts pp

angelica tincture - pph due to stuck placenta

shephard's purse - needs to be made from fresh plant, tincture can't be more than one year old, so i will try and make more before baby comes. however i'm wary about using it as it can cause massive clots, which it did last time for me

powdered goldenseal - umbilical stump ickiness

essential oils and massage oil

pp sitz bath herb blend with comfrey leaf, uva ursi, with hazel, calendula, and sea salt


im sure there is more in my kit, but i can't remember it all now. i'll try and check it out tomorrow and update :) hope this helps


for what it's worth, i make all of my own tinctures. it's WAY cheaper and really not too difficult. 


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Oooh-- I love seeing what everyone's preparing for this.  I'll pull together a kit of my fave's that we use as every day:


--calendula oil

--arnica tablets

--comfrey tea (as sitz bath/peri wash and pads sprinkled with it and frozen for pp relief)

--neem oil and neem oil with a little tea tree in it

--lavender and clary sage eo for labor

--apricot kernel oil for the non-stick bum (easier to clean off meconium)

--alcohol-free witch hazel


This is probably over-kill for me, but the look of a well-stocked kit brings so much satisfaction :)


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Great thread! I didn't have a kit with my first, but am definitely planning on putting together a kit to take to the hospital. My doula works with essential oils, and I plan to bring some homeopathic remedies (like arnica, aconite mentioned above), plus some flower essences (like rescue remedy that a PP already mentioned) to help me through the emotional aspects of labor, as I'm trying for a VBAC. I also had issues with low milk supply the first time, so I plan on having some herbs to help my milk production too. My wonderful homeopath who also works with flower essences has agreed to help me to put together a kit suited for my needs about a month or so before my due date.

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I don't really do too much with homeopathics- but I haven't really found much that Melaleuca Oil (TTO) doesn't cure.  So I will have that and the water-soluble version, evening primrose oil, lobelia, motherwort, comfrey, and seasalt.  For mastitis- rose hip tea, hot water, perhaps a cabbage leaf, garlic and echineacia, and sleep really work the best.  My midwife has everything else- including most of this stuff on hand for every birth... Ohhh and lots of olive oil... works awesome for keeping meconium from being like a permeant butt fixture!

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I love your suggestions, mamas! I'm looking them over to edit down my list, I think.


What is this deal with meconium? Is it for mama? I've had two and haven't had this issue--at least that I know of.

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I just rub olive oil onto the baby's butt to keep the meconium from sticking.  Weird maybe- but that stuff is like tar...

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Yeah the meconium thing-- that first poop stuck to DS so badly that it felt like we were scraping his skin off when we were cleaning him.  Then I remembered the oil trick, and greased his little bum up so when he pooped again it was SO much easier to clean.

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Ok--another Q about our birth kits: What is the cloth pad that some mamas have talked about using for PP time so sheets don't get stained? I'm trying to find one online (in red, preferably:)) and don't know where to look.


Just received some of the items I've ordered recently for my kit and really excited! Still alot to put in there but I'm making headway finally. :)



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Originally Posted by sraplayas View Post

Ok--another Q about our birth kits: What is the cloth pad that some mamas have talked about using for PP time so sheets don't get stained? I'm trying to find one online (in red, preferably:)) and don't know where to look.

Do you mean mama pads...?  Or maybe the cloth chux pads?  I think you're talking about chux pads-- that's what I used, and they worked great.  We use them for vomitty nights too :)  I also put a wool blanket (a thick one from an army & navy type store) under our sheets to protect the mattress cause I was more worried about that than the nasty sheets we used until my heaviest bleeding stopped.  There are disposable chux and fabric ones.  Someone got them from the hospital they worked at for us, but I've heard they can be kind of expensive.  Here's a great thread that talks about them and alternatives: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/457592/reusable-chux-pads-worth-the-and-clean-time


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