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Very different sizes??

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I am a tall, busty, large mom. My husband is short, stocky, but muscular dad.

What is a good sling or wrap that the two of us can do together??

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I think a good carrier would be a long, woven wrap that could fit you and then your husband could tie off the extra material wherever he needed to.
Also, I think mei tais are flexible if you wear on your back because the straps are really long and you don't have the issue with bust size.
Oh, I see you are due in May (congratulations!) so you might not want to wear on your back! I really didn't feel comfortable with it until DD was older.

I would go with a wrap and use a newborn hug hold so that the baby's head is above your bust. I think the wrap is easier to get the baby's head above the bust and woven holds better than stretchy plus it lasts longer.

But you could still use a mei tai. With a little baby I think it's fairly easy to sit them in froggy style and tie them up high on your chest so that you can kiss the top of their head and they would be above your bust enough that you would feel confident that they were in a good position and not pressed against you too much.

I have a large bust also, at least during pregnancy and nursing and I had a hard time with a ring sling and an soft structured carrier until she was older.
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I love my woven wraps. Once you are comfortable with a couple front carries you can wrap your baby on your back too; It's why I chose wovens as my go-to. With a 2 year old and a squish, I needed baby to be on my back while I focuse on the 2 year old.


I am a large busty, short gal and my hubby is a tall, big dude. He hasn't wrapped yet (it's a little intimidating, even though he sees me do it every day) but he does use Soft Structured Carriers (like an Ergo) though I think the Boba is more comfortable for larger wearers. Also google Kinderpack/Kindercary - they make the most awesome SSC and mei tais.

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