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Almost 7 weeks, and my "fat" pants are snug???

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I am 6w, 5days (will be 7 weeks in like 36 hours :p ).  Before I found out I was PG I was wearing the same jeans I'd bought a year ago, that didn't fit me because I'd been losing weight.  They were literally hanging off of me, and I just continued to wear them because we couldn't afford to go get more. I'm only 7 weeks (in 36 hours :P ) and the "fat" pants are already feeling snug, especially when I sit down.  That's a lot of difference in a few weeks time, from them practically falling off of me. 


I was hoping to be able to hide this pregnancy for a while, and not tell everyone until we're about 15 weeks, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do that at this rate.  My last longer-term pregnancy (that lasted until 12 weeks), I looked about 6 mos pregnant by the time I was 12 weeks.  I was hoping it wouldn't be so fast this time!


Anyone else "showing" yet?? (yes I know its probably just bloating, but I sure wouldn't be looking/feeling this way if I weren't PG). 

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Ugh, I hear ya!


I have a small/petite frame, and I am hourglass shaped. Huge boobs and a big bubble butt. I am 5' 3" and weigh about 125. So I am by no means rail thin, but I'm not busting out everywhere or anything. For some odd reason, random people, friends and family have been asking me for months now if I'm pregnant! irked.gif My standard answer to their rude assumption is "Nope, just fat from having babies." lol.gif


Since we aren't planning on telling until I'm past 12 weeks, I think if anybody asks, I will edit my standard response of the "Nope" part, and just say the "Still fat from having babies." mischievous.gif

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I'm 6 w 3 d and look like I'm 3 months pregnant.  My husband keeps saying that we're having twins.  Although, even if we were I don't think I'd be showing from that yet.  I was googling about this last night and everyone said it's just bloating and that the way to tell is if when you wake up in the morning your stomach is flat.  Mine is not flat at all in the morning- there is a permanent bump.  I'm not constipated either, so it's not from that.  I, too, did not want to tell anyone until about 14 weeks.  I have to go to my extended family's house for Easter and I'm worried what I'll look like in 3 weeks!  I went shopping yesterday for some sort of big poncho sweater thing to hide this belly.

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I "show" earlier each time....this is my 5th pregnancy.  After dinner, I seriously look 6 months pregnant.  Obviously it's not baby since my uterus is still well within my pelvis, it's just bloating I guess.  I just look kind of "chubby".  Oy.

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I have to say, I'm a little envious of you all! My clothes still fit perfectly fine though I'm eager for this pregnancy to actually seem real by it showing (and feeling the baby move). Ah, we all want what we don't have! winky.gif

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I was bloated the first couple of weeks, but now can fit comfortably in my regular jeans again.  I know it's just a matter of time before they don't fit...*again*, but I'm really hoping to make it until the weather gets a bit warmer so I can just just transition into flowy skirts, dresses, and leggings :)

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I just ate some pizza and I look about 6 months along (at 6 weeks, barely).  I was also hoping to hide it until May, don't think I can make it.  Luckily I just dropped 10 pounds from Dec.-now so I still have some clothes that fit and it's getting warm so I can do looser dresses. 


It's got to be bloating  - any ideas on how to curb that? 


I also seem to show earlier with each preg.  With my first I was at 20 weeks DYING to show, I remember pushing out my belly and wearing maternity dresses that I didn't need, I barely had a bump.  

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I think drinking extra water helps with bloating.


I'm wearing my pants today with a hair elastic through the buttonhole to make them bigger in the waist.

I think it's safe to say it's pretty much downhill from here...



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I 6w1d and already look pretty pg. I'm sure most is bloating and also the fact this is my 7th baby.

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7 weeks and totally showing. i guess by the 5th pg my uterus is like "hi!" SO hoping to wait to tell, esp b/c of my loss history AND a job search. Ugh.

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I'm definitely "showing" - my pants are painful now to wear, and whenever I sneeze or cough, or twist wrong I really REALLY feel those pelvic muscles.  Ow!

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My belly has never been flat since my first baby, and yeah it definitely gets bigger, faster each time for me too.  I'm 8 weeks and my belly is not small.  If my boobs were bigger, maybe it wouldn't be so obvious, but what can you do?  LOL  I also can't stand the feeling of anything tight on my belly, so I am having a lot of trouble with clothing right now.

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chrissy, have you tried the bella band, or a knock off like product?

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I'm getting to where I have to unbutton my jeans now.  I'm going to be making a bella-band myself I think.  I can't afford to go get maternity clothes for some time, and it isn't warm enough to be wearing the dresses I have that would be so very comfortable right now.

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I'm officially in really blousy shirts that hide me unbuttoning my jeans, or in dresses now.  I put on a summer-style dress today and OMG it feels amazing to not have anything pushing on my tummy.  I really look pregnant in it which is ridiculous at 7 weeks.  It's probably all that buffalo chicken....

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Doesn't the bella band push on your belly though?  I can't stand anything remotely tight on my belly.

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I didn't find the bella band pushing on my belly, you kind of wear it lower since your pants are open, more down on the hips...I didn't like it though.  It kept rolling up around my waist.  annoying.

I don't like those "secret belly" type pants either.

I need to find some nonmaternity pants with elastic waist that I can wear after without looking like I'm wearing maternity pants yet that don't look like something an 88 year old woman would wear.

tall order.

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I got an email about these pants from Lands' End (link below is for the crop, but they also come in long) - "Starfish Stretch" I thought they'd be perfect for just want you (finneganmom) describe and what I've been thinking about needing myself.  Something comfortable but not maternity style.  I think I might order some, although they are pricey I expect they are good quality from LE.  I also ordered a belly band but I have a feeling the rolling down will annoy me too.



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No, the bella band doesn't push on your tummy.  I am probably going to make my own, too, so I can make it longer to go up over my belly button for comfort (it also won't roll down as much!)

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Those pants look great!  LE usually has sales, pretty often so hold out until you can find a coupon code.  We order from them quite often, I love their boy's clothes.

I have very some skirts from LE very similiar to these....I bought mine 2 years ago.

I wore them throughout the entire summer with my last pregnancy. And all last summer as I was losing the baby weight. 

After probably 50 washes, they still look great!



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