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fever in 19 month old, advice PLEASE

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my 19 month old DD has had a runny nose for about a week and a half but no other strange symptoms.. lots of drooling though as I think she's got some molars coming in. Let me also state that she has NEVER been sick, not once.. never had a fever. she is also unvaccinated (any negative comments about that, do spare me.) tonight I checked her temp because she has been cranky/fussy, gnawing on everything and felt warm.. temp was 102.6. is there anything NATURAL I can do for her fever? at what point should I be very concerned and take her to the doctor or ER? any help appreciated.. thank you.

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If her fever gets over 104, call the doctor. If it's over 105, call the doctor and see if you need to go to the ER. but there's a world of difference between 102 and 105. Really. And it's not dangerous until it's over 106. It's just that at 104-105, it's more likely to be caused by a bacterial infection.


102 while high, isn't dangerous at all. Your best bet is to keep her comfortable. Dress her lightly so she doesn't overheat (ds once had a temp of 105 after we'd put him to bed in warm fuzzy pjs -- I freaked out, called the nurse hotline and the first thing they told me to do was to undress him). You can try bathing her forehead with a lukewarm washcloth (not cold), and rubbing down her arms and legs if she seems extremely hot.


I don't generally give fever reducers (ibuprofin or acetaminophen) but I will give those meds if my kids are in pain. So, dd had the flu (chest flu, not stomach) about 2 weeks ago and she had a raging headache. I gave her some jr. tylenol. Your daughter's too  young to tell if you if she's in pain, so I'd watch her.


I know it's scary to see your little one this sick, but try not to freak out. If the fever of 102 lasts for more than 3 days, it's time to go see the doctor. If she's in considerable pain, it's time to go see the doctor. If she's cranky, tired and feverish, it's probably a virus. Let her sleep, encourage her to drink more, keep breastfeeding if she's not weaned, and pamper her a bit.





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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, very helpful! She seems to be getting better, thank you :)

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DS routinely runs a high fever for about 2 days  when he gets sick.  I try to take his temp every diaper change and record it so I can see trends.  Also, his temp tends to spike at night.  At 102 I pay close attention to how he's feeling, make sure he's getting lots of fluid (nursing and water) and will give him meds if he's looking miserable, switching between ibuprofen & tylenol.  We use a humidifier or will run a hot shower to steam the bathroom, and spray his nose a few times a day to keep him breathing easy.

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